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  1. reporting in case necessary, won vs Barron 2-1
  2. you can't do this lmfao
  3. I got it vs ACP 2-0, Demise Draco vs Zoo Draco
  4. Week 5: Pacific State vs Mostly Harmless

    Won vs biki 2-1 Demise Draco (me) vs Zoodiac (biki), ggs
  5. WEEK 1 - Pacific State vs Detox

    Won vs Squiddy 2-1 Squiddy (Zoodiac), Kyou (Demise True Draco)
  6. dgz name: Kyou discord: aegisouls formats: current activity level: most likely 4 to 5 matches a week want to be on a team with: wrinklywinkie, Satchmo, digbick, fvfrythfng why you would be a good team member: cause i'm in the cut, nothing else need be said creds: i topped ycs mcdonalds
  7. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    I disagree here. Fiendish Rhino Warrior would compliment the Shaddoll Fusion very nicely, given that you could make Shekinaga and proceed to dump your Slimes and combo off. Also notable in the Blue-Eye matchup for helping your Dolls you dump off of Fusion bypass Spirit's negation. The whole engine comes together very nicely as a side option for going second, and it's even better if you play additional cards like Farfa that are meaningful Beatrice dumps.
  8. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    6, Radian is Lv7
  9. ABC - Discussion

    Ahh correct, my mistake. I didn't realize it was one eff per turn.
  10. ABC - Discussion

    Minor nitpick, but with Strike there's no difference between Thrasher/Gadgets, since Striking the XYZ is almost always correct. Striking the Gadgets triggers their recursion effects, meaning the opposite Gadget gets them the Rank 4 anyway.
  11. Pendulum Master

    Feral Imps is for the most part "free", yes, but if I have the option of DDV'ing something that can be Pendulum Summoned back to be field and DDV'ing something that can't, I'm most likely going for the former.   I'm not too sure what part of what I said you found unrealistic. All you need is Joker/Monkeyboard and DDV.
  12. Pendulum Master

    Yeah I only said Insight because Magician variants literally won't be competitive without him.