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  1. Dinobones12 (True Draco) 2>1 Laza (True Draco Zoodiac) ggs
  2. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Dinobones12 (True Draco Zoo) 2>1 Tr!stan (Pure Zoo) Those were some unreal games :/
  3. Round 8: Detox vs Actual Literal Nuts

    Dinobones12(True Draco Zoo) 2>0 Tr!stan(True Draco Zoo)
  4. Add to current only: Dinobones12/Dinobones12
  5. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Dinbones12 (Zoodiac) > Mark (Predaplant Zoodiac)
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    Dinobones12 (Lightsworn Zombie Zoodiac) > SageRhapsody (Zoodiac) GG's this time man
  7. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Dinobones12 (Lightsworn Zombie Zoodiac) > SageRhapsody (Zoodiac)
  8. DuelistGroundz username: dinobones12 Discord username: Dinobones12 Formats: Current only Expected level of activity: 3-4 nights a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): @!christianmeyer (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: 1 YCS top
  9. DG Live 180: TCG Jan 2015 F/L Format

    I lost 1-2 ggs
  10. DG Live 180: TCG Jan 2015 F/L Format

    In, DN is the same
  11. 5th Place Collinsville, IL Report

    Tbh idk, i felt like i needed to bring in something so yeah. It was probably incorrect, but worked out conveniently enough
  12. 5th Place Collinsville, IL Report

    I took out one stun one cut one math and raigeki and brought in double mst double maxx c, i didnt really miss supply squad as in most of the situations i was in it wouldve been win more, and all but one time I dropped vanitys it stuck.
  13. As the title would suggest, this past weekend I got 5th place at the Collinsville regional and, at the request of my friends, have decided to write this report!  Traditionally I would not take the 5 1/2 hour trip to just a regional after already having my invite, but my friend Erik was not only judging this event, but had decided to get a hotel he would let me stay at for no cost should I simply pitch in for gas, so I decided to take the trip.  We left on Friday and about around 11 while we were driving the hotel called and told us they overbooked, but had gotten us a new room at a different hotel, and they would pay for the room instead.  With everyone having a little more money, we got there around 1:30 so we had some Jack in the Box (Worst restaurant I have ever been 0/10 would recommend to any living being) and then got a few hours of sleep before the event.   We get there with a few hours to go, and my friend Chumlee Doublestack had sent me the list I would be using for the regional.    Monsters - 19 3 Cir 3 Graff 3 Scarm 3 Mathematician 3 TGU 3 Vanity's Fiend 1 Shaddoll Dragon   Spells - 6 3 Upstart Hoban 1 Allure of Dankness 1 Foolish Burial 1 Raigeki   Traps - 15 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 3 Karma Cut 3 Vanity's Emptiness 3 Trap Stun 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulse 1 Breakthrough Skill   Side 3 Maxx c 3 Raiza 3 Chain Dissapearance 3 Malevolent Catastrophe 3 MST   Extra 3 Dante 3 Downerd Magician 2 Ghostrick Alucard 1 Leviair 1 Giga-Brilliant 1 Acid Golem 1 Nightmare Shark 1 Fortune Tune 1 Temtempo 1 Zenmaines   I knew before the event that I was playing BA, but wasn't sure with the new format what changes to make, so Chumlee came up with this list for me and all credit for it goes to him.  The only thing to note is that he didn't originally have me playing Maxx c, but I was unable to find Ally of Justice Cycle Reader before the event started, so I improvised.    The last thing I have to say before going into the rounds is that this event was run outright terrible and the judge staff and TO should be ashamed.  For starters, they had no time clock, and gave one to two indications of time early on and then nothing at all in round 3 or later (this plays a big role later).  Additionally, the judge staff was very poor(though my friend was one of the better ones) with most breaking the dress code, and all of them ignoring trash and messy tables, to instead talk to friends.  When I tried to bring any of this to the head judge's, Garret Baumont's, attention he chose to ignore me and say I didn't understand his stress.  Apparently this "stress" caused a 214 person, 8 round event to go from 11 to 9:30, with each round taking an hour and 20 minutes on average, which is simply unacceptable. Well, enough venting, onto the rounds!   Round 1 - Lightsworns As I sat down this round my opponent said to me he saw me and my friend playtesting before the event and that he really likes Burning Abyss as a deck.  I was worried about my opponent having that kind of information on me, until he put his deck on the table with a Judgment Dragon face up.  I win the Die roll and elect to go first.   Game 1: I tour guide into dante, load a scarm search, and set wingblast and emptiness.  He tries to attack with ehrin, but I wingblast it, pitching a cir, and he passes without any sets.  I sack the scarm I brought back for vanitys fiend, then push for damage and set the karma cut I drew for turn.  He tried to attack my dante with ehrin again, and scooped after I flipped cut.   Game 2: He summons Lyla and mills honest and 2 luminas.  I special and sack cir for vanitys fiend and run his lyla over without fear, and then set double wingblast. He sets one backrow and passes.  I summon mathematician and send dragon to pop his emptiness and push for damage.  He sets a monster and then scoops when I wingblast it in the end phase.   1-0 Round 2: Shaddolls As I sit down I notice my opponent is one of the guys who was sitting next to me round 1, so I knew he was playing Shaddolls.  Before this round started another major problem regarding the judge staff occurred as well.  Their printer had broken down and the match slips were unable to print, so instead of starting the round and addressing the problem while the players were actually playing, they had us wait 15 minutes while sitting with our opponents for the slips to print before we could finally start.  Having won the die roll I decided to go second as I feel the extra card is better against shaddolls so he started off when we could finally play.   Game 1: There is very little to talk about, as the only monsters I drew all game were a Vanity's Fiend and a single Cir.   Game 2: Little to talk about again as I had Vanitys fiend with protection and he didn't see a Dragon or Squamata to clear it.   Game 3; This game goes back and forth a lot and the Head Judge informs us there is 5 minutes left, so I decide the best thing for me to do with little resources left would be to stall so I make a fortune tune which puts me up 300 life as time is called.  He's unable to clear it so I win via time.   2-0 Round 3: Shaddolls Nothing bad happens somehow and the round starts alright.  I had seen this guy playing before so I once again decided to go second after winning the die roll   Game 1: He sets 2 and passes.  I go tour guide into alucard, detach scarm and pop his set Dragon.  I set wing blast, karma cut, emptiness, and compulse, searching for cir in the end phase. He draws and use fusion, that my emptiness stops, after which he passes.  I draw mathematician and attack with alucard and pass.  He draws, sets one and passes.  I draw trap stun, attack and pass.  He sets a monster and passes, that I wingblast in the end phase killing my emptiness in the process.  I draw for turn, flip trap stun, summon math and attack for game.   Game 2: I don't remember much about the early stages, however we eventually reached a very simplified gamestate of myself with a math on board, and a tour guide in hand and my opponent with a dead chaos sorc, I had wingblasted it previously, and he topdecks soul charge.  He brings back enough to make two dragons and falco and makes leo, leaving himself at 2500, just out of nightmare shark range. I draw foolish for turn which is completely dead but decide to use it as a deterrent of attacking with leo for fear of wingblast or another out to leo, and make a fortune tune to attempt to stall until I can get an out to his leo.  He either takes the bait of fear of my set, or simply doesn't think it worth it enough to kill my fortune tune, but summons sorc and banishes math and passes.  the game progresses very slowly with him drawing seemingly dead backrow and not attacking my fortune tune as it gives me more and more life until time is called as he draws a fusion for turn.  at this point I am up close to 8000 life on him, and he is only able to kill fortune tune each turn, never dealing damage so I remake it every turn until I win.   3-0 Round 4: Shaddolls Again, nothing of note and I lose the die role so my opponent elects to go first.   Game 1: He looks visibly upset with his hand and sets one backa nd one monster and passes.  I special a graff and a cir to make alucard and pop his backrow, a set bts.  I then summon TGU and get scarm, making the second alucard which pops his set hedgehog that grabs him a dragon.  I attack with both, go into double downerd and set emptiness and trap stun, searching cir in the end phase.  He sets one monster and passes again.  I draw raigeki for turn which was more insult to injury than anything else, and it clears his squamata and the Downerds attack for game.   Game 2: He opens not much better and sets just a monster and passes.  I tgu into alucard and pop dragon, then attack and make a downered before setting double emptiness wing blast, searching cir in the endphase.  He activates fusion, I emptiness, he mst's and I decide it to be worth it to use my second vanitys to stop the play, which ultimately is correct as he sets a monster and passes, which I wingblast and search a tgu.  I take a dante and push for damage then set a fresh wing blast.  He sets the same monster and scoops when I wing blast it again.   4-0 Round 5: Shaddolls Its during this round another major problem I had with this event occurred, though itll be covered later on.  My opponent wins the die roll and elects to go first.   Game 1:  I don't remember much about this game except for the ending, it reaches a point where I have a dante on board and a set trap stun, and a tour guide in hand.  My opponent has 2 in hand, and top decks soul charge, and brings back enough to drop himself to 1400, while making a dweller and castel to clear my board.  My trap stun resolves on his 2 sets that eventually turn out to be bluffs, and nightmare shark steals the game.   Game 2: Again I don't remember much, but the game reach a point where I knew I was behind and running out of resources, so I asked a judge how much time we had left in the round, as the TO had decided to not put up a time clock.  He responded to me with "I don't know" and just walked away.  I asked a different judge and he told me we had around 10 minutes or so left.  Deciding I likely wouldn't win this game, I decided to scoop to conserve time and go to game 3.   Game 3: As we draw our hands for game 3 the head judge calls time in the round.  Very confused, I asked the judge who told me 10 minutes why time was called so early, he responded with, "Sorry, guess I was wrong."  I was staring at a hand of 2 upstarts and Solemn Warning.  I unfortuneately lost this game due to half my cards being essentially blanks, and my opponent having the savage nuts with BLS, dark armed, and fusion with squamata and a beast.  I know I likely should have sided out upstarts and warning with only 10 minutes left in the round, however I feel very heavily cheated out of this round by the judge staff.   4-1 Round 6: Burning Abyss I try to calm down from my most recent loss and clear my head as my opponent elects to go second after winning the die roll   Game 1: There isn't much to say as he had 5 burning abyss monsters and his shaddoll dragon   Game 2: Very early on he flashed his BLS in hand to me without noticing it, so I dictate my game by playing around it and spinning his Dante's via sided in Raiza's, and the game eventually reaches a point where I have to give him a light in grave, and end with a board of a 2500 downerd, a mathematician, a set breakthrough and trap stun, and a tgu in hand to his just BLS in hand, while im at 2000 life.  Unfortunately, he draws MST for turn and blind hits my breakthrough so he can summon BLS and I can't stop its second attack for exact game sending us into game 3.   Game 3: This game was another quick one as I had double chain disappearance hitting both scarm and graff for 3 copies.   5-1 Round 7: Shaddoll-Satellars My opponent wins the die roll and chooses to go second   Game 1: I set dragon emptiness, trap stun, and wing blast. with scarm in hand.  My opponent sets a monster and 2 backrow.  I draw graff and set scarm.  My opponent tries to shadow games and I trap stun.  He tributes his set squamata without flipping to set  beast and another backrow and passes.  I draw, flip dragon to bounce his beast, and he chains shadow games. He soon learns that knowledge is power and that his ebast wont get a draw and sends a hedgehog to search a falco.  I flip scarm to let it die and load a search at which point my opponent attempts to super poly my dragon and scarm and learns for a second time how cards work as my scarm will die before anything else can be used.  I attack, set wing blast and search a tgu.  He sets hedgehog and super polys discarding beast, and I wingblast the Winda.  I make alucard, pop his falco and chain emptiness, then push.  He sets a monster and passes, my alucard then pops his set Altair, and I summon mathematician without effect and push, and drop vanitys fiend the following turn to seal the game.  I still don't know why he set the altair to give me more information on his deck, but he wouldn't answer me when I asked after the match.   Game 2: He opens weak with a single set monster and back. I mst his set emptiness and alucard pops hedgehog.  He tries to fusion which I have my emptiness for, and I then warning his deneb summon.  I sack for vanitys fiend, set wingblast and the match is sealed.   6-1 Round 8: Burning Abyss I know my opponent as hes a friend of a friend so we both know eachother is playing BA.  He wins the die roll and decides to go first.   Game 1: He opens subpar with a turn one dante via a cir and scarm, and no backrow.I special cir sack for vanitys fiend, and set 2 wing blasts and a trap stun with scarm in hand to clear his dante and the game is very one sided from there.   Game 2: He goes first and turn one makes a dante with a few backrow.  I Don't remember much about my plays, but he brought back the scarm in his grave to which I chain disappearance it and 2 from his hand, and then he summoned a tourguide into my second chain dis which let me win out from there.   After that the tournament ended pretty quickly and they announced I was in 5th!    Pros: -Regional top #2 -Had an alright time -Noone payed for the hotel -My friends bought me steak for dinner at Ponderosa as a congratulations   Cons: -Regional was run like shit and the head judge was garbage -The judges fucked me with time round 5 -Had the worst meal of my life ( Seriously, never go to Jack in the Box, its terrible) -Got 5th so I didn't get another deckbox   Thanks everyone for reading and once again a big shoutout and thanks to Chumlle for giving me the decklist to use!
  14. DG Live 175: TCG/October 2014 Banlist

    Im in, DN: Dinobones12
  15. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Graff is by far a 3 of in the deck, as well as the rest of the Burning Abyss monsters, as we currently have to few of them to try to run them in smaller numbers.  Also, I noticed very few people were running Supply Squad, something I feel is incorrect.  While I do see the merit in not running it to ensure the ability to summon a BA from the hand, I think the sheer advantage Supply Squad can generate far outweighs that merit.  The card is good in almost every stage of the game, and allows for the decks best turn one play (Supply Squad, summon Mathematician, dump Graff, SS Scarm, draw and then search Tour Guide in the end phase). That with the large amount of discard traps we run, allowing us to trigger it on our opponents turn, make the card almost a win condition in and of itself.  And should your opponent just MST your Supply Squad on activation or when you attempt to trigger its first draw, your essentially going +1 as they just used a card that could kill your Vanity's on the equivalent of an Upstart in the situation, or you'll be going + as the card has already replaced itself.