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  1. Musician with the best overall discography?

    Bowie was an artist of remarkable consistency. He's been in the game for decades and managed to put out some of his best material at the very end of his career. Even the best musicians slip off after 10-15 years but Bowie is from Mars.
  2. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    I just assume that threads on page 1-2 are no more than a month old. If the subforum is that slow, it should either be merged into general discussion or it should welcome activity. I think this topic is even more relevant in 2017 than ever, but do correct if I'm wrong.
  3. The expert on this subject is Neil Degrasse Tyson. He takes one of the most complex subjects and simplifies it into terms laypeople can understand. Of course, sometimes, making complex ideas too simple comes at the cost of people trying to solve real world problems with introductory knowledge (i.e. "let's stop printing money because econ 101 says inflation is bad"). A good way to teach Yugioh would perhaps be the May 2002 format. It teaches the basics of battle, life point advantage and card advantage.
  4. Philosophy in your life

    Does philosophy impact your life in any way? Currently and/or in the past? It's made me more open-minded, and aware of the limits of myself and the world. Do you ever stop thinking about a question because "I don't want to think about that!" and if so why? Examples? I used to. Losing faith in God was once a problem for me. At this point, I've had so many depressing thoughts, I don't really shy from much. How often do you have thoughts that you would consider "philosophical" and if so how often and do you have an example? Every 20 minutes. How important do you feel philosophy is in regards to society? Important. More poeple should question their beliefs. Any casual thoughts on the subject of philosophy? I took a course in Philosophy. The subject matter was worthwhile, but the source texts were awful. Many were needlessly verbose, semantic, and translated poorly.
  5. I'm interested in designing a plan that gives the most bang for time spent. 30 min workout. 1 day a week. No breaks. 1. Lat Bar (Triceps + Back) 2. Bicep Curls 3. Bench Press 4. 2-4 mins of intense cardio on treadmill 5. repeat 1-4 two more times 6. farmer walks, shoulders, shrugs (just to cover the bases) 7. 2-4 mins of intense cardio on treadmill 8. romanian deadlifts (as many or as much weight as possible)
  6. 3 day gym plan

    Your plan seems solid. Back/Biceps and Triceps/Chest are good pairs. Get some shoulder and traps workouts in there.
  7. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    This RedPill/alt-right movement thing seems to be a Fight Club movement. Millions of millenial men are raised in broken fatherless families, failed by the education system, entered into an underwhelming economy, conditioned to stay at home playing video games, substitute a social life with social media, have difficulty talking to women due to years of reclusiveness, substitute that with porn and then in general are need of an outlet to express their frustration with an unfulfilled life. And that's where Red Pill comes in. I meet a lot of that criteria myself, but I'm working on fixing those things instead of getting pissed off, joining a cult and blaming the world for my problems.
  8. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Switch is a great idea and well-specced portable hardware, props on Nintendo for improving on the Wii U, but I'm not ready to buy yet. Very small library. Not much third party support. Liklihood of Nintendo releasing a slimmer/brighter/cheaper version in 2018-19. Mario Odyssey looks excellent, like a mix of Galaxy's creativity and 64's openness. Metroid Prime 4 is great news. Nintendo is listening and they're improving.
  9. Musician with the best overall discography?

    Beatles have the most good songs and Zeppelin has the most great songs.

    Em or Wayne. Jay and Nas are great, but some of their best material would be excluded from the 2000 cutoff line. Kanye is a great musician, maybe the most creative musician of the 2000's, but as a rapper no.
  11. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    - Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  12. I guess a backhanded compliment is better than nothing.
  13. I'm sorry for that rude post. I was celebrating my dumb luck and I should've made that clear. Of course I don't think that I'm better than Kris just because I won twice (and he won more times than that). I had a rogue-ish Goat build and he probably bricked. In 50 games, he would beat me in at least 35. I learned a lot about Goats from his posts and appreciate what hes contributed for the success of this revived format.
  14. Exodia Pieces -- Having 3 of each piece grants the player no strategic advantage, and in fact hurts Exodia players by reducing their card advantage. Artifact Moralltach -- The Artifact engine was broken 3 years ago, but Moralltach would be fine at 2 today. Inzektor Hornet & Dragonfly -- I'm not a fan of the deck, but there's no reason to hit a tier 7 deck. Saqlifice -- As with above. Scout was dangerous in being a +X card. But Saqlifice is a searcher with a limited ceiling. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole -- It was broken when limited Special Summoning resulted in players being unable to recover when down on the summon, but it should've been put at 3 several years ago. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon -- Was an overpowered boss monster 5 years ago, but would be average by today's standards. Dewloren Tiger King of the Ice Barrier -- I'm willing to be corrected if I'm wrong, but was Dewloren OTK ever a thing? Book of Moon -- It's one of the most balanced skillful cards ever created. If Empty Jar is the worry, there's worse cards to hit
  15. It's marijuana logic. If it's illegal, then it stays illegal if there's even a small shadow of doubt, but if something degenerate has always been legal, it is tolerated. I tend to judge everything based on ground-zero logic. Tradition doesn't matter. Current hype doesn't matter. It either adds up logically or it doesn't. I agree with ACP's overall point. However, some cards on the list aren't there because of playability. A card can be mediocre but still degenerate. Potential interactions with cards released in the future are kept in mind. Also, El Shaddoll Construct would be fine at at least 1. And only got banned because of planned obsolecence.