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  1. Top 16 Oceanics 2015 Tourney Report

    Haha yeah you crushed me lol hope you do well at worlds
  2. Top 16 Oceanics 2015 Tourney Report

    1. Maindeck was pretty good, Anti spell could have been put to 2 over Bottomless. 2. It's obviously a card that you need to be able to apply pressure with it's also an auto win vs qli if you get it early 3. Ptolemaus was really good if nothing else he can make diamond and give you a beatstick and when you can make Pleiades you can get really far ahead.   Most of these are answered more in depth on the video deck profile which I edited in. 
  3. Hi my name is Bhupinder Purewal. This is my first time doing a tourney report on Dgz so here goes.   I'll just do my oceanics report because for Nats I played Shaddolls and scrubbed out so nothing to report there.   I played Satellaknights for oceanics because in all honesty I had pretty much given up on ygo after my miserable nats showing, I hadn't prepared as much for this even because I had been focusing on Hearthstone more.   Here is the deck list: It's pretty standard helmet satella. I only mained 1 Anti spell because my other one was warped as fuck and would probably get me a game loss. anyway onto the games.   EDIT: video deck profile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnIcQjoJplU   Rd 1 vs Nekroz (Piers) good player from Melb formerly WA  1-2   G1: Tking carry he outs but it I coth it back G2: He does nekroz things and crushs me G3: I open tking again, on his turn he sets 1 monster and 1 backrow, I attack and it was the dd warrior lady he hard drew and ye it was gg from there   Sucks to start with a loss but that seems to be tradition for me at oceanics   Rd 2 vs Nekroz duelist   G1: Game was going pretty even and then at some point in the game I made a 5 material Rhongomyniad with soul charge and he scoops G2: He opens sort of slow, I warning his manju and just win from there.   Rd 3 vs Qliphort (Nathan O'brien) cool guy from Qld 2-0   Rd 1: He doesnt open scout and just dies to beat down Rd 2: same story it was pretty unfortunate considering how hard it is to not open scout    Rd 4 vs Qliphort (Brenton) a funny guy from my locals 1-1   Rd 1: I open sort of weak and he opens scout and I don't main mst at some point he flips skill drain an i lose Rd 2: This game went into time and was another grind in the end book of moon and well timed bottomless saved me but it turned out a draw    I am 2-1-1 now   Rd 5 vs Shaddolls 2-0 (abdul the merchant) another good friend of mine from locals who actually lent me the deck for this event   G1: He opens stick chair and makes ouroborus knocks rota out of my hand. I grind away but he didnt draw a fusion card so i won pretty handily from there G2: was an extremly messy game we both opponend mirrors so he had light imprisoning (wtf abdul why are you siding this shit) and i open Shadow imprisoning he rips a bls at 1 point then i fiendish it. I have diamond up as well so he cant do much. so we are just passing back and forth until i dark hole myself and attack for game     Rd 6 vs Tellaknight 2-1   G1: I go first open deneb set 4 helmet full equipped G2: he returns the favour lol G3: Is more of an even game but I use my backrow far better than him he bottomlessed my ununkhali...   Rd 7 vs Tellaknight again (tom harrison from qld)   G1: He bricks horrendously and i win pretty comfortably G2: He had quite a strong grip on the game after resolving 2 triverrs but was siding questionable cards like Puppet plant, i excition to get back in the game and then duality into a chaos trap hole which stuns him for a couple turn until i draw mind crush to win the game.   Rd 8 vs Racoons (wtf) 2-1   G 1: I go 2nd summon deneb and he chains mistake so I'm thinking shaddolls also my hand is so bad against mistake (duality rota coth) so thenit becomes a grindfest at some point he rips the spell card that summons 3 beasts from deck and makes unicore but I hate bts in grave and dark hole it. I win thorugh beat down cos his monsters suck   G 2: he opens nat beast and the xyz  i summon deneb search he fiendish i set coth, fiendish, mst. So after he attacks over deneb I coth in end phase he lets it go he chains Light imprisoning to the eff I chain mst he chains Nat beast I chain fiendish he msts it gg for me lol    G3: I open all the answers to his plays and he gets crushed and I am pretty sure I have secured my top.   Top 16 vs Nekroz (Oliver Parle)- Eventual winner of the event   G1: I open ok deneb coth solemn. but unfortuantely no way to reliably stop trish. I solemn his manju and he search for a bit then preps into trish and I lose   G2: I chose to go second which i now sort of regret but it ends up being the same story as game 1 as his deck is just better than mine. taking nothing away from him tho hopefully he does really well at worlds   Anyway that was my report yes it was with another Dark Helmet. It was also my first time playing Satella but it's not too difficult lol. But when playing these sort of decks it is more important on how you use your backrow than your monsters. All in all it was a fun weekend it was cool meeting all the guys from interstate and hanging out with them this format is sort of ugh but the community is still on of the best around.   Peace guys.  =)
  4. ISIS Boot Camp (Australian Nats and Oceania WCQ)

    good job yaoweii
  5. Good job Spudaro.    We'll make it next year bro.
  6. ARG Orlando January 3-4th, 2015

    That was pretty awful. BLS+honest and he lets opponent live. 
  7. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

      Well done Jackson.   Unfortunately I couldn't be there with you in top.   Maybe next time I'll check what time Day 2 starts  :(
  8. Top 8 YCS Anaheim

    I like how you made big BA even bigger. Also congrats on the top.
  9. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I think with addition of more BA monsters and an offensive option in Virgil the deck can start to slowly move away from being a solely based disruption deck. In a simplified game state shaddoll can tear you apart with nothing more than a construct but now with Virgil you actually have a searchble answer to it. 
  10. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I'm sorry, but WHAT?   If a shaddoll player has denkou from turn 1 they can start picking apart your backrow, also a good player would leave you with 1 backrow so you can't make any special summon from hand plays and unless you searched TGU turn 1 which after nech isn't optimal most of the time it can be hard to get over 1700 especially if they have a Fusion alongside her. BTS also falls to denko so it's not that good of an out also. 
  11. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Another thing to be wary about is Denkou Sekka. This card can coupled with a Shaddoll fusion (Especially in the Lightsworn variant) destroy all of our turn 1 set ups. It is a big enough problem that Veiler might have to be mained for it.
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      Archfiend.   Is.   Limited.     I.    Know.   (it was a joke)
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Guise missing most important part of reveal   Calcab=end of infernity
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Lake is very good a larger icarus attack in float.dek is silly.   Alich seems useless.   Calcab also very underwhelming but I guess could be considered as 1 of for niche plays.
  15. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Well the tuner is somewhat disappointing. Would have been better off as a vanilla with a BA name.