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  1. I'm going to sleep now and won't be on for most of tomorrow b/c I've got a box tournament to win, I'll have to make an early vote because of this, sadly. I don't really like to hedge any bets before I get as much info as possible but for now I'll say that I've picked up on mark being particularly defensive, so I'll cast my vote on him, bad reason i'm aware, just trying to be as helpful as i can at this stage. vote mark nightnight xoxo
  2. might only be with closed ended ones tho, those sandal lookin ones prob don't
  3. nah, wear them for long enough and you'll feel your toes mad hurting
  4. they really hurt your toes and ankles imo
  5. maths > gut feeling/testing/preference/etc.
  6. I've not got much experience with non-goat decks in the format, but don't some chaos builds play it too?
  7. high rarity japanese goat staples
  8. yup, i used a yugioh probability calc xddd
  9. also my first number was wrong, take away all zeroes after the decimal
  10. mark seems very defensive to a point of suspicion and idk what to think about francis at this point, I'll reread and tell you
  11. assuming 21 players and completely random choices
  12. would just like to say: I've seen some concern towards me potentially being a multi, I'm just a bad ygo player that lurks because I don't usually feel that I have something relevant or smart to say, better silent than hated etc. As for the game itself, this is a lot more reading and time consuming than i thought it would be haha, I'm going to go over the arguments and try to make some personal notes on what everybody's doing so i can contribute more.
  13. here, I don't know much about dgz or mafia for that matter, but I know a wee bit about goats, we gotta lynch whoever got thunder dragon for being a suboptimal choice IMO
  14. jazz showing a controversial opinion already - cyber dragon