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  1. Can I get a name change to Andrew thanks x
  2. WEEK 2 - Pacific State vs ALL THE OUTS

    lost to mjar again, same matchup ggs x
  3. Gosick Andrew Prefer goat Any non-exam day is possible x euwcq 2017 top 16, played ADV OU in several smogon, pokemon online and pokemon perfect team tournaments
  4. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    I'm going to sleep now and won't be on for most of tomorrow b/c I've got a box tournament to win, I'll have to make an early vote because of this, sadly. I don't really like to hedge any bets before I get as much info as possible but for now I'll say that I've picked up on mark being particularly defensive, so I'll cast my vote on him, bad reason i'm aware, just trying to be as helpful as i can at this stage. vote mark nightnight xoxo
  5. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    might only be with closed ended ones tho, those sandal lookin ones prob don't
  6. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    nah, wear them for long enough and you'll feel your toes mad hurting
  7. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    they really hurt your toes and ankles imo
  8. What Are the Principles of a Good Deck?

    maths > gut feeling/testing/preference/etc.
  9. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    I've not got much experience with non-goat decks in the format, but don't some chaos builds play it too?
  10. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    high rarity japanese goat staples
  11. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    yup, i used a yugioh probability calc xddd
  12. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    also my first number was wrong, take away all zeroes after the decimal
  13. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    mark seems very defensive to a point of suspicion and idk what to think about francis at this point, I'll reread and tell you
  14. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    assuming 21 players and completely random choices
  15. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    would just like to say: I've seen some concern towards me potentially being a multi, I'm just a bad ygo player that lurks because I don't usually feel that I have something relevant or smart to say, better silent than hated etc. As for the game itself, this is a lot more reading and time consuming than i thought it would be haha, I'm going to go over the arguments and try to make some personal notes on what everybody's doing so i can contribute more.
  16. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    here, I don't know much about dgz or mafia for that matter, but I know a wee bit about goats, we gotta lynch whoever got thunder dragon for being a suboptimal choice IMO
  17. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    jazz showing a controversial opinion already - cyber dragon
  18. ik a lot of magic players play betmatches & moneydrafts at big events, do yugi nerds do an shit like that? 

    1. ACP


      A long time ago they used to. Not so much anymore.

    2. Gosick


      rip, I'd be down to throw 20s at goat/trooper matches all day after elimination

  19. Goat Format Mafia Sign-Ups

    edit: i can't read, ban exarion, in
  20. In response to the plants discussion: Me and a friend(mostly him) have been working on gigavise on and off for a few months now, he's been playing the deck irl for a majority of that time and it's gonna be his deck in the upcoming regional season, shouldn't be hard to get his invite with it, Scotland etc. the deck is really ridiculous going first. (what deck isn't though?) The deck is able to very consistently set up 2-4 defensive monsters whilst also not conceding to veiler a la yang zing metalfoes. With any decent hand you open a minimum of any 3 from 38/bounzer/crystalwing/void ogre/nat beast/chryston phoenix/leo/stardust. I'm not the best suited for talking about all the theory here, as i only really came up with playing sylvans as a draw engine/a way to make 38, cutting the classic meliae/quasar package, leo being a hose vs abc and playing bounzer over beatrice in order to run less garnets. If you're interested in the deck I can get my friend who's been playing and tuning it since liverpool to make a dgz account and explain more. Here's the list from memory, I can't put my finger on the last card for the life of me:
  21. I'd like to bring up the list that came 6th at the recent ycs-sized regionals in LA. A few things stick out to me that I found interesting: Firstly he was playing a 3-3 line of lizard-turtle, there has been success with heavier lines of these in the past, but this is the first time I think I've seen the full 6, this enables you to draw 2 pretty much every turn, however I'm not sure how relevant that is considering the current speed of the game. Perhaps the biggest thing about the build that separates it from other lists of pendulum performing well currently is the fact that there is no odd-eyes engine and no majespecters, I've talked to several people about this, some think that you need iris and fusion in the deck and that the pilot is dumb because he can't really access abductor and some think that this is the way forward and that we should push the heavy r4nk deck again as opposed to classic pendulum goodstuff. Thoughts?