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  1. What was that fire hazard secret hip bar in the hotdog shop w/good drinks?
  2. I only remember bad stuff and Greg was a delight so
  3. Gracias Soul. I might be there in two weeks, are you Greg lofi?
  4. What was the name of that korean chicken place we all went to in NY that time? I wanna stop by there again.
  5. I have snapchat only because of a teenage niece
  6. Place is kinda quiet, I assume kids today play clash of cardfight on their phones and text forums are too slow compared to picture apps?
  7. whats the new hot shit? where can I find easy to view set spoilers? org site seems cool but too much non-card stuff
  8. i found my 3ds and all you nigs were on my friendcode lists how do i change my display name
  9. Yo' i'm back for this post only
  10. Lol i just did nm kings fall I was 270light, i had hard mode guns but green armor I was a carrier
  11. Trying to figure out school the final round I want lots of math
  12. i meant you it's very good   imagine all the good things from earthbound and paper mario 2 wrapped into one gameNever played earthbound but you have my attention as well. If you've never played earthbound, play fucking earthbound. Easily top 3 games I've ever played. Absolutely incredible story, it was truly ahead of its time. See. The problem is. Those games writing are great. But to play most of those games is boring. Or even really boring. Undertale still gets my play it award. But a mercy run can be boringggg