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  1. Nekroz - Discussion

      Harig, would you mind posting your list you're currently testing?
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    Djinn is by no means a solid lock, emptiness just doesn't fit in well.
  3. Nekroz - Discussion

      Don't get me wrong, I have tested Valkyrus and he just drew out games that didn't need drawing out and he stuck out like a sore thumb as I cannot summon him easily. To exomirror, you'd need 2 unicore in grave or run more shrit.   If my opponent wants to play Valkyrus and end with an empty field, I shall just take advantage a set up a very consistent djinn lock.   Am I missing something or is the best play simply kaleido, dumping quasar for valkyrus and unicore and tributing both off?   Edit: Plus, I am very iffy about dropping both unicore and Valkyrus into a bth/tt, and not getting a search off herald.
  4. Nekroz - Discussion

      Basically, the 3/6/9 engine fills the grave with all fodder I need for exomirror and typically use kaleido just for unicore.   Concerning shrit, I typically only use him if I'm in a pinch for tribute fodder or need a brionac in my hand for next turn, but realistically I never tribute resources for my ritual summons, either banish from grave or send from extra.
  5. Nekroz - Discussion

    Trish does need a card in all 3 zones to resolve or it will "fizzle" in regards to the above.   In regards to my take on the deck, I'm quite comfortable with the 3/6/9 engine. My list looks a little like this.   3x maxx c 3x brionac 1x schritt 2x trishula 2x clausolas 3x unicore 3x manju 3x senju 1x djinn   3x mst 1x book 1x raigeki 3x nekroz kaleidomirror 2x nekroz exomirror 1x nekroz cycle 3x preparation of rites   3x dust Realistically, the only time I lose is floodgates mostly skill drain and emptiness so those are well covered. If the meta turns into a lot of nekroz, I will likely drop a dust for snatch (as it's obv good) The turn 1 lavalval to stack manju doesn't seem bad listed above, only used chain to dump djinn until now.
  6. There are no official tag team rules afaik when it comes to stuff like this. I'd personally ask the judge at the event, a lot of these rulings are made up on the day.
  7. Nekroz - Discussion

    I think my mindset is very stuck on the 3/6/9 engine as I've fitted in Valkyrus and he didn't seem very useful and I struggled to summon him which makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.   Can someone advise a typical play of when you drop Unicore and then him in the same turn?   My typical play is summon Manju, add whatever, get unicore and kaleido while dropping brionac and clausolas in grave, summon unicore, grabbing trish or exomirror off herald and then either xyz lavalval chain dumping fat djinn and then exomirror trish banishing brio/clausolas/djinn.
  8. This ruling seems very sketchy that you can "tribute" something in grave. Not saying it's correct, but schritt doesn't trigger on ygopro through exomirror.   It's the same as you can't destroy something already in grave too, idk seems weird.
  9. Nekroz - Discussion

    First and foremost, thanks to this thread, I built this deck on YGOpro and I'm in love with it, I've done my testing last night and came to the conclusion that the 3/6/9 engine is the most consistent. I drafted a list:   3x brionac 2x schritt 3x trishula 2x clausolas 3x unicore 3x manju 2x senju 2x denko sekka 1x djinn   3x mst 1x book 1x raigeki 3x nekroz kaleidomirror 2x nekroz exomirror 1x nekroz cycle 3x preparation of rites   3x emptiness 2x dust   Few things I've learnt, maxx c is nice but was dead a lot when I needed other cards. Qliphort was my hardest match-up due to the multiple floodgates mostly emptiness and skill drain, hence the double dust. Denko Sekka is amazing. Summoned it into four back row, trished them and they could not do a thing about it. To fit in 2 Denko, I knocked Senju to 2 as I had too many normal summons, this way have been a choice I may go back on in the future, but it's been a consistent change so far. Djinn has been so-so in testing, when you get it off in the mirror, it's insta-win, opp did it to me and I just fell apart just setting what little monsters I had. I'll update with anything else I discover but deffo pre-ordering boxes of this.
  10. Noble Knights

    No love for the Scolding?
  11. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I'm currently testing the Whip Snake version with no Unuk's. List looks a bit like this:   3x Deneb 3x Altair 2x Vega 2x Whip Snake 1x Sirius   3x RoTA 2x Duality 2x MST 1x Soul Charge   3x Alpha 3x CoTH 2x BTS 2x D-prison 1x TT 1x Compulse 2x Wiretap 3x Shadow-Imprisoning (Fuck ton of BA in my local meta) 3x Emptiness 1x Warning   Extra is 15 including King of Feral Imps
  12.   Ness, would the above apply to Ehren vs flip effects eg shaddolls?
  13. Tellarknights (no clever title comes to mind)

    To answer the query about Wiretap over MST, Trap negation is very important with the amount of BA about especially stopping them from fire lake looping, also an in-grave breakthrough skill on their side is troublesome for me with Omega or Cairngorgon.
  14. Tellarknights (no clever title comes to mind)

    Was in the side, was a toss up between dirges and MST.
  15. Primarily developed for a meta of nothing but BA on the top tables with a few shaddoll here and there. I have an unfavourable game 1 vs Qliphorts so have a heavy side for them.   (10)   3x Satellarknight Altair 3x Satellarknight Deneb 2x Satellarknight Unukalhai 1x Satellarknight Vega 1x Satellarknight Sirius   (7)   3x Reinforcement of the Army 3x Pot of Duality 1x Soul Charge   (23)   3x Call of the Haunted 3x Vanity's Emptiness 3x Breakthrough Skill 3x Stellarnova Alpha 3x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror 3x Wiretap 2x Dimensional Prison 1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 1x Torrential Tribute 1x Solemn Warning   2x Stellarknight Triverr 1x Stellarknight Delteros 1x Constellar Omega 1x Silent Honor Ark 1x Ragna Zero 1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1x Rhapsody in Berserk 1x Cairngorgon 1x Daigusto Emeral 1x Heroic Champion - Gandiva 2x Castel 1x Abyss Dweller 1x Gagaga Cowboy   1x Thunderking Rai-Oh 2x Flying "C" 1x Dimensional Fissure 3x Stygian Dirge 2x Pulling the Rug 2x Black Horn of Heaven 3x Fairy Wind 1x Soul Drain