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  1. Noids won 2-0
  2. are people really playing the fucking spyral cards or is that just konami wanting to showcase them every chance they get? I felt like i've seen Spyral in half the features.
  3. joshua didn't main or side maxx c
  4. Joshua wins 2-0. Second straight YCS wins for paleo.
  5. Billy vs Joshua finals again guys
  6. billy top 4 again
  7. Disappointing. Thought this was going to be a thread trolling the dick pick guy
  8. Not confirmed, but from a trusted source. Apparently, Bahamut Shark, Starlight Road etc must summon to an EMZ or linked zone.
  9. I know you are, but no one does it and its hardly ever if ever enforced because it doesn't matter, but now it definitely does. Now every-time you summon you have to say "i'm placing this card in the second to outermost main monster zone" or "I'm placing this spell in the center S/T zone", and now you have to keep track of it not only for yourself but for your opponent. Its going to be a problem, and make it easy for people take advantage of the system and cheat. I definitely see them having to require mats for tournament play tbh. One way they could do, and maybe this won't ever work for cost issues, but after you register for a tourney they could give you a free disposable paper mat and either you have to use it or use your own.
  10. I'm interested in what the competitive community thinks about this, specially judges. Should mats with proper zoning be required for competitive play post links? I think its kind obvious it should, but a lot of people i've talked to don't like the idea. They say people should just not move the cads around, though i think that's going to cause tremendous issues an be a massive headache for judges.
  11. " We can now perform a link summon to bring out Talker. To do this, send three yosenju to the grave. Then place Talker on the zone you desire. Ideally you would want to summon Talker in the new Extra Monster Zone (I will explain the new zone later on) " I think you need to clarify this, because you can't actually summon talker to any zone but the EMZ (unless you already a link monster up letting you summon him elsewhere).
  12. A likely way to balance strong link monsters is probably by them having lots of link markers that unlock your opponent's extra deck slots.
  13. Congrats to Jessy Samek for the win. He takes it 3-1 with Zoo Kaiju over Tahmid who was playing infernoids.
  14. Decklists: - 5 Metalfoes - 3 Zoodiac Kaiju - 2 Infernoids - 1 Pure Zoodiac - 1 ABC Artifacts - 1 Paleozoic Frog - 1 DDD - 1 Blue-Eyes All metalfoe lists playing zoo engine of course. The paleo deck is 60 cards using lawnmowing and the blue-eyes deck has kaijus in the main. Bracket: Top 16 on stream atm: