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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Legit I can’t hate that. If anyone here would like to play test sky striker mirrors add me. DB Username: AperfectKING
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Legit I can’t hate that. If anyone here would like to play test sky striker mirrors add me. DB Username: AperfectKING
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Sounds legit. Any chance you down to play test on DB? Getting ready for Nats myself and I don’t live near any locals.
  4. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Any chance we can see a tournament report? Or a decklist? How many trickstar strikers did you play if at any?
  5. The YGOrganization -[DPDG] Pendulum Fusion

    Just getting back in from a break and doing research in some upcoming decks. The new pendulum evolution looks promising. Is there a deck discussion thread on that? And info helps and thank you.
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    How you guys been doing against the majespecters with ties? Do we just auto lose? I've been maiming 3 twin twisters and thinking about maiming 1-2 kaijus so they lose their wind targets but I haven't had time to test it out just yet. So far twin twisters have been doing ok but I can't consistently beat them.
  7. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    You can literally apply all of that to any other metalfoe+Variation deck. I'm not loyal to one engine, by all means if there's a better engine with a superior ceiling state your argument. You reasoning for dismissing yang zings is kinda the easy way out. You are correct in regards to Veiler on jiaotu is bad but you can at least use foe-scale to pop, search/set, then sum monster. That's assuming you don't have another scale in which you could complete and pend sum any other zings and sync still.
  8. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Hey guys just wanted to give my 2cents. I think we should give the yang zing variation a try again. Just by opening up subar you can still setup a solid board. Resolving Baxia once is pretty devastating, and with monarchs gone and kozmo weakened BEWD is going to be the deck to beat which isn't too hard when going first. I do however find it difficult going second once they've set up spirit dragon/azure with some other beatstick. The deck has lots of synergy for only having two pendulum zings and this is me testing without the new support which I think will get better with the new level 5 synchro to take out gofu and a searchable solemn. Currently testing going second with this version so we can break BEWD boards.
  9. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Has anyone else tried E-tele? I've been testing it out with ghost ogre. It's giving some decent plays with being able to sync for omega or just materials for fusion summons. It's also come in handy with making rank 3 breaksword/blue layer.
  10. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    So I'm trying not to get spoonfed but I'm new to theory. I'm trying to figure out how jowgen got into the deck. Is it to slow the opponent down until you can set up a board and being able to pop it on command with any metalfoe scale? I need to know if my thought process is on the right track.
  11. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Is there a metalfoes deck discussion?
  12. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Looking for team to join   DN: AperfectKING SKYPE: ronald_m09
  13. Anyone down to playtest mirror matches? pre or post bosh don't matter but I prefer testing pre due to a regional coming up.   Please add me: AperfectKING   Thanks guys.
  14. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    Hello, the make it quick I'm looking for a serious yugioh team, is anyone looking to pick up new members? I'm tired losing and not having any tops what's so ever. Closest thing I have is a yugioh top(embarrassing I know). I've been reading Next Level Magic and I know now that I need to surround myself with better and smarter players. Being part of a team that talks theory and playtest regularly are the players who have the best results at tournaments, going solo obviously is working out for me. I'd really appreciate if someone helped me out and can teach me how to all theory. Thank you in advance.
  15. Nekroz - Discussion

    Sorry don't mean to go off topic but I was wondering if anyone wanted to mirror match. I'll be at Nats this weekend and would like some practice from people other than my friends.