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  1. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Hey, so I saw someone earlier talking about how they were stuck at R5 and I just wanna help contribute. I'm currently sitting at top 50 legend on NA (http://prnt.sc/cmaj6w), and quite frankly, I think Midrange Hunter is being severely underestimated right now. True, it may not have the best Midrange Shaman or Zoo match-up, but Disco is seeing a steep decline in ladder representation, whereas Shaman is seeing less play than it was previously because of the pretty (Astonishing!) rise of Control/C'thun on ladder. Hunter is extremely favored against nearly all iterations of Warrior (I'm currently at a positive w/r vs dragon and I haven't seen Worgen yet) while also maintaining strong match-ups against Malygos Druid which has spiked in popularity. One of the reasons that I believe Hunter is favored vs the new Druid is because most builds have completely cut Ancient of War from their lists, which opens up more avenues of direct damage to their face, something Hunters can steadily provide every turn. There's also no more crazy teacher + innervate + innervate + removal + removal + power of the wild shenanigans that usually closes the game instantly. Mages are generally a bit more straightforward with you holding on to the board and really just denying them any presence. This match-up is generally favored as long as you don't get blown out by crazy flamewaker turns or unstoppable burn from their hand; ice block also sometimes wins them games they don't deserve winning, but there's nothing you can really do about those. That being said, I still believe that MR Shaman is still extremely powerful (with extremely favored mu across the board) and should be good enough to carry you off to legend. One of the important things to stress here is, as someone said above, picking a single deck and rolling with it for the rest of the season. Don't spread yourself thin over several decks; I find that it's really inconsistent and it'll probably have a negative impact on your mindset. Don't get tilted at losses or RNG that goes south, it's HS, it happens. I also find that recording your stats helps, so you can find out what match-ups you're struggling with the most and you can try to improve yourself from there. When all's said and done, there's different ways for closing out the gap, but if you can make R5, then you can 100% hit legend, it just takes time and effort. My tag is DownInFlames#1981, you (or anyone) can add me if you want to just talk theory or anything of the sort (i also have like 10 friends wtf, i'm so lonely)
  2. Dueling Network

    Farewell DN, gone but never forgotten.
  3. Farfa vs The Prime Monarch

    It'll return to the field as a monster in the End Phase, but it's immediately destroyed by game mechanics.
  4. Dueling Network

      This is a pretty dumb way to address the issue, both by posting here and doing what you did.   We don't grant IP bans on request - if you really can't control your urges to play, then PM an admin and request a permaban; if none are online or respond, then request one on the forums by either PMing someone or using this link.    By posting that duel note, you've pretty much screwed yourself over 2 ways:    A) Lurking isn't always an IP ban, so there's a possibility that you've been permabanned instead. Judging from your post, I'm pretty sure that this won't stop you and you're probably just going to make a new account and play, because apparently this site is addicting or something? So yeah, you've accomplished nothing here.   OR   B) Congratz, you're IP Banned! You're no longer welcome on DN! (Achievement Unlocked - 25G) This can't be undone and I doubt it'd get overturned, so if you ever have the urge to play ygo, you'd have to find a different place to play.   I can guarantee you that if you just waited 5-10 more min an admin would have gotten to you and given you a perma instead (which by the way, can be undone on request, unlike the perma you probably received for the duel note), but I'm assuming you're probably no longer interested
  5. For the record, if you're following a topic, there's a way for you to see an original post on the topic, even after it's been edited:   Go to your notifications on the top left (bell icon near the sign out button), and click on "View All Notifications" Scroll down to where you see the post you want to see, in this case, it'll be "Gibbination replied to 'Pendulum Performages (and pals)' - Sent Today 11:23 AM (for me)" Click on the timeframe, and the original post will be there for you to openly mock and laugh at.   For those of you too lazy to check/not following, I dug it up:   [spoiler]1 Joker 1 Wizard 1 RotA 1 Wavering 1 Instant Fusion   Why not just make the best board possible turn 1? Joker, Search Monkeyboard Monlkey search Silver Claw Wavering them both, Get Luster Luster and Sorcerer, Pop Sorcerer Get Sorcerer     Your field Joker Extra, Sorcerer/Wolf Rota, Armageddon Pend Summon for a board of Sorc Sorc Joker Armegeddon Claw- Sending Zeph Sorcerer kills Luster Armageddon Search Guitar and Lizard Draw Sorc Sorc Joker Claw Sorc Sorc-Majestere Paladin Detach Sorcerer SS Dracoslayer Majester Joker Claw Slayer Slayer Claw Ignister Maj Joker Master Ignister Maj Joker Maj Ignister Maj Maj Ending hand Draco Slayer, Eccentric, Sorcerer, Lizard Draw, Guitar Turtle. Field Ignister Maj Maj Hand.[/spoiler]
  6. Dueling Network

    It is public knowledge and all that jazz, but people have seriously just been abusing this way too much. I've seen too many people call an admin and then just persistently push for the ban/loss when it's not even applicable, all because they actually just want the free win more than anything else. DN really shows you how scummy the Yu-Gi-Oh community can get sometimes.   It's ridiculous     Since I already posted here, might as well [spoiler][/spoiler]
  7. Dueling Network

  8. Kozmo - Discussion

    I don't think you're understanding what he's trying to say.   Once you summon a spaceship, they have no way to get around traps such as Time-Space, which is why you absolutely must use your pilot's effect in a manner that prevents this from happening. He's saying that in order to make traps such as Bottomless and Time-Space miss their activation window, you have to use the pilot's quick effect to Special Summon as CL2 (which can very easily be achieved in this deck). You're also incorrect when saying that you can't "block them from having an opportunity to activate a card". Reactive traps such as the aforementioned must be activated in response to a summon. If a summon is occuring at CL2 or higher, then the trap will not be able to activate, as you are not able to use it in direct response to the summon (whatever card/effect is at CL1 is the last thing to occur).   I'm sure that you've probably seen this before, but something like:   Activate Kozmotown (CL1) Chain pilot quick effect (CL2)   Assuming they don't chain Vanity, Solemn Warning, Divine Wrath, etc. your summon is essentially untouchable by standard summon-reactive traps.   This doesn't solely apply to town. Any effect can work as CL1 (assuming you are allowed to respond to it)
  9. Can Evigishki Gustkraken return 0?

    Gustkraken is a mandatory effect, so it is forced to activate upon the succesful Ritual Summon. If they have one or more cards in hand, it'll be forcefully resolved, whether you want to, or not.
  10. Green points for everybody itt!

    Looks like Kirolos can come out from his box on the street now
  11.   The original controller of Beast has already triggered the effect through Sinister Shadow Games. As the above user said, effects always trigger, activate, and resolve in the same place, so since it has already been triggered on Player A's field, that's where it will activate and resolve. If it were to be removed from the field after being triggered in the previous chain before it could resolve, then it would not get the effect, but under the pretense that there are no other inhibiting factors, Shaddoll Beast will successfully activate and resolve in a new chain.   EDIT: This is the NA ruling. Idk about EU's stance on this, although, it might be different from a similar aspect in regards to #1.
  12. Dueling Network

    He most likely cut it off the stream since they're not supposed to reveal the content.   If you're talking about the chat log, then there probably wasn't much more apart from the admin just dropping the hammer.
  13. ITT I guess your favorite Pokemon

    You're never going to guess correctly. (^:
  14. Where on the Internet can I watch the original yugioh (dubbed)?

    Hulu has all the seasons, albeit with a few ads scattered within the videos. If you have a HuluPlus acc, then this shouldn't be a problem. The ads themselves are usually no more than 45-60 seconds.   There's also the option of just Googling whatever season you want and you can potentially find a host site that has whatever you're looking for, although the quality might not be up to your standards.
  15. Dueling Network

    *Several years later at a job interview*   Employer: So, why should we hire you? ! ! ! ! Mr. Dick: Successfully sharked legendary ELO grinder SQUIDS on DN.