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  1. My question is if erebus works almost the same was as for example pwwb works, in that you cannot shuffle a card in to the deck when it is "destined to go to grave". (dont really know how to put it). So basically, cl1 erebus, cl2 stormforth for example. Would it then be possible for erebus to shuffle stormforth back into the deck? Thanks for replies.
  2. WATER - Discussion

    Aqua spirit let's go! But really, is aqua spirit better than more copies of gunde/pike/turge? Aqua spirit can also help with making moulinglacia easier, but I feel like gunde/turge/pike helps more towards actually winning since they can trigger Atlanteans and are also searchable.
  3. WATER - Discussion

    I was playtesting versus ba earlier and felt that every time they got access to Beatrice you basically lost since they could send farfa and banish your neptabyss at any time, chalice can somewhat counter this but if they detach rhino they still get it. Do you have any thoughts on solving this? Because I sure don't.
  4. WATER - Discussion

    So I attended ycs Prague but went x-3 day 1 so not really close to topping, however, I never felt that surface would be useful, the problems this deck has at the moment is outing dweller in the dracopals matchup and outing dark destroyer often. At the moment I don't think anyone is playing more than 3 outs to dark destroyer which if you can't kill them, they will probably make you unable to out their dark destroyer. Even though I feel like the kozmo matchup isn't that hard as some people say. The problem with dweller becomes more and more relevant the longer you go in a tournament however, since there will be mostly dracopals and in some games, your opponent might even know before the game that you are playing water and can because of that go dweller first turn. This poses a question if you should go first vs dracopals just because of dweller. But to shine a light on this deck, infinite gold gives us 1 really good card and one possible card to use, number 37: hopeweaver dragon spider shark or whatever it's name is is incredible versus dark destroyer since with that card and dweller you out every card in that deck with basically any cars in your deck. Getting to rank 4s will be very relevant because of that. Also, the other card I mentioned is stardust charge warrior. This could be used instead of dewloren/virgil/chanbara. This together with the number 37 is very good since you can easily attack all your opponent's monsters and you get to draw a card when you summon it, which is the better part imo. Majesty's fiend is also a pain in the ass but with enough outs in the deck it's purely up to drawing them.
  5. Kozmo - Discussion

    Pretty sure only ba mains twin Twister, possibly mermails but most likely not
  6. WATER - Discussion

    I have been running with brilliant fusion for a while and it's really strong when it goes off, however, if you go off and they manage to survive, they'll probably just win since all you will draw is unusable cards, like jar of avarice would be so good... This is not considering all the times you just brick straight out first turn with garnet + brilliant or undine + controller. I have faced mostly monarchs and if they go first and can set up a ehther in hand it's really hard to otk since unless you can somehow get rid of their already tribute monster without already spending resources on board since otherwise they just special summon kuraz and pop whatever good things you have on board like megalo. And the draws doesn't matter since you are more than likely to draw cards that are dead. Either cards that are once per turn or cards such as brilliant fusion. You can manage this a bit by removing the brilliant fusion engine and putting in more waters in the form of mermails, or more Atlanteans, however, while doing this, you lose a lot of power going first.
  7. Yes it does captainmeowica, yugioh championship series is ycs
  8. WATER - Discussion

    Well, I do draw gunde, and in multiples as well but I don't find it as godawful as you claim, it may be since I max out on pike, which makes me able to do more rank 4S and have monsters to summon all the time. And also about the only send from deck part, I rarely do that, if I have a playable hand without neptabyss, which means mermail parts and a way to get goons in grave without using neptabyss, I rarely summon neptabyss, and summon pike instead for the rank 4, however this is a situation with like 4 cards or something. What I am trying to say is that megalo and damage wins you the game with the Atlanteans helping clear the way, and now neptabyss can also get you the pieces yoy need to win, which is megalo. Maximizing cards you want to discard and cards that discard only make it easier and better to summon megalo and win.
  9. WATER - Discussion

    Since my deck garage thread I have been tinkering with this deck and I had not thought of including undine, however, I did focus on getting the maximum possibility of getting diva/neptabyss to field with effects. And with a sidegoal of clearing the opponent's field and attack for game (which would probably happen with neptabyss on field). I came to a conclusion that you only really need to resolve megalo's summon and on-field effect along with 1400 damage. Along with maximizing consistency of seeing neptabyss, playing maximum amounts of teus/megalo helped me with this. Gunde is also very good with these level 7s. With only having 4 normal summons i also came to a conclusion that pike is good since it can search gunde, while discarding either a lvl 7 or a Atlantean for more effects. Getting to rank 4S was also easier with pike since you can discard neptabyss and get a dragons for more searches. I'm not sure what the procentage is for getting to neptabyss(and playing it) in the undine build but for me it is something like 65-70% I believe. Can put decklist up here soon.
  10. WATER - Discussion

    Did that many pepe players want to go second or did you face a lot of kozmo or something?
  11. WATER - Discussion

    Can I ask how many times 1St match during swiss which you went second? And then 2ND game if you won vs pepe.
  12. What decks are in top? Do you have any idea?
  13. Floating Ghost and Winter Blossom

    Set after bosh, shining victories
  14. Do you have a date and time for the first stream yet?
  15. Mermail Atlanteans (Post Bosh)

    I've been messing around a bit with the deck and done some math last few days and come to the conclusion that I needed to see neptabyss more. Therefore I added three upstart and an abyssteus. And I also added the bth and time-space with rafflesia. Rafflesia is actually really good vs pepe if they can't out it before their pendulum summon. However, I removed 1 dark hole, 1 notice and 1 turge for the upstarts and then I actually removed the bth for third teus. At the moment I do not really know what else to remove since I feel like the others are necessary, I did some math and I think I had almost 10% risk of opening megalo without 2 waters, which doesn't exactly make me keen on removing more water monsters. What I was thinking about was removing 1 IF but then it feels like rafflesia and the holes are much less worth it. Also noticed that the 1st Turn usually sucks unless you have traps and was thinking if moulinglacia would make it better. To me it feels like it makes all monster hands better but others completely brick, wondering if you have any insight on this as well as what I could remove for the soul charge. Thanks for feedback :)