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  1. Free Agent Thread

    Aim: thecodeman822 dn: blitzplayer
  2. Dueling Network

    fun while it lasted
  3. Dueling Network

    ive been waiting for my email to confirm my account for over an hour. it cant possibly take this long can it
  4. Shitty cards with Awesome Artwork

    Couldnt find a good american pic, but I always thought this was sick. Looks even better irl actually
  5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Liked the 3rd movie the best, but this is clearly the 2nd best imo. cant believe i have to wait a year for the second half. the fuck
  6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    ive been reading phoenix since this post. prob gonna read other 2 before movie too just to get an epic feel
  7. NBA '10/'11 Season

    kevin love being white is what makes 30-30 game so incredible. That or Amare really is that bad at defense. lol
  8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    hallows was really wierd imo. some spots were the best of the series and some spots were just plan god awful. POA was my fav book and movie.
  9. NBA '10/'11 Season

    Miami beats LA in 7. I hate the heat with a passion, but I'm looking at the roster and matchups vs Celtics, Lakers, and Magic and cant say with a straight face that the heat will lose. Durant will be MVP, scoring champ, etc. Personally I will be rooting for the Thunder hardcore and think they will get 2nd in the west. I - Suns who have looked beyond terrible will miss the playoffs and be replaced by Houstojn who will get 3rd place. (As long as Yao can play the 28-30 min he is supposed to.) - Hopefully the Knicks will get 8th this year and we will be back!! Most overrated team: Nets (I have no idea where people are getting that they can make the playoffs. Teams like Charlotte, Knicks, etc all seem better) Most Underrated Team: Houston (Everyone talking about Thunder, Portland, and Mavs as choices to upset Lakers and I think Houston with Brooks, Scola (underated), Martin, and Yao seems like a good team to me Scoring Leaders: Durant Melo Kobe Stoudlmire Ellis MVP: Durant Defensive Player of the year: Dwight Howard Coach of the year: Eric whatever of the heat do to bias but I think for people who know anything it will be Portland coach. GM of the year: Whoever wins the Melo sweepstakes?? (Pat Riley isnt actually the GM right?)
  10. So I am in a fantasy NBA league

    agree with basically all of rock's post
  11. How are you guys paying for college?

    costs my cousin 40k a year after scholarships says it was a huge mistake
  12. YCS Toronto

    come on lazaro one time
  13. YCS Toronto

    Roy st. clair tops 4s another jump! Rooting for Lazarro hard. And would like to see the LS list
  14. NBA World has just been wrecked

    I think Melo is a lock to get traded and then go sign with the knicks imo. I hope Paul (who is my fav player in the nba) stays. Putting up 11 apg on a team that starts julian wright and mo pete