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  1. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    It's never a good idea to feed into a maxx c with this deck. You'll give your opponent half their deck, give or take, to make a board with max 3 negations and have no come back to when they shatter your board.
  2. Zoodiac - Discussion

    So is this deck going to be the new oppressygo2017.dek?
  3. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Tbh box of friends just sound pretty unnecessary
  4. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    I'm inclined to agree with Mitchell. The doll engine would bring more inconsistencies to the deck. Not drawing shaddoll fusion or mix match hands of shaddoll cards and d/d cards seems like asking for a bad time imo
  5. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Post structure deck is too far out (January I believe) to say for certain if this deck will garner a top spot like it did in the OCG. But if all remains well and everything stays the same this deck should be able to gain a top tier spot due to insane openings the deck has access to. I'm wondering as of now does this deck have what it takes to consistently contend with blue eyes and metalfoe variants and if the answer is no, what can be done to fix this issue or are adding kaijus to the deck and aiming to go second going to be the best thing until post structure.
  6. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Can we move this to deck discussion?
  7. Going along with this idea you could use saffira to make atum to extend plays
  8. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Is anyone planning to use traps in here or is going trapless (minus the 1-2 ddd trap) the way to go? I've tested with both and I'm coming up with mixed results.
  9. D/D/D - - Deck Discussion

    Tbh I'd probably wait until the structure comes out. There have been a couple tops here and there but the deck is severely underpowered without the stuff in the structure.
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    you can't search under Magnus if they have enough material
  11. Kozmo - Discussion

    Oasis changes it into a wyrm
  12. Kozmo - Discussion

    Do you mind posting your build and reasons behind card choices?
  13. Kozmo - Discussion

    Bandit could also make digging for power well that much stronger as well
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Why run a clown though since we already run lights? Wouldnt tributing it that turn be a waste of the point of having the clown for continuous tribute fodder?
  15.     That should be working because it is part of the effect and MC2 only cares if the monster left the field by the effect of MC2 not if it actually went to the GY. I'm not sure. Cards generally that say they have to go to a certain place have to go there. I believe this might be the same reason why white elephants gift doesn't work with pendulum normals. But I could be wrong.