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  1. -(UDE*DAY)-

    im not always going to have an oppression on the field then your not allways gonna win epic
  2. The Obamametre

    i came
  3. DuelistGroundz disabled my posting ability

    you know that guy lockergnome? I would go on his account like 5 times a day saying i want to fuck his wife ponzi.
  4. NHL 08/09 Season.

    yeah, having to come from behind 4 times against a columbus team was scary as fuck Tonight I took Boston -200, Calgary -200 and the over in LA/Col...had to sweat 2 shootouts, but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiip it. flames lost phaneuf in first period u dum shit. And despite having mental breakdowns still came back 4 times and despite aucoin sucking balls as usual and giving nash 6 break aways they still one. Grow the fuck up son.
  5. -(UDE*DAY)-

    terrible frog + oppresion is fail why fissure why smash just run OP monarchs
  6. Hayton - YAH HEARD?

    hey guys hayton just pmed me and offered to sell an unlocked iphone 3g for 300 should i do it?
  7. Because everyone hates me and I bring nothing to the table
  8. Review of a Fight at school

    I loled when i saw his prfile
  9. i want to butt fuck an asian woman

    you can buy sex pillows to put between you and their hips. google it biatch
  10. NHL 08/09 Season.

    flames beat jackets. there looking scary
  11. Scott is a God at YGO

    wait no more damage step shrink = fail
  12. Scott is a God at YGO

    side and extra so i can net plox