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  1. Some Garden paintings

    This one is pretty old, also used mix of acrylic and oil on canvas.       Also I made a few ballerina paintings like this one  
  2. Some Garden paintings

          Painted with acrylic (first) and oil on canvas (partly first and second).  
  3. I have been a member of dnf for around 3 years and decided to sum up all dnf shits i can think of. Posting quality is abysmal. Period. Free speech is specified by unwritten rules. Basically, it needs to be adjusted to the most acceptable opinion for the community, or it will be marked as trolling or even spam. In other words, your views must fit the majority unless you are part of the staff, then you are forming majority's opinion. However. if we are discussing yugioh, than every fucking view on the game is treated as acceptable point of view, no matter how absurd, nonsensical or just fucking idiotic it is. Staff doesnt warn any of the people whose frequent bad posting contributed to current forum's unenviable state of post quality.I mean, I'm pretty much sure the problem of current shit state DNF is in is not caused by forum's gray-black theme color. No negative reputation system which turns out to be the biggest stimulus for shitty posters. Genexwrecker. He/she/it is the source for 10% of all shits going on DNF. Majority of members think that they will become admins/mods if they suck the living shit out of staff. I am truly amazed how mods still can walk. DNF is not picky about new members. We accept every reject. Mods like to keep every fight with member private, even though there is really no reason for doing so since everything on dnf comes to light of the day sooner or later. So in the end, none ban becomes transparent for others and stupid topics then come to life. No one will ever recommend you DNF as forum to discuss ygo in. I would rather recommend to to someone who is doing a psychology exploration, due to the number of unique cases dnf has. Ban appeals section is useless. Everyone gets denied. It is used as moral booster to banned people, nothing more. STD wanted his relationship with gf to enter another stage so he gave her a mod position on dnf. Sorry dolphin, i just had to brake it to you. Joke aside, am i the only one who sees double conflict of interest? Oh, did I mention she was IP banned year ago? Douchebags among staff team such as TamA or Ultimate lol. I'd say something about them, but they could be offended if i call them dicks, so i wont. Veterans needing to wait ages to get their threads approved in certain section areas. It is fucking nonsense to treat veterans like newcomer noobs. Do we need to suffer because noobs post ''I got ban'' topics in Articles? Same is with suggestions. Forum lacks innovations that would keep members entertained. I'm not talking about shit like __of the week. Underworld section was liked among majority of veterans, but it got removed soon. After Underworld, I can't remember anything new happening. Or maybe Creative Writing section was supposed to keep us entertained..? http://forum.duelingnetwork.com/index.php?/forum-23/announcement-3-a-guide-on-spam/ ---->it seems mods needed 2 years to read this announcement and delete mido9's single gif post on which he collected rep of 100+. F/L thread. Oh, look they killed it. No reggie experience. No spam allowed in section called Spam Paradise. Noobs spamming the shit of forum on their way to get 30 posts in 10 mins. Of course, with the purpose to get into DNF chatbox. They leave in disappointment. Allowing noobs to post answers into ruling section. Because to get their posts up, many of new members will post in first section they see, resulting in wrong explanations etc. Veterans are put in the same basket as noobs. Fuck equality in this case. What do I get for becoming veteran? Awards? Please bitches... Mods tolerate topics like Raigeki to 3 as long as they are covered with flowers and shiny paper. Guys, it is still shit inside. DNF admins doesn't understand who is visiting its site. I strongly believe its not 9 yo boys or 59 yo feminist grandmas. DN lives are insufficiently hosted. We have plenty of TOs and there is truly no excuse for them not to host live every 2-3 days. DN Lives are hosted to fit american timezones. They took no care to make all timezones covered when they were hiring TOs. No one tried to revive DN League. Too many dodging on war scene. Team Hubs by words of WAs shouldn't be used for quick off-war messages and a place to chit-chat. No one stick to this rule. Year ago Joco deleted whole team hub of Dollars team cos they made like 10 pages of chit-chat shits. But at the same time there was no written rule that would restrict them from doing so. Today we have new Dollars team hub page that is pretty much the same as last one. And still no clear consensus on how team hub threads should look like. The project of Captain Consulate of DNF has offically died. RIP disband team captains. Locked wars. The tolerance to ygo wisdom-talkers like LT, Sunami King and Raam was, and still is, to high Tech help should be open publicly to everyone because the only guy who know to fix some shit on dnf is Detonator. What site like DNF needs is hall of shame not hall of fame. Also, hall of fame is used as archives to previous tournaments held which is completely irrelevant to the purpose of place called Hall of Fame. Disturbing amount of guys representing themselves as girls. No one updates the rules of forum. Filter evade is still bannable offense. Today, there is only a few good players who actually visit DNF. They are also often put aside by noob players who are showing us some of the biggest nonsenses that can be found in ygo world. It is not allowed to talk about upcoming banlist until mod places such topic. DNF need more war formats. Certain awards that makes noobs go on rep boost rampages. Miley Syrus + is ex moderator who was the right hand of BLS. He scammed numerous people back in 2011-2012 with his trading. He got banned from trading in 2013. Banned from forum months after it, even though everyone knew he scammed. Dirty wars. Many shits happen during a war on dnf. DNYCS was dead for a long time. TamA- already mentioned. He literally banned every one who had critics on his warbook back in 2012. RIP bitterbox. Very small number people who come to DN know that the official tournaments are done on DNF. At the same time, people complain that there are too little players who join tournaments. In the end, nothing was done to improve this state. Suggestions never get applied. happy birthday dnf
  4. Yugioh Roleplay Group

    you have set the bar really fucking high
  5.   Vladimir's offering   Grants a variety of bonuses to nearby allies. Lifesteal bonuses from Vladmir's Aura only affect melee units. Multiple instances of Vladmir's Aura do not stack.
  6. Don't judge me but...

    dont judge me but i win my locals because 5 mst in my deck negates
  7. What song are you listening to now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I   this is that moment when remake gets better than originals
  8.   2014 world tournament in basket will start in 5 days. It will be held in Spain.   24 teams are divided in 4 groups with 6 nations.     This is what WH bookies say about winner:   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   my brain says USA, my heart says Croatia, my money says football.
  9. Favorite Artists

  10. sex tips for the kinky women

    came for comments   now i have to install new anti virus to digg
  11. the austrian legendary singer that died in late 90s young charlie sheen was called new falco til he got far more famous than him   he wasnt very appreciated while alive, one critic said: good thing nazis didnt win the war, because today every song would sound like rock me amadeus   an absolute legend
  12. Fuck. I'm new

    god owes you something