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  1. Qliphort - Discussion

    well i mean it can act as a 4rth upstart ya know in mid game, but yeah i feel you, i get it
  2. Qliphort - Discussion

    no but what i meant is like.. if you got odd-eyes or disk, swords, no scout and no combo, and your oponent has disk play the following turn, i think its better to use swords and try digging for a scout than using odd eyes and take the risk to get otked.. 
  3. Qliphort - Discussion

    What are your guyz thoughts on running Seven Stars of sacred swords to get value from the dead Odd-eyes ?
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    What are your guyz thoughts about maining CoTH in the artifact build?  
  5. Im in, maxence augier <--- dn
  6. Uprising Vs Freedom

    Could one please update the wins and loss D= ? I know its not very funny to do but its hard to see the score like this mengz :/
  7. Uprising Vs Freedom

    well, we did 1-1 with urthor but game 3 he disconnected or logged out i dunno...  http://i.imgur.com/4ckNd5D.png  (charger is in my hand)  
  8. Uprising Vs Freedom

    Actually 2-1 but ok.
  9. Uprising Vs Freedom

    I won once and lost once, why do i have a 0 next to my name?
  10. Uprising Vs Freedom

    Won 2-0 against jhadd1996 \  jhadd30   Gee gee
  11. Hey, looking for a team, I have some war experience on DNF but thats about it, I'm willing to put lot of work and improve ^_^     AIM : Maxence Augier Skype : maxence.augier DN : maxenceaugier