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  1. Clown blade

    I was messing with this deck for a bit. I haven't found a deck that I wanted to play for the first regional besides nekroz. It is basically the star seraph/traptrix/herioc deck with 3 juragedo, 2 clown, and 2 garnet. What I wanted this deck to do is gain advantage every turn and not put alot into the initial pushes it makes. Brilliant fusion is exceptionally good in this deck since it allows you to resolve scepter and myrmeleo in the same turn. With that I always thought it was best to go second with the deck. With noden coming out before my regional I decided to keep trying to push the deck foward. I want to continue testing this vs nekroz or BA. The ones I faced haven't been really great. I will be available for testing by the end of the week im sure if anyone wants to play (laptop issues) and sorry if this looks like a jumbled mess. Idk how to fix this on my phone.
  2. I actually did like a little tiny bit of testing with this right after i posted. i was laying assauly halberd over sparrer but there were alot of times that sparrer came up. I fixed that problem by choosing to go second every game. I am sure this deck can be a beat nekroz.dek and pull what mecha phantom did at ycs, but with the limited summoning and restrictions of the monsters it is really hard to play. In my testing the masked reptiles and assault halberd let me play with a less linear playstyle. Maybe this deck has some hope of topping a regional though but after that i cant see it making very far in a large scale tournament.
  3. Idk actually when i think about it you have alot of cards that stop searching. if your goal is to stop nekroz then you for sure have it made but other than that i was thinking of a consistent monster engine/core. 
  4. If i ever saw this deck again i was going to as the person why assault halberd is not in the deck. I have no experience with this deck and I mainly focus on meta but I feel like masked chameleon should be in here with assault halberd. Of course i could be wrong but i like the idea of how those cards work with this deck.
  5. Lose 1 Turn Yosenju

    There is no bottomless in this deck
  6. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    I obviously don't mind lol. I mean i got my 4th person for the hotel now it would be up to this guy if he wants to stay with a bunch of randoms at a hotel for a couple of days.
  7. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I'll be at ycs chicago. I live about an hour away.
  8. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    I'll be staying at the double tree as well. I wish i had another person to stay with me so i didn't have to dip even farther into my budget.
  9. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Well for one i not playing any mst mained. That is just a personal thing right now. On another note, Why would you side chaos trap hole or horn of heaven for denko? Doesn't veiler do the same thing?
  10. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I was actually playing nightmare in this deck shortly after nekroz came out. I like the card but i can see it having some issues if you are playing Anti-spell.  
  11. Satellarknight - Discussion

    So now that i have actually seen the response and now that a few people are actually on the same page as me, I would like to point out that the only cards that this deck would actually have issues are trish, claus, and unicore. aside from the backrow(that we can't add to our hand. And i am not playing duality i tried it out but if you read a little farther up it stops you from actually playing) we just need to find a card that can is decent vs a majority of decks and can stop nekroz.    First i assume we are going to look at rota targets. DD warrior lady/assailant, Rigel, Bull Blader, and Exiled Force   All the spell/traps that work against them are all really well known so i wont even bother listing them. I am pretty sure we can read other threads and see what they are scared of and trying to prepare for and pick cards that actually work vs them. If we were not already of course.
  12. Satellarknight - Discussion

    I have just been scrolling in and out of this topic for the past month and i have come to realize that this discussion hasn't actually gone anywhere. I always want to put some stuff into here but you guys are still some of the same stuff.   Anyway i know i will get called out for this but i have been playing without alpha for the past week. In all honesty i have seen the card to be mediocre vs a majority of the decks we see in the meta today. It sucks most of the time vs qli and vs nekroz the only card i ever want to stop is trish. With this i can say that it is of course better vs shaddoll, the mirror, and backrow.   With this i can say that id rather play honest or something. i haven't figured it out yet but ill get back after some testing.
  13. konami is shit - discussion

    Well i never played this deck but it was fun rulers. I will give a shout out to my boy Dirk Wagner and my man Ryan Seymour. Without them and the ruler format i wouldn't be where i am today.   RIP rulers you will be missed even though i hated you.
  14. Yuuki Usagi

    Damn someone beat to it already. I was going to post this here.
  15. Satellarknight - Discussion

    Still trying to figure ways myself. If you do please post.   we can always go the nekroz route.  use raigeki/dark hole/ more books   True there is a reason people in ocg use book of eclipse. Honestly i think it is going to come down to how we draw going second.