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  1. u r beautiful

    1. SageRhapsody


      wow nice try I still won't give you my super-limited editon Kyouko figurine

  2. jesus christ korea what are you doing   To state the obvious, I'd say it's a pretty clear 2-3 of staple in Qliph or any relevant Pendulum-based deck in the future for that matter.   Heck, even if it were a trap that said "negate mst on tools" I'd play it. The fact that it hits stuff like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast AND it's a quick-play spell is balls to the walls. It means you don't just auto-lose going second sometimes because you can't get going.   If this came to TCG, perhaps something like Time Space Trap Hole would become more important in the Qliph matchup.
  3. On for games for the next several hours. Sorry for being AWOL up til now, got a bit swamped with work and all.
  4. Fuck Urobuchi, I would watch it for the sakuga. I want high budget Gishki transformation sequences and TTGL-esque battles between Nephilim and Killer. Give it to Produciton IG or something.   A man can dream.
  5. I'll be on for games for the next few hours, if any of the other leftover players are interested.   dn is sengokusnake
  6. I think this might've already been posted somewhere, but the answer is no and no, I believe.
  7. negged, reported, called the cops, game loss, match loss, life loss on account of: -shit post -shit taste -worst of all, misspelling kyouko's name and calling her poopkou u fuckin kokujin
  8. along with all your opponent's monsters on the field   note to self: save this joke for when EEV comes back to 3 edit: I meant this as a compliment, but reading it over it's pretty dumb. Oops.
  9. Against noble knights, disk would probably be the better play. They have a few ways of beating over killer provided they open decently (namely king+equips or hc Excalibur). Since king Art is gonna wreck your pendulum scale anyway, it might be best to leave tool in hand after bouncing it with Lynx, assuming the two random qliphs you start with were archive/genome + disk/saq to make the disk play to begin with. After that if they haven't set up their field on their turn you can swiftly OTK them, and if they have set up you can use genome or mst or whatnot to pop excaliburn, archive to bounce their big guy, and THEN swiftly OTK them. and of course plan B is to scoop and side into storm forth lol
  10. Another thing about Zombyra is that Berserk Gorilla is better in pretty much every way besides the neat little DDV interaction. There's nothing that Zombyra beats over that good ol Guillotine Gorilla can't, and Gorilla's limiting effect is mostly irrelevant compared to Zombyra's. Plus a bit of added defense is nice if only for chump blocking Sangan or something.   That being said, Gorilla isn't even that great to begin with so oh well
  11.   I'll just leave my 3 by 3 here (in no particular order):     Kyouko is love, Kyouko is life.     anyway you want it baby
  12. Looks like I'm already signed up but I may as well post in here just to confirm I'm alive. DN is sengokusnake.