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  1. New Goat Format War League

      It's not over, will be another when this finishes in 2 or 3 weeks probably.  Btw, if any of other 1-1's are on, Kenzo28 is free to play right now.   Edit: Kenzo28 is still on if any of the other three 1-1's can play (MrMcThrasher, TheLux, and jazzDgz)
  2. New Goat Format War League

    Raigeki comes back to current format after a decade and possibly comes back to goats after a decade also.   I do think just dark hole if either would be fine.
  3. If you read the original post, it's pretty clear its the current format.
  4. New Goat Format War League

    Magical yata/ library of alexandria, sunnyd is on dn now if u want to play your 3-1 match.
  5. New Goat Format War League

    So only 3 games in round 3 left.  Animal479 and nickyR are the only 2-0's left so they have to play.  Kenzo28, jazzDgz, TheLux, and MrMcThrasher are the the only 1-1's left. One of the 1-1's will probably have to pm TheLux ( Scalding Tarn dgz name) to schedule a game since he doesn't really get on DN except to play for this.
  6. New Goat Format War League

    Just taking out pog and duo and playing w/o exarion wouldn't drastically change things.  This is what I had in mind for a new tourney.  This would completely change the format, and seems crazy at first thought, but I'd be interested to test it out.  I will probably try this with someone on DN.  I can see how in theory the cards to an extent balance each other out somewhat, with you having to consider if they set witch, sangan, sinister before playing a dark hole, raigeki, or change of heart.  I think maybe just adding dark hole (and not raigeki also) would be enough though, but its a cool idea. 
  7. New Goat Format War League

    I think the % is a little higher than 10%.  It's not just pog and faith as opening that can lead to large unfair advantage.  Basically any opening with a way to go up +2 even without faith such as pog/duo. charity sinster/ and pog/duo etc., or any of the pieces with faith can lead to huge advantage.  Pog is not that bad in itself, but when it snowballs and draws into more free pluses it is bad.  Duo is obv extremely devastating and combining it with any other advantage cards is leads to ridiculous advantage.  Even if it all doesn't happen one turn, but 2 turns in a row of free pluses while the other player has gotten none is just unfair.  I just think playing w/o pog and duo leads to more skilled games.  You still have to make reads involving magician of faith even without the two.  Just because you take out these cards does not by any means make faith bad, its just not OP.  I have played the format hundreds of times without them and believe this to be the case.  I think everyone would enjoy no exarion, no pog, no duo a lot if they would just give it a try.
  8. New Goat Format War League

      banning power cards like those makes an average/above average player beat a worse player more often, but makes a very good player win less often against another good player, those cards lead to much more complex line of thought. making the whole game an attrition war for +1s doesn't make the format any more skillfull, people with bad fundamentals will lose but the games would be so static and linear.    less potential for sacking doesn't mean more skill once you reach a certain point, and many games you lose thinking you got sacked might just be cause you can't play around some stuff, the reason goat format is skillfull is that it requires to play around and adapt to alot of different kinds of cards/approaches to win the game, cutting ways to win the game makes the game easier.   sure you would've beaten these opponents, but you winning does mean the game  is more skillfull?   not a personal atk to anyone, but especially if playing goat format, yugioh players should stop wastin they're time complaining and actually start thinkin how to approach things differently, don't be goats.   i think anyone actually good at the format will agree that stuff like serpent/ring/bls/pot of greed are actually healty once you master games, accepting an at least very low % of auto-won games is something you have to do any format you play/might think of, cutting these cards would lead to more unsolvable situations.     More complex lines of thought?  I guess you mean by this did they set faith?  Should I play meta noc etc.  If you don't have these cards this is completely irrelevant and I've acknowledged the little skill these cards do add to the format.  I love how you suggest you are a bad player at goats if you think these cards should be gone.  Honestly, I think most of the good players agree with me, not all of them bother to post their thoughts on this because they don't feel like having a massive argument with a bunch of people who don't know what their talking about and can only make stupid 1 sentence statements on the subject.  The thing about saying mof is worse is obv true, but to think its bad is just flat-out wrong.  You still run 15-17 spells in a deck and the ability to reuse noc, meta, heavy storm, graceful charity etc. is still very good.  The thing about good players beating good players less is also just completely untrue.  If a good player plays another good player and one plays a early pog and duo obv they are very ahead in the game and while not 100% guarenteed to win, it is extremely likely they will.  I think your suggesting that it is a skillful play when 2 good players play if one of them bluffs a faith, draws out removal, then later plays a duo twice by setting a faith.  Personally, I think "pro" plays like this are very easy to make, and doesn't mean you outplayed anyone.  Yes, I'm only naming 1 random scenario where you can do "a skill play" with a power card.  I'm sure you can name several, this doesn't reinforce your argument in the least.  In one of earlier posts I actually did name a few other plays you can make with the cards but do not want to repeat or take the time to list all of them.  The cards are generally akin to the current ygo cards in that they just play themselves.  The small % of skilled plays that can be made with them is far outweighed by the 95% of the time you will be making mindless plays with them.   While I do think your a good player at goat format, you reasoning here is just wrong.  Your taking a small % of the card's uses and making it out to make the game so much better.  However, I do appreciate someone at least is taking the time to try to make a reasoned argument on the issue, and not just a retarded one sentence statement such as "faith will be bad".  I've had this discussion with you before, and will just agree to disagree.  I understand the points you are making, we just disagree on the emphasis your putting on the skill in winning a game by making some ridiculous power play.   Edit:  I have been trying goats out irl with banning pog duo and adding dark hole.  I actually think it's pretty good.  I know it sounds like its close to the 1 for 1 shit that sucked right after goats, but I think that format failing was for different reasons, such as reaper and don becoming so good due to cyber dragon existing and goat/book going to 1.  Also banning mirror force and limiting noc was bad, and treeborn frog combined with cyber dragon made monarchs pretty ridiculous especially since you basically had to run a bunch of non-chainables (3 saku and 2-3 widespread) even though mobius was around, just because of don/reaper being so good.   I'd also like to say that many people that play goats now did not play during goats.  This doesn't take away your right to have an  opinion in matters, but I'd like to point out that many of you that are decent/good players now would not have been without 10 years of hindsight to benefit from.  The meta has changed since actual goats, and with the benefit of a decade of hindsight it has improved.  However, if you can use this decade of hindsight to be able to play goats more competitively, why not also use this hindsight to make the format more competitive by modifying it?
  9. New Goat Format War League

    reshinov is on DN, someone 2-0 or 1-1 needs to play him.  He said he would be on the rest of the night.   Edit: Reshinov and Iddeha are playing, this will make it so one of them is 2-1 and one 3-0 if anyone from those brackets is on.
  10. New Goat Format War League

      Yes, there was just somone on DN you could have played too.
  11. New Goat Format War League

    So 6 games left in round 3   People at 2-0:   1. nickyR 2. dsdres58 3. reshinov 4. iddeha 5. animal479   People at 1-1: 1. Zshenlong1  2. exiled 3. Kenzo28 4. LFN 5. TheLux 6. jazzDgz 7. MrMcThrasher   One of the 2-0's will have to play one of the 1-1's.  If you look on the page and this hasn't happened yet, feel free to do so.  NickyR said he would be on at 3 pacific time and Iddeha is on now if any 1-1's or 2-0's want to get there game in.
  12. New Goat Format War League

    Someone suggested the 3 noc thing to me earlier, just waned see what everyone else thought.  I still think pog/duo is way to go also.  Another alternative to 3 noc would be 3 raigeki xD.
  13. New Goat Format War League

    What are you guys thoughts on possibly instead of banning pog/duo, making noc at 3?  Which is better?
  14. New Goat Format War League

    Naimeo and sengokusnake have been dropped.  Animal, you are now in the 2-0 bracket.  Round 2 is finally 100% done.
  15. New Goat Format War League

    Late yeah, will be another tourney after this.   We will ban everything except 60 card exodia in next tourney.