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  1. just found https://www.youtube.com/user/yk3691 commenting on a random song on yt. patrick hoban on that fight club ish

  2. that ss 1 monster from hand rule only applies to trigger effects. id give a resource to honest, but i dont care to tome dig
  3. hmm, my resource pool isnt as tended as it wouldve been months ago, but it should be reflected in your inability to chain honest to itself 100x. honest is a cost, sorry like DAD said, the card should remain revealed for the entire chain, only being randomized in again when resolving effects that require a random hand. more complicated situations arising when you have cards in hand being affected by another effect, like domains level reduction
  4. when it comes to having a holistic and computational view of the game, id like to see how the AIs for yugioh games were worked on. i had watched the google AI Go matches, and while im sure we are far ahead what we admit to the public in that area, id like to see yugiohs computational complexity compared to other games, mostly when it comes to deckbuilding rather than gameplay. there have been efforts to record the different elements of effects in this game, like the wikias 'card search categories', though mi sure it would be less fruitful trying to define how effects interact, and interact relatively/optimally like when the 5-card draw rule came out, i wanted to pitch the ygopro AI's against each other with both draw rules so many times to see how it mightve affected gameplay, though having actually used yogpro since, i dont trust the AI to do anything sensible. idk, when 'math' questions get philosophical you are either doing something very right or very wrong
  5. sending kuriboh to the grave wouldve been an arbitrary action, it remains in hand. if you are comparing equip cards being destroyed when they have no legal target, kuriboh isnt applied to the field until his effect resolves. in both your cases, kuribohs effect isnt applied and remains in hand, because in both scenarios it no longer has a (legal) target
  6. 'that monster' will allow the effect to apply if its no longer an attacking monster, though it still needs to be a legal equip target. so if blazing destroys the monster before it resolution then yes kuriboh will stay in hand. it if was worded like dimensional prison with "that target", it wouldve had to remain an attacking monster to apply its effect
  7. Kozmo - Discussion

    before this naturia kozmo beast though, 1 rank 3 that did help vs monarch was terrortop making totem bird to negate stormforth. being a 1 card leviair in any other situation made me question why the card wasnt played, but i have no intention of playing kozmo so i never followed up. is even  1 card that can satisfy the tribute summon of any ship in your deck
  8. this pygmalion effect itself is self moderation, the same way practice and a healthy diet would be. one of the philosophies he is known to hold is that a player can only lose to himself, which remains true in the middle of a game, not just during theory and testing. the same way it is perfectly valid advice to say dont stay awake 48 hours before an event and only eat junk food that morning, using introspection to guide your imperfect body to play well at events is valid advice. this advice not being any formal 'conclusion', and also comes as a healthy anecdote from a player that knows more about playing events than most to any   i mean, i want a clear mind during an event. psychological issues included. the same way any aspect of life could impact your clarity during some 6-10 hours of sitting and dueling, the article served to claim that another aspect of life that might impact clarity is card rarity   a recent video by dzeef also makes that point that spending time and money to make your deck high rarity or whatever involves rigor that the rabble usually never rise to, and its highly likely that a person that bought all his cards and makes a deck profile will have spent more time perfecting his deck than someone that just shared something he built on dn or ygopro. so yes, while rarity can be seen as a non-factor, i see that it implies a confidence that player has in the deck, translated by the value he placed on it   the article is frivolous, but it seems more like a claim than a hypothesis. idk if you are just advertising for your own upcoming article or really feel what you said counts as a refutation, but i dont see how involving the person across the table has any impact on his claim regarding playing against yourself
  9. the right conclusion?
  10. thunder dragon is only awful without context, and i guess if you dont know the context necessary i would argue its not actually thunder dragon thats awful here
  11.   when it comes to sucking dick and kissing ass, im more inclined to see the questionably motivated critics as doing that. i dont see the disconnect between the heat behind the criticisms and the really trivial things being critiqued. literally pages arguing about grammar
  12. there is more than 1 way to filet a feline
  13. omg not even done reading but that lvl 6 ritual sounds great for herald. i mean im sure thats no mistake, but herald is one of those decks trying to become an overnight best deck
  14. For only 97 dollars

    how does it feel getting ninjad by atem