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  1. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    I would be doing better if space wasn't so tight in my deck, I guess you just can't play everything...
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Since I feel you are questioning some of my card choices from Toronto, here is some insight. Gorz was only included in my deck for YCS Toronto since Jeff and I both agreed the only way we ever lost to Shadolls was by getting OTK'd by BLS/ Dark Arm/Superpoly combo or drawing a lack of monsters, and I felt like he wasn't going to be half bad against Tellarknights. I assumed these two decks would account for a majority of my rounds. I played vs 4 Shadoll(4-0) 3 Tellarknight (2-1) 3 Burning Abyss (1-2). I sided very poorly for the mirror and drew very poorly and it seems to me that the supply squad version (both my losses) has an advantage in the mirror if it opens well due to a continous flow of traps, despite I feel that it is overalll worse, due to it being very limiting on what you can do late game. So Gorz did his job for the weekend, would I play him now, probably not. Bottomless is still good, as I said above BLS, Soul Charge, Construct, Wynda(with a BTS) worst case, Deneb even, the card was fine in Toronto. Astral Force is really good when they chain anything. At least you get Dante though! I think the Rank Up version is easier to play and get easy wins with when it draws well, but eventually after people play the deck long enough they will find out it is the worse version.
  3. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Yeah, Monarchs are not the way to go at all. Angel of Zera is much better. Gorz does really suck though no joke.
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    It's like everyone else is playing a different deck lol
  5. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    [quote name="ATJdragon" post="3736937" timestamp="1397755364"]every event, i miss coverage like this more and more.....[url=http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh9d45.html?tabid=61&EventId=212]http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh9d45.html?tabid=61&EventId=212[/url]clear picture of winner with trophy, clear top 8/16 bracket, detailed standings and pairings of every round and top 16 decklists distributed on the saturday night. sigh......[/quote] ^^^^^^^^^^^^ If only there was some sort of tournament series running around that did this everytime! And what if they even streamed the rounds and had live commentary from duelist as such as myself and Jeff Jones!? Someone really should get on that. #ARGCS
  6. [quote name="Jeff Jones" post="3647147" timestamp="1387147739"]He refused to play me in new format. So he's being a bitch. He literally said "I'll beat Jeff Jones for 500 dollars" and when I said new format he's like I don't have a deck and so he wants to play at Nashville.[/quote] We should turn this into a team war, I want to play too!
  7. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    [quote name="Captain Sure." post="3635267" timestamp="1386094556"]The financial compensation for ARG is too complicated to call it a "payroll." I mean, I guess if ARG goes bankrupt it'll affect me. But I'm not going to directly benefit from ARGCS taking off.[/quote] People don't know how true this is hahahaha
  8. If anyone asked me (prior to this event) who I thought the top. 5 players are in the world Sam would be in my top 5 everytime. He is my one of my favorite testing partners, even though we havent got to play that much since nationals. He will sit down and grind out games for hours and be just as satisfied as a I am if we only figure out one or two very small things. I have an infinite amount of respect for Sam and he deserved this win, I am so glad he got to do it with a deck that he loves and understands. Wish I could have been there buddy!
  9. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    Remember Tempest Search Go to Worlds Win Worlds Win 5 Premier Events Have the most tops of all time. Can't be too ambitious lol
  10. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    I ain't trying to start any Yugi drama lol I am just excited about these next two weeks of competive Yugioh!
  11. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    [quote name="interstellar" post="3585648" timestamp="1380657361"]I faced at half power and I got wrecked. Just saying guys.[/quote] I had to use every drop of power I had left against you Kelly lol Easily toughest match of the tournament for me.
  12. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    There's a storm coming, DGZ. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could play Dragon Ruler's, but not use them at full power. "You sound like you're looking forward to it." I'm adaptable. Get ready to rethink they way you play Dragon Rulers after this weeekend.
  13. Official Tag Duel Rules for the TCG

    Well this format died quickly lol Ancient Leaf is too real.