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  1. Plant Dragon Oct 2014

    i decided to add the kuribandit in there now. I feel like the draw cards wont be consistent with the plant engine. I've tried a couple ratio but ive never seem to get it to work. I always end up bricking having one piece and another piece of another but not the ones i need together. If someone has a suggestion to it then let me know other wise i will try to not use the draw cards and just try to mill into a strong mid game.
  2. Plant Dragon Oct 2014

    Thanks, that should help a lot.
  3. Plant Dragon Oct 2014

    Yet you play only 1 gorz. Which was at 1 last banlist.   Play Vanity's Emptiness. You have Spark Dragon, play it, one of the best trap cards. Skill Drain + Stardust lock is one of the best locks that this deck does but since you tried to make a plant variant, your call.   Cut trooper for Mathematician at 3. It can drop your plants easily.   And for this deck to be consistent, you must play some draw cards. Play Bewd engine with trade-in, idk. With Mathematician its more easier to drop a White Stone to get a Bewd which thins the deck and also gets you a Trade-in Source.    What to cut is a problem, but I would go with some of the traps, especially Trap Stun. If you want to win against heavy backrow, you should grind with the deck. And I dont know what you think about gorz-trag but I still dont like them, trag is meh, what I would like to see in my opening hand in this deck is the broken trap cards ( Skill Drain, Emptiness ) or grave-fueler cards ( draw cards with pieces, trooper/mathematician, Shrine/Foolish ) or Dragon's itself. Not tragoedia or gorz, that decreases the consistency level. And playing gorz keeps you away from playing the best trap cards ( Skill Drain/Emptiness )   Sorry I forgot to write that the trag is the second gorz. Right now I have chosen to run the gorz engine over the vanity and skill drain because honestly I feel I will not be able to utilize it as well anymore when soul charge is limited down to one. Before I could just mill or send a bunch of dragons into the grave and just soul charge them and have skill drain or vanities up to have such a strong field but now unless you open with a soul charge, you won't really do anything until turn 2 or 3 and at most you can only summon 1 or 2 things. Dropping gorz and having a lv 7 token is pretty big when you have the plant engine. Bulb or spore or lone fire with gorz is beautiful. I will look into the mathematicians.     I actually don't know how consistent having the bewd engine in it will be with a plant engine.
  4. Plant Dragon Oct 2014

    With the new ban list 3 things strike me for dragons 1. glow up bulb 2. gorz at 2 3. soul charge at 1   The goal of my deck is to keep the same play style, which is to throw out a big monster or threat for my opponent to have to deal with each turn. Let it be a draco, felgrand, or even a stardust and hopefully a backrow, they would have to use resources to get rid of it. Hopefully I will burn enough resources that I can find an opening or grinded them out of enough resources to push for game or big dmg. This is my rough draft of what I have so far. The big questions I have are: 1. should i keep quasar as an option or add more utility xtra deck cards. (DECIDED NOT TO DO QUASAR) 2. What traps should i use, these are only the ones that came across the top of my head. 3. Is there a way to make it more consistent?