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  1. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    The kingdom prevails in a hot blooded fight with the vindictive shaddolls.    http://imgur.com/F22mBFv
  2. Urthot be my friend

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      Add me again and I'll ban you

  3. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    Bump to the top! Testing this at Locals this weekend!
  4. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    Ahaha thanks! I mean for most of the text besides the whole terrible part! Lmaoo. But I guess I could use that productively as well :))
  5. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    Oh thanks for the honest thing, I completely forgot about her! Haha
  6. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    But hey, if you are... Take it for a spin!
  7. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    M7 is alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you need.   You could add rank 4s and gaia knights as you see fit.   implying you're interested in any of this.P   Probably not the case
  8. Saffira, Queen of Monarchs.

    A cool deck I've been using online, looking to build irl just for fun.  Constellar Ptolemy M7 recycling Tefnuit and veilers is the main play. You wanna keep these in your hand whenever possible. Erhh i'll just explain while listing cards haha.    Monsters-25 2x Saffira, Queen Of Dragons I came across a couple Ulti copies and I REALLY wanted to use her. Also i'm only running two because M7 can recycle her. She's the queen. The head mistress, Whatever she says goes and well, she says what she wants. She almost always has this bright aura following her, like, constantly, this light shining behind her. And that's pretty much how she became queen because even the Monarchs thought that was nuts. They figured there had to be something special going on. She's really obnoxious, I mean for someone who kind of just stepped into the position of Queen with no prior "Queening" on her resume she really thinks to have it all figured out but oh boy was she wrong. Her plans always seem to fall apart in the most hilarious fashion as she keeps elegant composure while her awkward kingdom clumsily exists. 3x Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit 1x Wattaildragon Tefnuit would be the ideal tribute for Saffira, upon being tributed he brings out the Wattail and ideally you would like to have a Mali or Chaos Sorcerer available to make use of the Wattaildragon as you don't necessarily want to xyz with Saffira but I have done it once and it works in a cinch. The dragons of Tefnuit act as messenger dragons who send to outer kingdoms although Saffira has been sick for the past two months so as of late they have been doing nothing but fetching The Dragon Queen anything from herbal tea to help her sleep at night to the latest copy of Cosmopolitan. Oh goodness gracious is the outgoing mail beginning to pile up.  I am not allowed to speak of Wattaildragon per Dragon Queen's orders, sorry.  3x Caius the Shadow Monarch 2x Raiza The Glitch Monarch Alternate removal is in dire need more than ever nowadays with most of the monsters in meta relevant decks having the nerve to die and then do stuff. I almost always opt to go second with this deck because Tef+Caius or Raiza first turn is a great play against the abundance of decks that now set monsters on their first turn such as Shaddolls, Yang Zing and sometimes burning abyss. Caius the Shadow Monarch and Raiza the Storm Monarch, they're strong, proud, cunning and... wait what, both knee deep in love with the Dragon Queen?? Yep, you heard it right, these two kings certainly do have their eye on little Miss Saffira. I heard just last week that Caius removed a whole battalion of Archfiends by himself while Raiza Single- handedly blew a fleet of harpies off the eastern shore all just to catch the attention of the one they're crushing one. Unfortunately this HAD to happen while the Dragon Queen was relaxing, watching her "Cougar Town" so she couldn't have paid less attention. Oh well. Boy is it fun to watch these two clutch on to what little pride they have left while the Dragon Queen has her way with them.  3x Effect Veiler Main thing you want to recycle with M7 and Saffira, using it triggers Saffira's effect. Nothing is more aggravating than Effect Veiler constantly being recycled and reused. Recycle your veilers and save the earth... Okay stupid joke. Uh yeah. Bad joke.(Maybe like this whole thing...) Saffira is a big fan of reality TV and when she saw that Injection Fairy Lily used a pair of Effect Veilers as assistants on her new hit program "The Nurse of Love" she knew right away that she absolutely must have them. Off she sent Destiny Hero Malicious to collect "only the cutest" effect veilers from the Ancient Forest. As they did. These little guys are her prized fashion accessories and are ordered to act as such. It's not like they have any real say in the matter, I mean... Look at them. Nonetheless this type of job doesn't seem to be cut out for them as it is said that if you visit the Lord Saffira's quarters late at night while she is sound asleep you can hear them weeping in the only way they can given the circumstances, softly. As one of them tries to cheer his fellow veiler up, although he knows there is definitely no way they have a chance of seeing their family or anyone they remotely care about ever again.  3x Destiny- Hero Malicious Destiny Hero-Dasher 2x Tragoedia Level 6... Check, Draw engine... Check... Easily summoned from the grave by his own will... check. Always being where he should be, meh. What more can I say about the Destiny Hero engine, when it does what it should do it's amazing, it speeds up the deck and they can even make plays by themselves. Tragoedia is good for those odd hands and the ability to fix his level. These stupid creatures where well... they were already here when we got here. We really have no clue why they are still here. We figured they would just leave, or die off like the rest of them. Still, Lord Saffira puts them to good use as they do the "dirty work" Caius and Raiza are reluctant to do, seemingly due to the fact that they are simply too obtuse to realize they can just leave. Some folks around here do not feel obliged to trust them, saying that they are smarter than they look and that they are staying compliant only to bide time in order for them to weave their web of chaos in silence, yes a web of chaos that gradually tears apart the kingdom and manipulates all things to come leading to their eventual reclaiming of their land and power over everyone in the kingdom. But hey, you didn't hear that from me. And... I mean, c'mon look at these bozoes.  2x Chaos Sorcerer More alternate removal as well as level six means more plays. Chaos Sorcerer was smarter than most at a young age. So smart that he was unfortunate enough to learn the truth, a truth so unsettling it lead to heavy drug usage and to him squandering his college savings on drugs andMusician King tickets. Now he owns a lot of regret and a little coffee shop on the Lower east side of the kingdom. The guy is still pretty damn smart. I walked in there the other day and I kid you not, I put down a random equation that spanned the entire post it note and told him that I'd give him five minutes. I turn my back for one second and it's finished. I freaking swear that this happened dude, like no joke. NO JOKE. The guys pretty depressed so he might not make a big deal about it if you were to ask him. But dude, it was gnarly.  3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Search, helps consistency, light target. I mean yeah. That's it. He's recyclable via M7 and Saffira, that's a thing. Manju is a... you guessed it, he's a construction worker. That's kind of obvious right? I mean the guy has ten thousand hands, and they're connected to arms too, you just can't get that type of production out of any other single dude. One things wrong however, Manju has only wanted one thiing, and that's to play soccer. Haha no way am I letting him on my squad, look at the guy he has ten thousand hands, there is no way one of those is not touching a ball, and we can't just let him play goalie. How in the world would that be fair? T.G. Striker would flip.  "Oh yeah a construction worker, the guy with ten thousand hands and you force him into building your houses but you can't let the guy on your soccer team how goddamn convenient." - Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands.  Spells - 12 3x Upstart Goblin 3x Hymn Of Light 3x Destiny Draw 2x Hieratic Seal of Convocation Allure of Darkness Traps - 3 3x Royal Decree Extra Deck 3x Constellar Ptolemy M7 xx Standard Rank 6 stuff Visual Representation http://imgur.com/VBwml1h  
  9. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    Tis cool coverage.