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  1. satchmo dont be like this :c
  2. guys hush up on saying my total warnings. now everyone knows i got 6 of them.
  3. i tried to make a short lawnmowing guide, ppl didn't like it. i dont think we should encourage infernoids. if people want to combine them in zoo in 40 cards (best way to play them with zoos imo) then its not really much to discuss. the vanishment just gets u madness if u go first, or imagination if u go second, and u minimize the infernoid count to only play the ones essential for madness and imagination.
  4. a bit of its bite? its like it gets all its teeth pulled. i srsly cannot see ppl continuing to use infernoid variant esp with the devastating side deck options available that also happen to counter a variety of other strategies.
  5. this guy did elaborate emeral plays on me and both times he had 27 left in his deck (41 card deck) when i lawnmowed him on my first turn going second. i bet a giantrainer play will get down to that too. or if they just do a bunch of thoroughblade effects in the combo like he did.
  6. he gave me a warning too. and can u guys like not spy on our warnings. thats personal info like a report card...
  8. sign me up i can use cam and mic. this is my first game of mafia so everyone go easy on me. pic http://i.imgur.com/gdszw5n.jpg?1
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      you should play mafia with us sometime! 

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      k ill try to get in on the next game 

    4. Markus


      theres a sign up thread right now.

  10. He undertook, he tells us in his essay on Brotherly Affection, the office, whilst he was in Rome, of arbitrating between two brothers, one whom was considered to be a lover of philosophy. “But he had,” he says, “in reality, no legitimate title to the name either of brother or of philosopher. When I told him I should expect from him the behaviour of a philosopher towards one, who was, first of all, an ordinary person making no such profession, and, in the second place, a brother, as for the first point, replied he, it may be well enough, but I don’t attach any great importance to the fact of two people having come from the same pair of bodies;” an impious piece of freethinking which met, of course, with Plutarch’s indignant rebuke and reprobation. ppl were getting made fun of for saying this 2k years ago haha
  11. here is some ocg deck lists from october - december, using lawnmowing without zoodiacs (which isn't as good in the tcg since we dont have hiruko and they all use that). http://pastebin.com/3fCeLRmZ why 60 cards? 60 cards is optimal because it makes lawnmowing the deadliest threat whether you're going 1st or 2nd. it goes a long way to balancing ur deck to be strong in both scenarios. you win by using void imagination, void feast, or milling ur deck with lawnmowing. with enough material in grave you can clear the field and otk with absolute, fairy tail, or some other less common methods. for game 1 going second is probably preferred unless you're using zoos. but you might want to go first in later games since lancea and traps like different dimension ground, IIW and ASF can make going 2nd really unpleasant. then you'll be relying more on resolving void feast to win. the other option is to side heavily to counter those cards. otk section monster section Spells Section traps section
  12. ill only crossdress for markus no one else. high attack kaijus > low attack kaijus
  13. or maybe i just wanna buy him something :3. like satchmo said you guys seem very disenfranchised. im not sure what that means but i think it really describes everything.
  14. if everyone is using pure zoo u dont really need kaijus. then u can just main fliyng c and quickplay spells that do something whether u went 1st or 2nd like chalice, book, maybe mbaas. but with eidolons and a bunch of random scary combo decks being played maining kaijus makes more sense. but another weakness is the kaiju package is huge and doesn't do anything vs vanity fiend and barrier statues. i kinda think kaijus is just something to side for going 2nd unless u have a really good reason.
  15. i think you'll have an advantage playing more high attack kaijus vs someone else playing kaijus since whenever there was a kaiju on their field that needed to be dealt with (like after they slumber) you'll be more likely to have a kaiju thats at least high enough attack to crash with it or kill it. all your zodiac plays can be stopped in a dozen ways, but there's very little they can do against you special summoning a kaiju to attack theirs with. the more high attack kaijus you play, the better chance you have to have a kaiju thats higher attack than theirs. when you think of it that way playing 3 off the lower attack kaijus with 1 high attack one would just be putting you at a clear disadvantage to someone else using more high attack kaijus