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  1. im saying its a good deck after the adjusted list and on the level (if not better) than the other pend decks (magician and metalfoes true draco). the ocg had a time when they had all three pend decks and zebras/foes were the only one that managed to do good semi-regularly. after the adjusted list our format will be just like theirs, with the minor differences of 3 tenki instead or 1, 1 maxx c instead of 3, 2 rat instead of 3, and a few other things..
  2. zefs probably as good as magicians because it got a lot of good tops in the pure zoo/ draco zoo format of ocg, while magicians got 0 pretty much (granted they had joker and pend call at 1..) the outs to MP is zefra war, thats what made the deck as successful as it was in ocg i think (they use 2-3 of it). u shouldn't really be facing trap-immune master peace unless its a metalfoes or pure true draco deck. i dont think everyone needs to be playing the true draco trap card in their true draco zoo decks. dont think the ocg did that much at all, and even if people used it you still have a lot of outs to that card (zefra war again and cosmic cyclone if u main it). its a lot less reliable of a way to summon master peace solely due to cyclone. in pure true dracos they can have multiple of the traps set so its different. also u have a lot of big attackers u can summon like nirvana and zefraath himself if its a mid-game situation.
  3. zefs r seriously a good deck for ycs origins and nats now.
  4. WE TIER 1 NOW
  5. yeah i put path back to my maindeck too lol. i was thinking so it stops invoker (terrortop), barrage, lyca/rat, and IF, and drident/cyclone cant out it. thats pretty good. im think i need to cut the zefra counte trap if i do but im not sure. and just use 2 zefra war+pillars for my traps. btw i think we need 2+ zefra war it kinda makes the deck unique and outs master peace, and is something offensive u can search with zefranui and use right then and there.
  6. i think the extra deck has 2 categories 1) cards u could make when u go first: stardust charge, m7 / vampiric dragon, chaofeng, and denglong. 2) cards u can make whenever u manage a big pendulum summon with zefraxi to finish the game: metaphys/coral, yazi, baxia, trish or mist wurm, scrap, nirvana/leo thats all the ones im using pretty much. with resonators or if you get gamma to go off you could probably do stuff with nirvana if u go first, but i've not put much thought into that.
  7. this is my deck right now, im trying it without tuners or extra starter cards (im not really feeling speedroids, brilliant, or dinos since the bricky cards you have to run) though red resonator seems like the best one to me. http://imgur.com/a/qwb9C there's lots of interesting interactions between zefrawendi, zefranaga and zefraxi, so im just centering the decks first turn combos on those. its like the list without resonators from the ocg. the duelist alliance engine with luster and impenetrable would always be sided out and could be replaced with resonators or other stuff. overall i feel like hand traps > combo cards and if u wanted to do a bigger combo first turn then zefra path as a hard-to-remove deck lockdown just seems simple and easy.
  8. diagram and ghost ash is not really burning cash cuz its almost sure they will be 2 of the most played cards until at least december or something. you can buy them, use them for 6 months, and then get most of your money back. its not like either will be dropping under 60 any time soon. u should be able to open paypal credit (they start u out with $750 credit) and put a playset of each on there. any purchase over $100 is 6 months no interest, so u can play with them for 5 months, sell them and pay off (most) of the paypal credit. or there is credit cards that you give u $150 cash back when u spend 500+ in the first 3 months, but you have to pay those off faster to avoid interest. https://creditcards.chase.com/a1/freedom-unlimited?CELL=6H8X&AFFID=EhraRx8K_BE-amKvqfqjs4YzThPHI3BJxA&pvid=1bd784b3507a4d5cb39e8f331e6f5763&jp_cmp=cc/477153/aff/3-10002694/na not to mention the megapack will devalue the prices of old stuff so it will make the new stuff (diagram ghost ash) stay very expensive.
  9. i like the smell of antisemitism in the morning.
  10. o m g slatestarcodex on dgz http://slatestarcodex.com/2014/05/23/ssc-gives-a-graduation-speech/ that one was cute to me,..
  12. also stardust charge can search maxx c k bye ALSO we have a themed deck lockdown, zefra path it cant be removed by cosmic cyclone and providence protects it and it stops a bunch of stuff like lonefire/boababoon/scorpio/slumber and invoker/lyca/barrage/norden and any grave stuff like infernoids/snow/dino babies. the idea is u play 1 and search it out when u go first..
  13. i think markus is hilarious and never did a wrong and when it all comes down to it what's really more important, that u have haters, or that you have fans that want to send u free money xD
  14. do u have a payal ? if i just gived you money there u could buy stuff yourself. 

    btw sorry if i ignored u. i kinda wanted to take some time away from dgz. i was really only here since i liked ur posts a lot but after all that stuff i wanted a break. im gonna send u a pm with some stuff i dont want anyone else to see.  NO ITS ON PICS TO WHOEVER IS READING THIS. ITS SOMETHING ELSE.






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      hey can u buy me stuff too im  also underage


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  15. these are the lists we have from ocg that placed well in * large * (not locals) events list 1 resonators list 2 my personal fave