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  1. the thing is that 43% of the time you draw flying c, you will draw another flying c or ghost ogre. so it does kind of make sense to take that into account. flying c > d.d. crow when it works. and 43% of the time its very likely to work because you also have gosr or another one. 56% of the time its weak to barrage and chalice/Bom. but d.d crow is also not very effective when they have barrage or terrortop. as the guy in the top 8 profile explained, if you d.d. crow nordens target but they can still ss another guy, then they get 2 draws +drident, while you have only 5 cards, and thats usually too much to come back from, even with one of their rats being banished. you could say d.d crow+gosr are good together and thats def true. but the flying c+ogre combo might still be better since getting flying c to stay on the field could give u the couple turns you need to mount ur comeback.
  2. wow none of you get how to look at percentages >_> there is no magic hand trap that automatically appears in your hand every time. when you evaluate a hand trap you evaluate its relative strength to another hand trap. we all know that many times you dont open with any hand traps or you open maxx c, and the other hand traps are irrelevant. the question is when you do open with these additional hand traps, how good are they? so lets compare 3 d.d. crow + 3 gosr to 3 flying c + 3 gosr we know that 43% of the time you open with a d.d crow or flying c in the first 5, you will ALSO HAVE another copy of d.d. crow or flying c OR a ghost ogre. my argument is that flying c + flying c and flying c +gosr is much better than d.d. crow + d.d crow or d.d. crow +gosr. we know that 2 hand traps is better than 1, im just saying that combinations of flying c + flying c/gosr is better than d.d crow + d.d.crow/gosr. since we would be using 3 of this new hand trap and are already using 3 gosr, that seems to be very much in the favor of flying c.
  3. yeah you're looking at this wrong lol. what matters is conditioning on the chance of opening flying c, what percentage do you also have another maxx c or gosr. i get that 56% of the time when u open with flying c, you only open with 1 flying c and zeo gosr but 43% of the time when u open with flying c, you open with a additional copy of flying c or gosr. so 43% of the time you have flying c, you get to protect it from barrage with gosr, or have other copy to overcome the challive or gosr. but another reason ppl are saying they are using flying c is its much stronger trap card than d.d. crow going 1st.
  4. yeah it makes sense. i use to think trading it with chalice was getting good value from flying c but with fusion sub thats probably not really the case. but i think there is a high chance to open with ogre+ flying c or 2x flying c which can be good together and not a lot of ppl talk about that. like 2 d.d crow will not really do more than 1 d.d crow, but 2 flying c will for sure stop them. or gosr to protect it from barrage. they have more syngergy together and its a pretty significant chance to have flying c +flying/gosr in the first 5 when ur using 3 of each.
  5. they claim it grinds thru the fusion sub combo and one in the top 8 didn't even main maxx c :0
  6. i love all the infernoid and zombie lawnmowing decks. there was actually a lot of that zombie deck in the ocg. but this paleo thing has never been seen b4 lol. who would think that back jack would be the secret to lawnmowing paleo. im still kinda suspicious of that.
  7. i really hope ppl at the ycs actually uses hand traps and not just all goes into it and believes you have to go first and draw 3 or lose lol. 2 d.d crow and 2 maxx c from the arg was extremely low on the hand traps. if u looked at tcg lists you would believe there was some rule that says you cant main more than 4 total and that gosr was semi limted. meanwhile the ocg mains as many as 10-11 hand traps, always used 3 gosr, and they dont even have the option to use retaliating or d.d. crow. they were also never up against a draw 3 combo but they still decided that many hand traps was needed.
  8. In my testing, D.D. Crow has been the better of the hand traps i dont get how testing has a lot to do with it when ur talking about a specific hand traps ability to stop a specific play >_> i feel like ppl get more comfort from d.d crow and would be embarrassed to main retaliating c just because hes weird : (
  9. im convinced the normal distribution is another thing we weren't supposed to know. if anyone doesn't see the parallel here to paganism and the demon summoning stuff that the natives were into, you're lost. our scientists are doing the exact same thing when they called this stuff out of the shadows to use it on us but bc they made it sound boring no one stopped them i fricking hate the dark arts...
  10. what about retaliating? doesn't the rat under emeral get banished, along with all the xyzs, and fusion sub gets banished too so they cant recover from it as easily. also it could search you a maxx c/flying c or just be used for a rank 4 material. seems like it is better than d.d. crow vs fusion sub, and also better vs eidolons or foes. doesn't terrortop also help them end with drident too, since they could just overlay to invoker after the d.d crow and make a broadbull, get a seach, get a draw from fusion sub, and have drident? you could ofc d.d. crow at a different time to make it hurt more. but you could also use leviar and then terrortop would be even better vs d.d. crow. thats why i feel like d.d. crow might not be any more reliable vs fusion sub than flying c.
  11. upstart is only truly good when you wish your deck was like 30 cards. if you wish it was 35 cards you're not giving up much to not use it. pretty much the lower card count you believe is optimal for your deck, the better it is, ignoring the lp stuff. and its only rarely nowadays with all the hand traps that are needed to be mained, and with cards like barrier and strike and desires, that a decks optimal size is <30. darklords is one of these exceptions. and if u go back far enough into the past when you didn't have desires and hand traps weren't nearly as powerful or needed, then you get to a time when life points supposedly mattered more and the new advantages to upstart like drawing after massive thinning (im not sure if this is really a good thing most of the time since it seems like a pretty big cost to give up the information of the 6th card to thin first) or its synergy with/against lawnmowing didn't exist.
  12. thats because you dont understand it. void imagination is a otk with ntss. you nuke the field with ntss, ss 2x seit and 1x attondel you dumped with imagination, and thats 8100 damage with absolute and meteorburst. it could also happen by getting a huge mill with grass too. i've watched a lot of ocg matches and seen it pulled off numerous times.the otk is important because u can win right on that turn, even thru maxx c, and not have to cope with surviving the push back by zodiacs. thats what mainly made upstart not desirable to them. while into the void could give madness a bit more consistency.
  13. the ocg results gives us a huge amount of data about the next format and whats working for them. im not saying they dont miss things sometimes, but their decks usually evolve and change a lot and it feels like they constantly try new and different things. there's a lot of stuff being tried in successful ocg lists usually, so i just find it suspicious when they've tried ALL these things, and got success with them, but not the idea that you're suggesting. i am biased to trust their their data since its actual data from dozens of real events by competitive players instead of just wild speculative theory by people who dont even play yugioh very much. but i always wanna know the reasons behind why something is working for them. if we just copied the ocg without understanding it that obviously wouldn't help us.
  14. i have my analysis midterm thursday but i was reading my book upside down this whole semester my honest opinion about the complex plane and complex voodoo is that ppl were not meant to use it. the more i have to learn about it the more i felt this. in my world we will only use natural numbers and some fractions and we would use them for wholesome stuff like to count peaches, or for the floor plans for building a wholesome house.
  15. i just like talking about deck ideas and stuff sometimes and especially infernoids my favorite deck and having fun about it. and there used to be some people here that liked to talk about things instead of just come around to downvote me because my post contained the letters "o" "c" and "g" together.