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  1. Originally Posted by izanagi87 View Post I figured it out hand: thrasher + aleister 1) SS Thrasher + NS aleister ( search ESM ) 2) xyz into bullhorn#1 3)deattach aleister to search viper 4)xyz wildbow over bullhorn#1 5)xyz bullhorn#2 over wildbow 6)deattach thrasher to search molmorat hand: molmorat, viper, ESM 7) activate ESM and summon Merkabah 8)activate viper in hand eff, and negate it with Merkabah discading molmorat 9)xyz tigress over bullhorn#2 10)attach molmorat from grave to tigress 11)deattach bullhrn#2 to SS a molmorat from deck 12)xyz drancia over tigress 13) deattach tigress/ molmorat to SS molmorat field: Merkabah, drancia(2 mat ), molmorat x 2. 14) go for emeral with molmorats 15) use ESM to revover aleister 0.0
  2. 6z40EUj.png?1

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    1. Markus


      raccoons look like they have burgurlar masks on

  3. im moseying on in this thread hi
  4. its because one vice leads to the other vices u.u
  5. statistically speaking gays like him are much more likely to be a furry than a nice wannabe catholic like me.
  6. he started it by saying i had sex with raccoons -_-
  7. i only like nice and traditional stuff thats the foundation for true happiness. but i can see how ppl such as u, grown up in the world that said gay is okay and u believed it, would assume everyones morals is as corrupted as ur own.
  8. with her and alyx breaking up or whatevs happened we are losing the one example of a healthy traditional couple in ygo and opening the doors to the example that jeff and max are setting - that being gay in ygo is okay - becoming the norm ffs why'd they have to end it
  9. thrashers and 1 dragodies & empowerment are pretty staple in eidolon zodiacs. cuz like shadolls taught us light fusion is best fusion :^)
  10. i always thought konami was pandering to furries but the changing of zodiacs to zoodiacs is the proof.
  11. im 100% cereal.
  12. darklords can use vanity's fiend,viruses, and aren't stunned by barrier. they have soul charge too, better draw power, similar ability to use springs for consistency and stunning foes, and their track record in ocg was really good. like 20 darklords topped in the same time as 1 blue eyes. BUT, blue eyes are way better haha. love spirit 4ever team <3
  13. a blue eyes mained springs lol
  14. decklists plz