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  1. Shopping for laptop and tablet

    i got this one today https://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-Lenovo-Thinkpad-11E-Laptop-Notebook-M5Y10c-CPU-4GB-250GB-Win-10-Pro/142449514503?hash=item212aa71807:g:xH4AAOSwnw9Z7iau its gonna be my third lenovo thinkpad :3 if ur not ready to spend $400 for a surface pro and stuff in that league, this is good.
  2. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    side cyber dragons and megafleet they're gud
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    opt in both
  4. im making a group for moral christian drawers, anyone with talents for moral christian drawings plz contact me thx



    1. Faint


      can i join?

  5. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    i only support pure and moral christian drawings
  6. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    better question is why do u main e-con. that is NOT a maindeck card. thank u for using mbaas and not paissisismzzimo thank u also for not siding appointer
  7. is it gay?

    i want 2 b trned into a cute girl & take cocks :C
  8. QX6Ynno.png


    i see u 

    1. fuckfiend


      my friend sayaka said she liked your giraffe and i do too!

    2. fuckfiend


      will you draw me a pond with some fish in it?

  9. grandsoil dinos

    this is updated, u dont have to use any bricks other than mare mare and u can do it with enterblathnir or cowboy, i just did enterblathnir for this. to do it with cowboy u might need to run a lv 4 earth dino like rex/tyranno so this was simpler.
  10. grandsoil dinos

    i put it in the wrong section smh but yeah its good, its just regular dino deck with a added win condition. its proved itself in ocg so its def legit.
  11. grandsoil dinos

    the broadbull method takes 2x manticores + 1x cardboneddon + 1x alexandrite dragon the mare mare method (i made it :D) takes 2x zefranui +1x mare mare +1x jurrac dino == deck list after july 1st without Broadbull that got 5th out of 124 (it just plays 3 grandsoil and no way to search it) decklists with broadbulls (one used 1 grandsoil and the other used 3)
  12. im getting satchmo to play zebras