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  1. Just sayin hi

    Lol, good reason. So what's everyone run?
  2. Chillin. Enjoying the day, waiting for snow. Playing Skyrim. Trolling with Batteryman.

  3. Just sayin hi

    Lol, Chiru323 has been the username I've used on almost every site for years now, it was the first suggested username when Chiru was taken back when I started using the internet for the first time when I was younger. So that's why I do it, idk about everyone else.
  4. Just sayin hi

    Just started using this forum. Not good at greetings. I play Yugioh casually, I've been maining Batteryman for about 6+ months now, I also run Gustos, Incas, Plants (Just got 'em the other day) Utopia, and a few others. Working on Vylons and Ghostricks. My favorite card is Meklord Emporer Wisel, I run at least 1 in every deck and it's a huge lifesaver/troll. So yeah. Any question, hit me up.