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  1. how did you come up with the plot for this? why was i the bad guy what were the different ways i was going to die
  2. francis' first post in the neighborhood was "who is the other mason" part of the reason i dodged the questions was actually because i was super paranoid that Francis was a Lie Detector or that there was some kind of Trigger Word ability that could out me if i used the word 'Mason'
  3. I didn't have any issues with the game, especially as I could get feedback from Francis unlike the rest of the players in the thread. But, I'm starting to think Mafia just isn't a very fun game. There is someone frustrated nearly 100% of the time. The games take forever, which means that people who get invested feel worse if they end up losing, especially if they have a plan to win that gets ruined by either their townmates not listening or their scummates outing themselves. In the end, we're all probably making our lives worse for ourselves and for others by choosing to play. The good parts don't really outweigh the negatives fmpov. p.p.s. MVP in 3 out of my last 3 games. retiring as champion
  4. Sage - you joked around with me both in the neighborhood and in the game thread. it should be Non Alignment Indicative, but people might read into it. i enjoyed it, obviously, but others might not in the future. p.s. jc in the game: has 0 votes on him at all ever jc in the postgame: everyone talking about how i was definitely scum
  5. the implied part of talking about francis at start of day 2 was meant to be "i think scum did not kill me because they are going all-in for the mislynch on my mason partner" but i only put that part in the neighborhood QT you're right that it was a bad post though @rei im not sure which part specifically you are referring to. i definitely tunnel as both alignments (e.g. the 2 games in a row i went after 2k for wanting to let malcolm control the lynch), but the stuff about Walia being town was completely manufactured from Francis; if i were town, i actually would have voted Walia in my first post because i see scum complain about their roles all the time
  6. It's fair to criticize me for sticking onto Soph + Haz without really talking about other players, but I don't think it is scummy to have a team that early in the thread like people were saying during the game. Yeah, it was only page 2, but how many times has rei found something scummy and linked a partner on some seemingly innocuous post page 1? I remember it just recently with the flacko + jericho scum game.
  7. that assumes i would play the same way without the mason claim, which may not be true i probably would have ended up voting for Francis myself, as he started the game by giving town reads on everybody and then swapped to scum reading everybody by the end of the day
  8. to be fair, i said I knew Francis was town and that I would die if he voted for me, both of which are true as scum as well i really wasn't trying to create that much confusion when i made my claim, but i let it go on for that long because i was scum
  9. wait you were an insane cop? that is rough : / in this specific instance, it wouldnt have been too bad because Soph would come back, Francis would skip the NK, and then you would know and be able to deduce the scum team, but i am definitely 100% against hosts providing inaccurate info
  10. im the worst player of all time meant to vote soph as evidenced by the rest of my post
  11. wait... @SageRhapsody i think that's majority
  12. the way i see it, soph has to die today almost definitely lying about ability and trying to lynch despite my claim with lyncher if not, and soph is town, lyncher skips night phase and soph comes back, putting us in same position with a confirmed town. at that point it is Tyranno and haz by poe vote lyncher
  13. We can't verify that at all, while we could have if you claimed yesterday. What was your reasoning for softing that you had a role you wanted to use?
  14. i think the team is probably still just soph/haz, but not voting yet ...or, actually, since there wasnt a lylo announcement, maybe we're dealing with something stupid like Survivor + Serial Killer?