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  1. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/profile/529-rei/ this was my first account. it was pikaporeon at first but i had it changed to rei. i forgot the password of the account and the password of the e-mail address i used to register with (i just never log off on one comp, but it accidentally restarted, which is why the account has recent posts). can an admin give me the paasword to this account please?
  2. If this is Alice, I would be happy to host beast's game
  3. Doesn't say you have to read the quicktopic :^) Completely unrelated but hey guys i just thought of another rule
  4. 2014 is like 10 years ago for markus by percentage of life lived
  5. I mean silver was scum but you voted mascis iirc that was probably unclear
  6. Didn't you want to kill silverdude and mascis this game?
  7. should we ban memes? pos this post to agree pos this post to disagree
  8. yeah it wasn't until you responded to that post asking you about mascis that i started thinking you could be scum, but even then it took me a bit to come around you were one of my strongest town reads on day 1 so it wasn't like i immediately went "must be scum" at the start of d2
  9. time to ctrlf my name in the qt " can we NK JC first? legitimately think he will scumread me correctly #soulread" thanks bby " jc is getting his shit pushed in." what does this refer to? everyone talks about how i get pressured and almost lynched every game, but i literally have not felt that way in a game since multi mafia. "it was either him or JC but I figured JC is so town that he HAS to be nightkilled" v grateful you didnt convert me btw "dont vote for JC. ITS A TRAP" im glad you also think suspect jc = confirm scum it has worked in 3/3 of my last games "pushing a JC lynch is possible imo" trying to kill me is a terrible idea tbh it means i actually have to try to play mafia and that isn't fun for anyone "yeah islickz and jc are the only players worth killing but jc is further to the truth than islickz and frankly more entertaining to be around." <3 <3 <3 " JC is riding crei/me/antag as town " " I dont think he's capable of changing his mind 100% out of nowhere " " Antag JC is hard up your ass, he pulled a 180 on you " EleGiggle " there is no universe in which we lose " :::) "New guy sorry for dragging you into this but its a free win on your record " ::::::) " fuck jazz and jc. fucken teaming in mafia. fuck this. " huh? why would you not work with people you town read? --- my scumread on crei is mostly for his d2 iirc, but if people want to quote me being wrong that works too
  10. I don't like this meme where people just pretend i dont make posts about the game or try at all
  11. Mark melting down over no discernable action from town's perspective turned a near-free win into a loss. Absolutely should have just bussed the team.
  12. That's what I've been saying the entire time!!! :thinking: Yeah, the negativity has been a pretty big problem. Even though I'm relatively active in the community, I stopped playing as much for that reason. Sorry slickz, I know I can be annoying.
  13. get dunked nerds i don't have to play this game any more and i got someone modkilled mission accomplished
  14. Consider if wunter is the only scum online we want to keep hin alive to make the nk Just kill zephyr