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  1. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    tbh i just assumed he was busy with law school but i can understand not wanting to play here in his position
  2. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    Bombs? Or wunter/faint killing him as a neutral instead of the openly claimed scum? Or being meme lynched repeatedly despite most consistently putting up logical reasonings for his actions? Or just always being targeted?
  3. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    so really let's just blame malcolm
  4. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    i was going to just kill malcolm day2 and i think i would have won off that, but i second guessed myself when he complained in the qt. Too late to backtrack at that point though
  5. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    i love and respect all of you vote jc for kotf
  6. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    love you too dear could be psk. i liked his interaction on jazz where he went from yelling to having a reasonable discussion, but the hard tunnel early game and saying something along the lines of "we deserve to lose if its malcolm" are questionable
  7. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    it's not much of a defence but fwiw jazz you reevaluate the game every night phase and i have no incentive to submit the nk early when the pressure is on me when i could give people the chance to read and go away from me
  8. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    fwiw i am not counterclaiming tyranno here i can try to reread, i guess...
  9. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    i think the people saying i am playing differently this game are also forgetting i rolled scum like 4/5 of the previous games i played, or 4/6 counting this one
  10. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    i think i said it earlier in the day but jazz is misrepresenting my posts. i didnt unvote because malcolm made good posts, i voted wunter because he made scummy ones i no longer want to kill wunter because the team more or less has to be malcolm/tyranno if i had perfect info and i was partners with malcolm i would have bussed him and ridden the town credit and jazz's read on me to victory
  11. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    so those of you that have been around a while may remember me telling the story of how my laptop died last year right before getting a job interview that i missed because i didnt have a computer to check my email here we are one year later and my hard drive crashes right after i start to arrange a new job interview
  12. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    i haven't placed a vote because it is mylo and i haven't been around all day i would rather kill malcolm
  13. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    given that it is possibly mylo, claiming either way seems incorrect to me at this point, you, wunter, and faint have all voiced suspicion of me if i am the firefighter and claim, and my scumteam of malcolm + tyranno is wrong, they could counter-claim and likely win that duel, costing the game if you want to know whether or not i am the firefighter, read over my posts and see if i soft it forcing a 1v1 vote like that is suboptimal when i think every person here thinks malcolm is scum
  14. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    i think i was wrong about tyranno i have it as malcolm + tyranno malcolm throws random shade on tyranno day one and going into day two without any reasoning at all then malcolm makes a post that says tyranno committed his town tell and that tyranno is too stupid to make that post as scum and then the end result is that malcolm... neutral reads tyranno? similarly, tyranno has a post where he is threatening to vote malcolm but iirc he doesnt ever commit to that you can say that me unvoting for malcolm makes us partners but tyranno's vague threat is the same thing but worse
  15. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    if it were malcolm and i, it would have been better for me to vote one of the other players rather than link with him