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  1. Get a Job Mafia Sign-Ups

    Did you have a date in mind? flavour is definitely going to be work or money themed, just not sure on the specifics.
  2. Get a Job Mafia Sign-Ups

    This is an original setup (pls no steal) created by myself to ensure everyone has a bad time attempt to do something interesting. I am continuing to work on creating even one game where the town team does not have an overwhelming advantage in terms of roles, so we will see how it goes. I am hoping for at least 11 players, but can support as many as 21, so feel free to get other players back in here too. Please feel free to use the sign-up threads to boast about how you are a Bay Area Engineer making 150k + stock or how you are living the carefree Student life while those corporate drones waste away in front of a computer all day at work, while you, the intellectual, waste away in front of a computer all day at home. As with everything else in society, players who self-report a higher income will be given the more interesting roles.* Player List: 1. Jazz 2. Broken Brilliance 3. Malcolm 4. 2k19 5. BuildTheWalia 6. TheGoldenTyranno 7. Faint 8. The Antagonist 9. rei 10. mba I'm not sure what to do for flavour right now. Could be anything from stocks to retirement or so on. I'll figure it out as I go. Standard rules apply (full claim, flips, ties will be no lynch). However, I am interested in thoughts on the following mechanic: Unionize - The workers must band together if they want to usurp the CEOs. At the end of the day, if Majority has not been reached, no lynch will occur. The boss man's influence also prevents a simple majority from Hammering the day. The day will not end early unless some number of votes past majority are reached (this will vary by day. 3 player LyLo will end normally at 2 votes, but 13 players may need 9 votes to end the day early, for example). I'm strongly leaning towards at least including the No Plurality Lynch clause here, but I am open to feedback. Please lmk what everyone thinks. Sing-ups will last until we feel like it is time to close them. :^) *not intended to be a factual statement
  3. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    as former head mafioso, both 2k and bb's games are rejected bb, do you just mean closed in the same way the past 2 games are closed or do you mean no claim or something most games we run are OC so closed by itself is fine
  4. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    it was because i said i wouldn't vote for rei and then i voted for rei at what was already past the point of no return this (theoretically) makes it look like i wanted to defend my teammate, but changed my mind to get the sweet Bus CreditTM or at least, i think that was the general logic, even if it isnt quite how bussing works
  5. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    vote hazmah lynch all liars. nobody should want to see me play unless they're scum :^) i'm on it lyu2 soph x
  6. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    i will be posting sign-ups for Get a Job Mafia within 24 hours should i not receive objections from other players wanting to host
  7. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    oh yeah, francis filling in the OP posts reminded me: i was very happy malcolm actually explained some things this game. i am 100% convinced you would have been lynched had all of your posts been the same and your username was "Nelrick" due to the bs Tracker claim and other attempts at wild plays, the other posts you made were refreshing. please continue to engage in the game when you play. i can't remember a single other one where you were actually among the most active posters. also agree with jazz: thanks for hosting francis. you obviously put a lot of time into translating the flavour and designing roles. i see from the roles you put both Ainz and Momo in the game, which i think is great tbh
  8. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    overall i had fun with my time in the game, even if day 2 was rough for me. i know the "correct" play is probably to try to get malcolm lynched, but as 2k pointed out, it comes off as disingenuous when i had a solid town read on him p.s. 48 hour night phases are made by true supervillains. i would consider getting a co-host if starting and ending the day on time is going to be difficult.
  9. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    day 3 was rough, and then day 4 had a lot of activity. i think town did a good job to not get caught up by the red scan.
  10. Overlord Mafia Post-Game Thread - Town Wins

    faint, in PMs: hey, i am scum. now that you are dead, can you watch my gameplay to give me any advice? faint's next 3 plays: (1) "we should meme lynch jazz" (2) "we should kill malcolm because he made a joke about lynching jazz" (3) being the only player apart from tyranno to vote for a player that was not soph ---- that being said, i was so far off base this game it was pretty ridiculous. during day 1, the only player i consistently agreed with was rei. during day 2, the only player i consistently agreed with was soph. looking back at it, i shouldn't have used that as a basis for my reads. i ended up defending rei despite being fairly suspicious of him because I didn't agree with the reasons other players posted. i was trying to figure out if i thought scum was trying to push for a power player's lynch during day 1, and i ended up picking incorrectly. ---- getting lynched is 100% my fault, no questions asked. i need to get better at making my priorities clear over constantly pushing everything that comes up. i don't know why i ended up in this style of play, but i think it traces at least all the way back to Farm Mafia, where i was the doc and about to get lynched. the only thing i could think of at the time to survive was to give a list about literally everything in the thread in an attempt to prove i was trying to solve the game. that being said, i am not going to sweat it that much. i think only maybe 2-3 players actually thought i was scum by the end of day 2, so i more or less ate a vig shot for spending a lot of time defending a player who flipped scum, which is pretty fair. malcolm eventually said something along the lines of he should have used it on soph or tyranno instead, but i do still really believe the best use of that ability is to never use it. if the ability didn't get used, i may have gotten lynched anyway, but i think Soph dying was a very likely possibility, and that's the kind of issue the ability forces. this is doubly true because it was Malcolm's ability; if he really wanted me dead over soph/tyranno by the end of day 2, i think he could have made it happen anyway. ---- tyranno claiming partners with soph was a pretty terrible play, and then tyranno continued to pretend as if he didn't say that. i was very confused about that. imo the worst play of the game.
  11. Eternal formats are not very popular at all though afaik, so power creep isn't important. You *need* to buy the new cards to compete in Standard tournaments.
  12. Pokémon get stronger; compare Hitmonchan (Base Set) to Lucario EX (Furious Fists). However, Trainer cards get weaker. Compare Mr. Briney's Compassion (EX Dragon) to AZ (Phantom Forces), or Gust of Wind with Lysandre.
  13. Yeah, Pokémon is cheap. The format has staples which can be pricier (shaymin ex the last time I played), but those go in literally every deck you play for 2 years or w/e.
  14. how is it? do you have a card shop near you? have you tried PTCGO?
  15. Overlord Mafia Day 4 - All According To Plan

    cant modkill me if this is my very late omgus post pls no ban