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  1. I thought for sure this was a boosh game and Logic had the role you mention here. Maybe it came up twice? I specifically remember boosh making comments WHILE being the game host, about whether or not he rigged it to give chey the role
  2. Are you sure this wasnt a boosh game?
  3. the high of winning internet arguments, naturally
  4. 4 more needed assuming @Silver and @Malcolm are in from their posts.
  5. i feel like i've seen this before :^)
  6. new rule: if you don't vote for logic day 1 i modkill you
  7. edit: wrong thread
  8. I've always used streams and am afraid of the secret fbi hacking links /shrug lol books nice meme
  9. pro tip: don't suck
  10. 18 Players Closed Setup Full Claiming Some amount of flavour probably (if anyone has a link to where i can watch the original movie again hit me up) Thinking I'll go for the throwback 24/24 phases if everyone won't be super mad about it. Quota is 4. Friendly reminder that the last game I ran inserted myself as a neutral player with a wincon that involved modkilling you.
  11. tbh i dont even know what half of the fields mean
  12. Malcolm and rei have pretty low "fire" scores, it seems. Maybe my mixtape can help?
  13. I'm fine hosting it, just haven't been following much and thought the section was looking for smaller games. I could cohost with antag as well.
  14. which reminds me of another thing that really needs to be brought up In the current game system, there is a clear tyranny of the majority. Consider the following situation: - Player A gets 3 votes - Player B gets 2 votes - Player C gets 1 vote - Player D gets 1 vote Currently, Player A will take 100% of the lynch, when a true system would properly give Player A only 50% of the lynch. Each day, lynches are being monopolised. The voices of the other players are not being heard at all, despite the combined total of B, C, and D being more than everyone that voted for A. What can we do about it? I think the clear solution is: empower the common man. It is time for the players to rise up. The only way to ensure equal representation is to give each vote the same impact. And the only way to do that is by making each vote impactful. Remove the oppressive voting system, and instead give all players a vig shot each night. In this new system, everyone will be heard.
  15. what the heck i thought i solved the game guys crei lied to me