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  1. No, but I think using substitution to avoid modkills is a reasonable thing to do. If I remembered to post it, I had said the same about you day1 before you chimed in. If you disagree with this style, lmk and we can talk about it more after the game.
  2. Not at comp so no vote count. If Me. doesn't post by midnight est (~3 hr), he will be subbed out. @Francis J Underwood, would you be ready to go in?
  3. Quota Markus - 3/8 Me. - 0/8
  4. hey guys sorry my mom was using my computer to watch rogue one while i was at a pokemon tournament and my phone was in my pocket so i wasn't able to give a vote count for the last few hours Lynch Me. 3 - Faint, Solstice, Sophocles The Antagonist 2 - Malcolm, Nelrick Gemstone Mine 2 - PSK, Mascis
  5. Lynch The Antagonist 3 - Sophocles, Malcolm, Nelrick Gemstone Mine 2 - PSK, Mascis Me. 2 - Faint, Solstice Mark 1 - mark
  6. The friendly skeleton, @mark, has been subbed out for @TheGoldenTyranno. Lynch Gemstone Mine 2 - PSK, Mascis Me. 2 - Faint, Solstice The Antagonist 1 - Sophocles Kahu 1 - Nelrick
  7. So, I'm a little bit worried about this. As far as I know, this is your first time playing. A healthy part of learning how to be a good member of the town is getting lynched for making stupid plays a few times so that you learn a bit more. As the treestump, people will not be able to kill you. Furthermore, mentioning that you want to be annoying is a problem, because it is a very poor mindset for the one and only player in the game that is 100% confirmed town to take on. That being said, I will sub you in. As long as you're trying, it'll be fine, even if you're not that great. But if you're just going in intentionally trying to tilt people, I reserve the right to sub you back out.
  8. i mean i for one want to see as many drunk posts as possible can't speak for other people though i'll keep it in mind if you mean it is literally tomorrow then you are fine making quota today if you mean it's on sunday or whenever day 3 starts then yeah we'll play it by ear
  9. Mark can still post, yeah.
  10. The pile of bones rumble. They shake, rattle, and roll. A dark aura of necromancy magic surrounds each bone, the fel energy causing them to dance. A voice speaks out. "Whew. Nice shot." Mark was
  11. Mascis' eyes glow with a red spark of electricity and fire. The sky turns red. A spell!?! He won't be able to do it during the day phase... ...But now that he's in The Zone, he might be able to pull it off. It's an unstoppable shot of intense power. FALLING STAR DUNK METEOR JAM A burst of meteors land on mark. His bones collapse. Mark has been killed!
  12. Lynch Mark 1 - Mascis Mascis - Mark The Antagonist 1 - Sophocles Solstice 1 - PSK Kahu 1 - Nelrick Without rei to help the party navigate through the wilderness, the party has unsuspectingly fallen into a trap! From its hidden spot, a Glyph of Warding is triggered, activating the dormant spell on the party: keep your gender and fav ygo deck to a reasonable size Keep Your Gender and Fav YGO Deck to a Reasonable Size 8th Level evocation Casting Time: 1 Action Range: 999999999999999999999999999999999 ft. Components: V (command words: "jeez guys can you seriously stop it nobody wants to read it or thinks it is funny) Duration: Instantaneous All creatures within range must make a DC35 Intelligence Saving Throw or be subjected to the following effect: The user's Gender and Favorite YGO deck profile sections must be set to a reasonable size. If the user wants to include memes in the sections, they may roll on each of the following tables: Gender 1 | Apache Attack Helicoper 2 | Anime Girl 3 | Navy Seal 4 | Ikawolfkin 5 | Squid Girl 6 | Grand Dad Fav YGO Deck 1 | Worm Lynx Snipe Hunter Control 2 | Gladiator Beasts 3 | Shiny Swap Frog Turbo 4 | Skill Servants 5 | Frog the Jam OTK 6 | Dank Memegician
  13. JC's laptop has been revived! No players have, however. A strong magical energy surrounded the party at sunrise, the lingering effect of many spells being cast during the night. None, however, would claim that they were awake. One person, especially, would never make that claim, because they were no longer there. During the night, rei woke up to a fire that, like he soon would, had died. His natural expertise in the wilderness would make obtaining firewood a trivial task. However, Humans do not have darkvision. As he lit his lantern to search, he caught the attention of..something. Despite his best efforts, he was cleaved. rei died during the night. he was: The party decided to take a headcount of their members. Which ones were not really dedicated to good? The inspection leader stopped at one particularly interesting party member, wearing a distinct pair of glasses. "Long flowing robes. All bones. Gave out quite a few maniacal laughs while we were in the shop...isn't this the Lich?" | "No, that can't be right. How would they get such a fabulous moustache and eyebrows? Besides, the nose is all there." The inspection was not for naught, though. The party has learned... There are 4 members of the Evil faction! There are 0 members of any Neutral faction! With this, the adventurers set out on their next quest. It was simple enough: drive some Goblins away from their homelands, kill all children mercilessly, and steal whatever treasure the clan has been passing down to each other for generations. It's been done a million times before. However, with a Lich in their presence, the party felt nervous... Day 2 begins now and ends at 1:00PM EST Saturday!
  14. this function is bad you forgot the importance of seeding in random number generators here's a much better function public static double random(int seed){ return seed%2==1 ? 6 : 4; }