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  1. i am looking to build new PC + get peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, chair). Budget is around 2000, which I think is good unless peripherals like chair are more expensive than I have in my head. PC: Probably want to play at least Overwatch at max settings on 120+ fps. Needs Windows, Microsoft Office (not the subscription service Office 365) Mouse: Needs at least good scrollwheel and a 3rd button, but I probably don't need one with a huge number. Keyboard: Blue switch mechanical keyboard. Monitor: 1080p 60hz, unless 4k is really that much better. Chair: I don't know the difference between the padded and ergonomic chairs or what is a good choice for them at all really. I guess I probably want a mouse pad as well. I could just use a Yugioh playmat for that, right? Can go either way on flashy buttons and lights. I did see someone that had a color changing rainbow backlit keyboard and computer thought it was amazing.
  2. Stranger Things Mafia Sign-Ups

  3. Matrix6Remix Mafia

    *Official Mafioso Post* Mafia has a couple of really important things that go into successful games. A sense of community, the ability to make memorable plays, and above all, good theming and flavour. I've noticed a lot of people really underestimate the amount of work hosts do to make it happen. My proposed solution is to make this game MadLibs mafia. The first time each player posts for a day phase, they must include 100 words of flavour that starts off by relating to the previous flavour post. Failure to do so will result in negative 12 godzillion rep and a 3 game ban.
  4. Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame:

    ps petition for new mafia section motto:
  5. Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame:

    Permanent ban from duelingnetwork
  6. Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame:

    i attack this idea people can and do change over time, whether they want to or not
  7. Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame:

    vanilla town claims are actually just awful and you should die for them tbh
  8. Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame:

    Warning: i have not read past page 7 in the thread and have not read any of the aftergame posts but want to point out someone said something like 'markus posted a fake rxn to the modkill' when solstice had a clearly much worse post of the same thing
  9. Alice in Wonderland Mafia Signups

    I think it would be more appropriate to repost the signups after matrix6 ends because the same people may not want to play
  10. Little Witch Academia (2016)

    i have a cold so i am going to binge this i am on like episode 2 there is a really interesting camera change to ursula when they start talking about chariot if this is the series' big twist i am going to be really disappointed edit: finished up to episode 20 still think lotte looks like a male /shrug
  11. Alice in Wonderland Mafia Signups

    If someone wants to jump ahead and do a smaller game instead I wouldn't mind. Pushing the limit of the player base with no subs and having people that will be knowingly inactive probably doesn't make the best game, even if we do get one more to sign up here.
  12. Alice in Wonderland Mafia Signups

    i mean this was entirely my expectation ngl
  13. Alice in Wonderland Mafia Signups

    No problem. ---- This puts us back to needing one before game start.
  14. Alice in Wonderland Mafia Signups

    I am at work. Game will start tomorrow. I'll assume Silver is playing and if not I'll just modkill him it is easy. Thoughts on sending role pm via discord/facebook?
  15. Top 5 mafia players on DGz

    Psh. Sorry kids, but you can't strike what you can't reach. How can you ever hope to compare to my speed when I enter 'Lean Forward and Put My Hands Straight Out Behind My Back Run' position.