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  1. i wonder if francis has already asked malcolm to end the day after the modkill of mascis or not
  2. mark lynch bad (tho it is day 2) silverdude lynch bad mascis ragequit bad francis' wincon GREAT so uh like i was saying one of tyranno, rei, gemstone are current suspects and then if rei is scum i think jazz would be as well the alternative would be trying to figure out if other floaters deid some scummy stuff uh francis made a post where he said he kept getting cunning mastermind confused with wunterslaus. both town? digbic did give like 3 reads yesterday so that's pretty cool i need to read lfn's posts
  3. francis stop posting in the name of our lord and saviour jc islickz
  4. unvote mascis Anyways, I said it a few pages ago but there was a lot of confusion and it probably got missed: I think the scout should go out during the night. Presumably, we want to choose town for the mission. If we make him leave during the day, we lose out on a town's contribution assuming he isn't able to post. If we make him leave during the night, he might become untargetable by the night kill or other Bad Things
  5. what where's the die die die die die? the girl with the mark on her eye? the dramatic music? overall not what i expected from a modkill alas The show must go on!
  6. hey guys i am making a reach but i think mascis may be claiming he was involved with these night actions in order to get himself modkilled
  7. yeah but are you scum tho
  8. here are some things that juan said? - first votes for antag - says he would lynch mascis to get over the omgus posts but his wife was too funny. states he think mascis is not scum, maybe neutral. let me take a second to bask in the light of "i want to kill him. i don't think he's scum! neutral, but not scum." he was going to die for this post sooner or later so it was nice of him to kill himself - complains that silverdude has a scum read on juan for floating when silverdude had been doing the same thing - when the Super Ultra Hyper Strong Townie Neo New JC 2.0 GX+ suggested that silverdude and mark were both town, Juan responds with: I don't think so, JC. I believe either one or both of them are scum. Mark has been adamantly defending Silverdude while there's absolutely no reason to do so, while actively pursuing lynches that go nowhere despite he himself admiting he has other stronger scum reads, I.E. he says 'Tyranno is scum, so let's lynch Beast'. (note for the readers: i still think i'm right) - scum v scum interaction: francis asks juan why juan thinks jazz is town; juan responds with "Several of his posts explaining the Mark-Silver interaction have been pretty close to what I concluded myself while reading the thread, so he gets points for that. Also, he's been an active player and, in his Mascis interaction, the original OMGUS turned into a collected conclusion when they agreed to vote Tyranno, which seems like a pro-town play, keeping their own interactions for later into the game, once we've got more info." jc - townie brownie beast - soul bond (he was very nice at bringing up discussion yesterday; town intentioned posts) nelbae - getting people on the track today islickz - an hero and see above Mark - elaborate bait for us to waste a lynch today imo silverdude - "low hanging fruit" antag - juan target cunning - got some townie vibes yesterday pride - still way too scary to touch faint, digbic, wunter, lfn - need to see more posts from them. i think lfn did come back around later in the day but i dont remember the posts very well kahu - in a previous malcolm game, i believe there was a necromancer that had a 50% chance to revive someone to be scum iirc. i treat kahu like someone you have a town scan on "treat them as town, but if they do anything super fishy you need to get back on them" Markus - so until we found mark and tyranno, i believe markus was the person we were considering lynching. i was quite surprised at how he was getting 0 traction and then all of a sudden we ended up wtih mark/tyranno being at like 7 votes each. just wondering why was nobody voting the first half of the day phase? tyranno - tyranno and mark were close or tied for the lynch at one point. if the actors that shifted the lynch towards mark and away from tyranno were francis or juan, then tyranno needs another good look. otherwise, i think we were probably just on two mislynches that day. rei - needs to step up jazz - i don't like that jazz made a post where he pointed out rei's contradictions, but then also gave me shaded for voting rei over that contradiction? other than that he has been okay. he also did the dance wrong though so maybe we should kill him. i thought it was interesting his video was just a dance whereas literally everyone else did a mafia mingle one from what i recall. Gemstone - he disagrees with me on silverdude and mark must be scum ez game ez life Mascis - i can only take this as a scum meltdown? kill today barring some insane reversal of fate
  9. stop speculating on roles, start finding scum
  10. dude that'd be pop ballin' i wish i was that good p.s. i was the first vote on mascis i win
  11. so iirc antag should be looking townie now because it was either juan or francis that was going after him
  12. it looks like you arent the only one who didnt read
  13. why do you think islickz was the nk? if i had to guess i'd actually say it was markus because of how much he was going IM SO STRONG GUYS yesterday
  14. also, mark, the scout is to get supplies, not to bodyguard islickz
  15. it says francis' bombs killed his assailant, and then it says juan died this implies scum!juan shot scum!francis for... reasons...