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  1. i have a cold so i am going to binge this i am on like episode 2 there is a really interesting camera change to ursula when they start talking about chariot if this is the series' big twist i am going to be really disappointed
  2. 18 Players Closed Setup Full Claiming Some amount of flavour probably (if anyone has a link to where i can watch the original movie again hit me up) Thinking I'll go for the throwback 24/24 phases if everyone won't be super mad about it. Quota is 4. Friendly reminder that the last game I ran inserted myself as a neutral player with a wincon that involved modkilling you.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is relatively new free to play mobile game that offers a different type of dueling experience. Duel Links differs from traditional Yu-Gi-Oh in the following ways: - The card pool is much smaller. For instance, there are currently no Tuners, Xyz, or Pendulum monters. - It uses the Speed Duel format, which differs in the following ways: There is no MP2. Your turn ends after the Battle Phase. Only 3 Monster Card Zones Only 3 Spell/Trap Zones Start with 4 cards. Start with 4000 Life Points. Minimum and Maximum Deck Size Halved (20-30 vs. 40-60) 5 Card Extra Deck - Each duelist has a variety of "Skils" they can use to swing the duel in their favour. They are unlocked by levelling the character up (which uses a similar Duel Assessment System as the old Game Boy and DS games). Some examples of skills are that Mai can see the top card of her deck at all times and Mako starts the duel with Umi on the field. Gameplay is quick due to the Speed Duel format, but there are very few decks designed to create unbeatable fields or OTK (the one exception I can think of is a Cyber Stein deck, but the duelist needs to be under 1000 LP for it to go off). Here's is a basic (probably not optimized) template for what's considered the 'best' deck: Dino Beatdown (Rex Raptor; Skill puts Jurassic World into play at the start of the duel) 3 Two-Headed King Rex 3 Crawling Dragon #2 3 Jerry Beans Man 3 Order to Charge 3 Reinforcements 2 Twister 2 Michizure 1 Shard of Greed While I don't wnat to make an entire deck-building guide in the OP, here are some examples of other strong generic cards in the format: - Wonder Balloon - Enemy Control - Riryoku Field (meta tech due to an Equip variant of Dinos) The game currently has three sets in rotation. In the near future, two of those will rotate out and two more will come in. That being said, this is not a rotation game. Like with the regular Yu-Gi-Oh! game, you'll be able to use old cards even when they aren't directly available from packs in the store any longer. They have made room for a ban list, but no cards currently sit on it. So, my purpose for making this thread: is anyone else playing the game? What have been your impressions so far? If there are other people playing, I'd be happy to talk about deck strategies or duel against you. ---- Edited in: My tier list looks something like: - Dinosaur Kingdom - Naturia - Rituals (most variants) - Bazoon - Umi - Weevil - Clown Control - Fae - Cyber Stein OTK I don't have a large enough sample with most of the decks to feel confident, though. Edit by mark: We now have a Discord chat for duel links as well. https://discordapp.com/invite/010LERig7M1mW4mNi
  4. If someone wants to jump ahead and do a smaller game instead I wouldn't mind. Pushing the limit of the player base with no subs and having people that will be knowingly inactive probably doesn't make the best game, even if we do get one more to sign up here.
  5. i mean this was entirely my expectation ngl
  6. No problem. ---- This puts us back to needing one before game start.
  7. I am at work. Game will start tomorrow. I'll assume Silver is playing and if not I'll just modkill him it is easy. Thoughts on sending role pm via discord/facebook?
  8. Psh. Sorry kids, but you can't strike what you can't reach. How can you ever hope to compare to my speed when I enter 'Lean Forward and Put My Hands Straight Out Behind My Back Run' position.
  9. Get a red hat that says "MANGA" and see how many people think it is "MAGA"
  10. is the katana thing just an extension of the weird "sword" jokes sayaka made when she first joined? i assume it is just an ironic euphemism?
  11. antag said the same thing
  12. beast has given me direction on what he would want a 16 player version to be
  13. i have it at 1. nelrick 2. zp 3. islickz 4. 2k17 5. gemstone 6. francis 7. wunter 8. fiant 9. soph 10. rei 11. tyranno 12. zapp 13. broke 14. malcolm [15. silver? 16. crei? 17. solst?] with crei/solst being likely no's
  14. @Markus @Cunning mastermind i dont believe you post video of using katana
  15. I thought for sure this was a boosh game and Logic had the role you mention here. Maybe it came up twice? I specifically remember boosh making comments WHILE being the game host, about whether or not he rigged it to give chey the role
  16. Are you sure this wasnt a boosh game?
  17. the high of winning internet arguments, naturally
  18. 4 more needed assuming @Silver and @Malcolm are in from their posts.
  19. i feel like i've seen this before :^)
  20. new rule: if you don't vote for logic day 1 i modkill you
  21. edit: wrong thread
  22. I've always used streams and am afraid of the secret fbi hacking links /shrug lol books nice meme
  23. pro tip: don't suck
  24. tbh i dont even know what half of the fields mean
  25. Malcolm and rei have pretty low "fire" scores, it seems. Maybe my mixtape can help?