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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is relatively new free to play mobile game that offers a different type of dueling experience. Duel Links differs from traditional Yu-Gi-Oh in the following ways: - The card pool is much smaller. For instance, there are currently no Tuners, Xyz, or Pendulum monters. - It uses the Speed Duel format, which differs in the following ways: There is no MP2. Your turn ends after the Battle Phase. Only 3 Monster Card Zones Only 3 Spell/Trap Zones Start with 4 cards. Start with 4000 Life Points. Minimum and Maximum Deck Size Halved (20-30 vs. 40-60) 5 Card Extra Deck - Each duelist has a variety of "Skils" they can use to swing the duel in their favour. They are unlocked by levelling the character up (which uses a similar Duel Assessment System as the old Game Boy and DS games). Some examples of skills are that Mai can see the top card of her deck at all times and Mako starts the duel with Umi on the field. Gameplay is quick due to the Speed Duel format, but there are very few decks designed to create unbeatable fields or OTK (the one exception I can think of is a Cyber Stein deck, but the duelist needs to be under 1000 LP for it to go off). Here's is a basic (probably not optimized) template for what's considered the 'best' deck: Dino Beatdown (Rex Raptor; Skill puts Jurassic World into play at the start of the duel) 3 Two-Headed King Rex 3 Crawling Dragon #2 3 Jerry Beans Man 3 Order to Charge 3 Reinforcements 2 Twister 2 Michizure 1 Shard of Greed While I don't wnat to make an entire deck-building guide in the OP, here are some examples of other strong generic cards in the format: - Wonder Balloon - Enemy Control - Riryoku Field (meta tech due to an Equip variant of Dinos) The game currently has three sets in rotation. In the near future, two of those will rotate out and two more will come in. That being said, this is not a rotation game. Like with the regular Yu-Gi-Oh! game, you'll be able to use old cards even when they aren't directly available from packs in the store any longer. They have made room for a ban list, but no cards currently sit on it. So, my purpose for making this thread: is anyone else playing the game? What have been your impressions so far? If there are other people playing, I'd be happy to talk about deck strategies or duel against you. ---- Edited in: My tier list looks something like: - Dinosaur Kingdom - Naturia - Rituals (most variants) - Bazoon - Umi - Weevil - Clown Control - Fae - Cyber Stein OTK I don't have a large enough sample with most of the decks to feel confident, though. Edit by mark: We now have a Discord chat for duel links as well. https://discordapp.com/invite/010LERig7M1mW4mNi
  2. dude i love HACKING my life
  3. Did you know that JC stands for "Jazz Conqueror?" Vote Count: Sage - (3) Sophocles, Francis, ZeroPassion Sophocles - (3) mark, Grey Wind, SageRapCity Markus - (2) Malcolm, Shaggydog rei - (1) Tyranno Silverdude - (1) Solstice Francis J Underwood - (1) iSlickz
  4. Any tips?
  5. i originally was going to use that line for "That's why when I see a girl, I just walk right up there and kiss them," but I have the mentality of a 7 year old when it comes to this and i couldn't bring myself to write the word.
  6. yeah guys you wouldn't believe how often i am out there having the sex. Way more than the other losers here on DGz. Everyone says, "JC, you're the best at the sex." My good friends are all saying it. Believe me. And these people are way more attractive than the girls a normal DGz user would be able to get. It is what happens when you're as great as I am. You just get 10s after 10s, sometimes every day. Sometimes, when I'm stalking random girls for 30 minutes after math class as they walk to their car, they just turn around and throw themselves on me. That's kinda what they do. They just jump and then we synchronize. It really is a symbol human evolution, people. And it happens all the time, because I'm just that attractive. So attractive. They are saying confidence is attractive. And let me tell you, quite frankly, they're right. That's why when I see a girl, I just walk right up there and kiss them. Works every time. With hair like mine, though, it is only to be expected. My hair is fabulous. Before you ask, it's not a wig. Not a wig! See? You can feel my hair if you want. I can prove it. You touch my hair and you'll be saying, "JC. has the most outstanding hair. Maslow needs to update his hierarchy of needs, because JC's hair is right there, holding everything else up. I can't find self-actualization or fulfillment without JC's hair. I don't know how I did it before." And I'm funny too. You wouldn't believe it. I walk into a room. People see me. I try talking to someone. And BOOM. Just instantly. Laughing hysterically. My mom assures me I'm the most funny and handsome person she has ever met. Believe it. I will be the next Hokage.
  7. Zappdos was Cockscomb, he won by beating Mark in the typing challenge by 1 wpm and then again through some stuff that shouldn't have counted but PSK is a commie apologist so it worked. Digbic was Aster and the only power role. Francis was the only one to consider killing me; Mark was the only one to consider killing Indigo. Town didn't really do much. Maybe that was the lack of flavour or interesting roles. Or being anonymous. Doesn't really matter to me. Jazz was the most active player and he wasn't even in the game. Clear MVP imo. I should have modkilled silverdude, malcolm, and markus at some point during the game but I didn't. You're welcome. Here is my role: Crazy Hand had an illusion nightkill that was used on Indigo. Master Hand tried to give out gifts but got ignored. Master Hand also tried to help by revealing 2 neutrals but nobody really considered that I was a terrible host and it tripped up a lot of what little inactivity there was. They both could also have changed the stage, but it never came up because other options were better. GG all
  8. r u guys boolean markus again he is clearly the best player dying to be able to make a fake nk was da plan all along
  9. tbh you're probably better than me
  10. i wouldnt want to be given the task of finding good mafia posts made by mascis either
  11. Yeah sophocles you said something like dont play mat6 if you dont want to be vanilla and i knew people were about to be upset Solstice, bomb was a dud from crazy hand night0 action. Masyer hand n0 revealed 2 scum
  12. jc - jc digbic - Aster rie Columbine silver - Marigold top bad - Yarrow markus - Delilah francis - Hydrangea db - Ranunculus Mark - Heliotrope zappdos - Cockscomb slick - Indigo malc - Goldenrod solstice - Zephyranthes that reminds me: rei and francis die d1 who would have thought
  13. Read before posting Pre-Game Notes: 1. I will modkill you if you post in the thread while not on a multi account. 2. I will modkill you if you speculate in the thread about which user is operating an anonymous account. 3. I will modkill you if you do not make quota. 4. I will modkill you. 5. Due to forum restrictions, I haven't been able to make every anonymous account before the game started. If your username and password doesn't exist on the site, just make it. Do not make or attempt to log in to accounts that are not the ones assigned to you. 6. Please check Discord if you do not receive a role PM on the site; it is faster for me to send that on there. Please PM me if you are unable to locate your role. Do not post in the thread for this issue. Player List: 0. JC. 1. Aster 2. Cockscomb 3. Columbine 4. Delilah 5. Goldenrod 6. Heliotrope 7. Hydrangea 8. Indigo 9. Marigold 10. Ranunculus 11. Yarrow 12. Zephyranthes Quota is 4. You may claim Abilities (e.g. "Cop") and Characters. You may not claim flavour text. Standard Rules Apply. Don't be Me. Don't be me, either. Don't be Nelrick. Players will not flip, but Role PMs will. --- It's a dawn of a new day on Stage: Dreamland, and the cast has gathered for a casual fight. However, a small group of nefarious characters has new plans. After hacking into the mainframe, they've secretly set the game to One Stock, instead of the clearly superior Time Battle! Furthermore, they've set up a secret voice chat channel, allowing them to collaborate and perform crisp Team Combos. Team Battle! The enemy team has 2 members. Items On! Delilas has received a bob-omb! 3! 2! 1! GO! The day ends at 2 PM EST on Tuesday, March 14th. Note: Players are free to modify the anonymous accounts with profile pictures and so on. I will modkill you if you reveal your identity in any way with this.
  14. sucks to sucks
  15. aftergame inc
  16. vanilla town yoshi
  17. 5. Goldenrod 8. Indigo 9. Marigold 12. Zephyranthes One of these things is not like the others One of these things just doesn't belong Can you tell me which thing is not like the others? It's Goldenrod because he died.
  18. reuniclus dies D K v a n i l l a t o w n Indigo and Goldenrod both received one vote for the gift box. While they begin the best-of-100 bout of rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to keep it, the box sprouts legs and walks off the edge. Night is a word. 4 players left. Players can actually fit on the field now. Interesting.
  19. Banned
  20. yeah that guy didn't even get it right pot of desires is a -12
  21. Around 36 or 37 hours from now (48 hours from start of day)
  22. It seems that Aster used a terminal to edit a post. He has been modkilled. He was Alone in the darkness, the remaining mafia member sat alone. Killing isn't quite as fun when you don't have a partner, but it isn't without its pleasures. Yarrow was murdered during the night. He was: The town has been enveloped in darkness. Tonight, no abilities can be activated. A balloon drifts over Dreamland, containing what appears to be a neatly wrapped present. Upon investigation, it is heavy, like a rock. The wrapping is wet to the touch as well. Players can vote to give someone the present. Tick. Tock. Goes the clock. Goldenrod has the bomb! Living Players: 5. Goldenrod 8. Indigo 9. Marigold 10. Ranunculus 12. Zephyranthes Majority is 3.
  23. A celestial being descends on the stage during the night and appears at Cockscomb's door. "Huh? Who are you?" "I am the King of Fighters and I have come to claim your soul and show you a real good time " "Okay!" Cockscomb has reached a victory condition! Cockscomb has been modkilled!
  24. Helio died, he was Samus and had some bad twitch memes for his Haiku. Town On Helio's body, a strange object was found. Upon closer investigation, it appeared to be a plushie of some sort. Furthermore, the town collectively decided to ignore the item block that popped up. A portal reopened and sucked it in, leaving a small puddle of water. Some theorize that the box felt unwanted and cried, but others thought that was ridiculous, as item blocks are not sentient. Night begins now and ends whenever.