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  1. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    i already did that in ssb64 mafia i won by modkilling jazz (who wasn't in the game) like 4+ times
  2. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    how are we supposed to play the bp + tracker format if you take away bp b& for 3000 years
  3. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    You can post signups if you want.
  4. @Jazz @TheGoldenTyranno @The Antagonist @BuildTheWalia @Faint - Arsonist Survivor @Sophocles @Wunterslaus @Mascis @PSK - Some Weeaboo @ZeroPassion @markus T'was the night before the night before the night before Christmas, and 11 creatures were stirring, but not the user Creature because that was actually just a multi so it is no longer used. A year of DGz mafia was coming to a close, and JC thought to himself, "Well, I haven't hosted a game in a while, and I guess I'm obligated to do something as a mafioso. How can I continue the streak of having terribly balanced games, but NOT have everyone yell at me for it this time?" And so the powerpuff girls were born. Or was it this game? Eh, whatever. Rules: We have a sticky, you know. Also, JC reserves the right to modkill all of you at any time for any reason. Notice: No Mandatory Quota. Like a terrible homework assignment, Day 1 will end at 11:59PM NYC Time on Christmas Eve. That's right, Christmas will be a night phase so you don't have to pay nearly any attention to the game. Aren't I great host? You're welcome. "But that's like 5 AM and we live in the UK," you may say. And that's a pretty good point, so other days will probably end at an earlier time. Probably around 6PM EST, if that works for everyone. If I forgot to send you a role or forgot you signed up or forgot to list important stuff here, let me know and I'll respond within 3-5 business days. uhh, ties are no lynch you may vote to kill yourself if you really want to claiming is okay Cheers, buggers. Day 1: Faint Dies Day 2:
  5. You were looking for @Sophocles
  6. The other scum member, Jazz, has conceded. Tyranno was a traitor that would convert on nk. Hope you all had some fun, even if it was short.
  7. Jazz's unvote at 5:00 does not count. Final Vote Count: Markus - Wunter, Tyrano, Jazz Jazz - Sophocles, Mascis Mascis - Walia Markus was the Scum Gamemaster. His role was to learn all roles that targeted him and give him the chance to negate them. Nick was supposed to sub in for Markus, but he died. Goodnight. Phase will last until 5:00PM tomorrow.
  8. Alright let me figure this out
  9. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Sign up here. PM me two roles. Will do best to give you one of them, might have to modify. If numbers don't work I'll figure something out. This will be a casual game, expect balance between "logic approved" and "one team instantly wins" or submit tame roles and we'll be good
  10. Can confirm mascis is innocent child.
  11. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Looking for a sub. PM me or post in here if you want to play. Don't use discord.
  12. i meant to start this a bit earlier, but i pulled an aurirevoir and have been asleep As the warm feeling of Christmas begins to subside (the feeling, of course, coming from their wine and ale), everyone goes to sleep. Having a game where you can pick your own power? Truly a Christmas Miracle! However, there are those out there that have begun to resent Christmas. It's expensive. Corporations have taken it over. It has Christ in the name. They demand a non-secular tradition free from commercialism. They desire, nay, they demand a Festivus for the Rest of Us. And they will stop at nothing to make it happen! During the night, PSK was killed! This day will last until 5 PM on the 28th (About 47hr15min).
  13. the real bastard modding is choosing the wrong role of the 2 for every single player dont forget to submit your night actions
  14. merry christmas nerds dont forget to submit your night actions pretty sure faint is a dead boy Actual Role: You are an Arsonist Survivor (Not Quite a Serial Killer TM). Neutral. You can use the redirect twice. Original Role: Once per night phase, you can prime one player. You can then choose whether to burn all of the players primed, which can be done twice per game. Each night phase you may choose one player - all night actions directed at you (including the nk) get deflected onto the player of your choice. day will start sometime on the 26th (want ++ hours for christmas, even if it is just night phase). probably in the noon-5pm range
  15. Happy holidays

    ok but what are your christmas plans
  16. on the first day of christmas my lord and saviour jc gave to me 1 vote count (i defy your rhyme and syllable requirements) faint - zeropassion, markus, psk tyranno - tyranno, jazz markus - faint jazz - mascis mascis - soph psk - wunter
  17. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Determining roles now.
  18. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Let me know about this; I currently plan to start the game later today (the 22nd)
  19. i primarily use a burner discord and multis are against site rules
  20. no, wasn't a fan of the software nor was i active on dgz
  21. SkypeTM: Every Meeting Is a Tech Demo
  22. rip chey but also wow that game does not look fun
  23. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Mascis Psk Tyranno Jazz Faint Walia Sophocles Markus @Wunterslaus @The Antagonist send roles pls