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  1. Mafia Rankings

    C Tier (<50%) TheGoldenTyranno (43%) Wunterslaus (42%) D Tier (< 40%) Malcolm (31%) my stat based rankings have no flaws stfu
  2. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    i know (that was the real joke) ((intentionally not funny)) (((parentheses)))
  3. hey guys im not playing but just wanted to tell jazz: if your flavour is spelled like this the entire game i will personally create 20 multis and neg every post you have ever made
  4. Mafia Rankings

    is there really anything to gain from objective rankings besides letting people go "haha ur lower than me u suk"
  5. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    negged for 48hr day (its a joke though)
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is relatively new free to play mobile game that offers a different type of dueling experience. Duel Links differs from traditional Yu-Gi-Oh in the following ways: - The card pool is much smaller. For instance, there are currently no Tuners, Xyz, or Pendulum monters. - It uses the Speed Duel format, which differs in the following ways: There is no MP2. Your turn ends after the Battle Phase. Only 3 Monster Card Zones Only 3 Spell/Trap Zones Start with 4 cards. Start with 4000 Life Points. Minimum and Maximum Deck Size Halved (20-30 vs. 40-60) 5 Card Extra Deck - Each duelist has a variety of "Skils" they can use to swing the duel in their favour. They are unlocked by levelling the character up (which uses a similar Duel Assessment System as the old Game Boy and DS games). Some examples of skills are that Mai can see the top card of her deck at all times and Mako starts the duel with Umi on the field. Gameplay is quick due to the Speed Duel format, but there are very few decks designed to create unbeatable fields or OTK (the one exception I can think of is a Cyber Stein deck, but the duelist needs to be under 1000 LP for it to go off). Here's is a basic (probably not optimized) template for what's considered the 'best' deck: Dino Beatdown (Rex Raptor; Skill puts Jurassic World into play at the start of the duel) 3 Two-Headed King Rex 3 Crawling Dragon #2 3 Jerry Beans Man 3 Order to Charge 3 Reinforcements 2 Twister 2 Michizure 1 Shard of Greed While I don't wnat to make an entire deck-building guide in the OP, here are some examples of other strong generic cards in the format: - Wonder Balloon - Enemy Control - Riryoku Field (meta tech due to an Equip variant of Dinos) The game currently has three sets in rotation. In the near future, two of those will rotate out and two more will come in. That being said, this is not a rotation game. Like with the regular Yu-Gi-Oh! game, you'll be able to use old cards even when they aren't directly available from packs in the store any longer. They have made room for a ban list, but no cards currently sit on it. So, my purpose for making this thread: is anyone else playing the game? What have been your impressions so far? If there are other people playing, I'd be happy to talk about deck strategies or duel against you. ---- Edited in: My tier list looks something like: - Dinosaur Kingdom - Naturia - Rituals (most variants) - Bazoon - Umi - Weevil - Clown Control - Fae - Cyber Stein OTK I don't have a large enough sample with most of the decks to feel confident, though. Edit by mark: We now have a Discord chat for duel links as well. https://discordapp.com/invite/010LERig7M1mW4mNi
  7. Mafia Statistics

    Hey guys, during the last game I went back and decided to compile some statistics. First off, I have compiled some statistics from our games since Multi Mafia, which I am roughly marking as the start of the current revival/era of DGz Mafia. I'm going to post most of the relevant info below, but here is a spreadsheet if you prefer it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSUeiSn5KoAB4k7io-BeytpvsujT-W0PtGFjqeRAUO7WPmxb727QrTk--9NuY9tinJNCunJCfIYUuGo/pubhtml Below are a few rankings of the stats. Keep in mind that the following games are not counted: D&D Mafia (Mod Error - Role imbalance) Antag's Witch Hunt Mafia (Mod Error - Counted votes past the deadline resulting in a tie -> mark lynch) Wonderland Mafia (Mod Error - Jabberwocky Imbalance; Game was also a """draw""") Family Mafia (Mod Error - Incorrectly revealing setup information) These values are totally arbitrary and please feel free to make jokes about me creating rankings that just put me near the top or how rei and Malcolm are D-Tier players. Arbitrary Rankings One Arbitrary Rankings 2 This is just a personal project I decided to do out of interest. I think that since mafia is a social game, the raw stats will always lie (e.g. malcolm's low placement). Slickz' "arbitrary rankings" are probably a much better approximation than this thread. I would be interested in finding ways to improve this and am open for feedback.
  8. ama

    thoughts on bloody arcanines?
  9. I was banned AMA

  10. I was banned AMA

    cunning mastermind is sayaka's forum name sayaka is one of markus' internet friends (surprisingly not from dnf) however, sayaka is a kid (like 15/16) and markus is an emotional teenager, so they're pretty bad at conflict resolution! edit: and the thread became about her because markus took some bait i guess
  11. I was banned AMA

    "i dont like her anymore so she is a terrible person" - markus
  12. ama

    thoughts on Francis J Underwoods?
  13. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    Did zp ever actually agree to that?
  14. Mafia Statistics

    i mean i can if you would prefer it
  15. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    We seem to be stalling around here, is an 11 w/ 2 scum format possible @Jazz
  16. I was banned AMA

    no only i am allowed to be fluffal dog sry
  17. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    welcome back
  18. Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Assuming you mean something like this: It is just a card someone painted (sometimes called Orica). You can't use it in official duels. It is worth whatever other people are willing to buy them for; you would probably need a fan of the anime to want it.
  19. New Ghost Mason System

    im sure for the appropriate price + shipping, it can happen
  20. New Ghost Mason System

    I want to announce a new system the mafioso team has been considering putting into place: coaching. In our past discussions, we have talked about how an old Mario Kart: Double Dash game was a success. It had the gimmick of pairing players randomly into quicktopics. This gives every player a chance to strategise, formulate their thoughts, and bounce ideas off of others, and makes the section as a whole stronger by giving weaker players the chance to have direct one-on-one conversations with someone about the game. We used this as inspiration for a system that would allow new and lost players to benefit from the system. During sign-ups, players will have the option to either request assistance, or to be an assistant. When the game starts, assistants will not be given roles, but instead be given a private QuickTopic with a player that has requested assistance (becoming a "Ghost Mason"). The living player may talk to their ghost mason outside of the game thread for strategy on how to use their role effectively, advice on how to phrase posts, and to ask whether or not their logic or pushes make sense. As a note, we want to make sure that this system does not become the ghost masons solving the game and then playing for the others ("crei in tyranno's clothing", as zappdos called it in our discussion). I believe that implementing this, seeing how it goes, and making adjustments to improve the system is the best way to do it. Also, note that there is an arbitrary line between who are strong and weak players. We will keep this in mind when creating pairs, and won't allow players like Malcolm to have ghost partners. There is no hard rule, but in my head, if I would trust a player to be a ghost, I wouldn't let them have a ghost. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Feel free to discuss initial impressions and concerns with the idea in this thread. Cheers, - JC
  21. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    does that mean you want me to play and not to cohost?
  22. New Ghost Mason System

    did you ever respond to silver? also it is no longer last night i was really looking forward to hearing from you!
  23. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Is the mafia relaxing? Are we in a spa or something?