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  1. Dueling Network

  2. Dueling Network

    Saw this posted in public chat  
  3. Dueling Network

      When the Maxx c challenge doesn't go as planned
  4. Dueling Network

          when you want to watch a nice duel of yugimonz but the watchers chat aint about that life
  5. Dueling Network

  6. Dueling Network

    edit : accidentally posted this, please ignore
  7. Dueling Network

      Lets go through a couple of things wrong in this picture.   > I'm using Satellar >The score of the match is 1-1 > Opponent has nothing on the field > Opponent complains about me not waiting for a response on the activation of upstart goblin > Opponent runs dark bribe > Opponent implying that he could have used a dark bribe on my upstart goblin >Opponent runs dark bribe
  8. Cockfosters Regional UK 21st Nov

    contemplating whether to fly over from australia to attend this cockfoster regional
  9. Sup, New here.

    "None of you are from Japan, I presume. No part of you people are animated. You are all human beings sitting behind a computer screen I think it's time to take the Naruto headbands, the pirate and otherwise colored fonts, the over-dramatization of human interaction, the video game catchphrases, the My Little Pony profile pictures, the pseudo-intellectualism, the getting upset with me for playing the game when in reality your anger should be directed at those that made the deck I've used possible, the unironic anime gifs, the listening to Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance/Black Veil Brides/Panic! at the Disco, the unrealistic personas, the unironic emoticons, the massive and borderline-obnoxious signatures, the Watcher's Chat extraneous banter (the GGs, the REKTs, the SALT XDs, etc,) the "-chan"/"-desu"/"-san"/"sama" suffixes to your usernames, the unironic "trolling," the looking at the top 5 cards of your deck when you lose, the kneejerk "animefan163: luck" reaction when your opponent draws a card that is limited to one in his deck, the subtracting the last portion of your life points then admitting defeat when you could have made it faster to admit defeat in the first place just because you wanted to have a drastic and blown-up "anime death scene," the anime girl fuck pillows (I know you have them,) and just let all of that shit go because I promise you once you all do this, people in the real world (you know, the one you actually play an active role in,) will treat you more seriously and not like some socially retarded clinical depression poster boy. Be normal people."     oh and welcome john- chan  xd lol!!!
  10. Dueling Network

    He was using qli the other day, and raged when his opponent made a comeback from 800lp and won the match. He didn't have an extra deck, because he was apparently too lazy. Cowboy would have won him the game, serves him right. 
  11. YCS Dallas

    Anyone think infernoids will get hit on the banlist ?
  12. YCS Dallas

    We shouldn't jump to conclusions, not saying that you guys are wrong, heck you may even be correct, but the guy just went 16-0. I think he deserves at least a little credit
  13. YCS Dallas

  14. Final Six Samurai Design

    This is like the 7th deck thread you have made, without providing much information on your card choices. If you want to actually get productive feedback and not piss people off, I suggest you start putting more effort into your OP and stop thinking that we will bother to give you useful feedback, without any effort on your part. 
  15. Mass shooting at Oregon community college

    Shit like this reminds me how fucked up the world is, my thoughts are with the victims and the families involved.