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  1. Fluffy Lions ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Lucas. ❤❤ Mastersmasher / Raust ❤❤ Waka ❤❤ froabucia / dylpickles92 ❤❤ KizaruTengu ❤❤ Woawa ❤❤ Celsius233 / Celsius ❤❤ Rydia / Euphoria ❤❤ Skycat ❤❤ Neo Sigurimi ☭☭☭☭☭☭ Markus / young sly markus subaru ☭☭ Digbic ☭☭ Jazz ☭☭ MattK ☭☭ Shining Blue Eyes /shining blue-eyes ☭☭ Brandis72 ☭☭ Kewl`Kat ☭☭ Melisandre ☭☭ Arvin ☭☭ BuildTheWalia ☭☭ War Story Raust < Brandis72 Celsius < Brandis72 Celsius > BuildTheWalia Celsius > BuildTheWalia Celsius > Kewl`Kat Celcius < Kewl`Kat KizaruTengu > Kewl`Kat KizaruTengu > Shining Blue-eyes Waka > Shining Blue-eyes
  2. Neo Sigurimi ☭☭☭☭☭☭ Markus / young sly markus subaru ☭☭ Digbic ☭☭ Jazz ☭☭ MattK ☭☭ Shining Blue Eyes /shining blue-eyes ☭☭ Brandis72 ☭☭ Kewl`Kat ☭☭ Melisandre ☭☭ Arvin ☭☭ BuildTheWalia ☭☭ Tha 4HUNNIDS ❤❤❤❤❤❤ WGM ❤❤ Carl Waite ❤❤ N3sh ❤❤ Silver ❤❤ DTKasper ❤❤ Garoozis92 ❤❤ JJ ❤❤ War Story Digbic < WGM Kewl`Kat < DT KASPER Kewl`Kat < DT KASPER Brandis72 > Garoozis92 Shining Blue Eyes < Silver Shining Blue Eyes > WorldGoneMaad Brandis72 < DT KASPER Brandis72 < DT KASPER
  3. We didn't do these either. I'm going to make a list of awards and everyone write an answer for which member you think deserved it for the year of 2017. Best Staff Member Best Duelist Best New Member Best Post Best Poster Best Sig Best Thread Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team Worst Staff Member Worst Duelist Worst Poster Worst Sig Worst Thread Mafia God Best Meme Best Thing to Happen Angriest Poster Biggest Shitposter Stupidest Fucking Idiot Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned These categories apply to forum and Discord.
  4. [Exhibition - Goat] Fluffy Lions vs Neo Sigurimi [FL W]

    yup editing right now.
  5. Brandis72 defeated rei in a best of 3 match of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Trading Card Game's April 2005 "Goat Control" format. He also did your mom. Sigurimi wins.
  6. Double Elimination, Six Hearts Workshop for Metalworker ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Paraliel ❤❤ inky ❤❤ Audioslayne ❤❤ Gojira ❤❤ TheGoldenTyranno ❤❤ rei ❤❤ Neo Sigurimi ❤❤❤❤❤❤ MARKU$ ❤❤ Digbic ❤❤ Shining Blue-eyes ❤❤ Hibernation ❤❤ confined9991 ❤❤ Kewl`Kat ❤❤ Brandis72 ❤❤ rei ❤❤ NB96 ❤❤ BuildTheWalia ❤❤ War Story Paraliel > Markus Markus > Paraliel Kewl`Kat > Haruki Haruki > Markus Paraliel > rei rei > Paraliel BuildTheWalia > TheGoldenTyranno TheGoldenTyranno > BuildTheWalia BuildTheWalia > TheGoldenTyranno rei > kewl`kat Brandis72 > rei
  7. Hi I'm new! Tips for a new girl?

    Ok first, don't press post topic more than once. Open a new tab and check to see if the thread was posted. The forum doesn't always just load the thread when you post it. What happens is it posts a duplicate of the thread each time you submit it even if it doesn't load the next page. It can be annoying. There's a mess I have to clean up now but no worries, just don't do it again. Secondly, this is the wrong section to post in. Try to post in the right sections. This section is specifically for asking about ruling questions. This is not a ruling question, this is an advice thread. You might want to review the site rules which you can find here. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/169319-duelistgroundz-rules-and-regulations/ third, this is a pretty complex game and there's a lot to get into. It's pretty hard to explain it all in one go. I suggest taking a look at yugioh duelist Patrick Hoban's website roadoftheking.com, where the metagame is kept track of. Then you can pick a deck you like and start playing. I suggest playing the best cards and not so much cards you just like. There's a lot of stuff you can learn. You should join our discord server where you can meet some of our best duelists and play with them online via duelingbook.com. I'll link you the server here. https://discord.gg/E9pQhut Discord's messaging platform is accessible via browser, mobile device and everything like that so it's good for duelists like us to communicate on. Suggest on making an account if you don't already have one. Have fun playing.
  8. [Goat] Neo Sigurimi

    ☭ Neo Sigurimi ☭ After the homeland’s national liberation and the subsequent development of the socialist mode of production, the external enemy fully realized they could no longer rely on wars of aggression to defeat worker’s power. Thus, since they could not defeat it from the outside, the imperialists decided to infiltrate the ruling Party of Labor from the inside. They sent their agent Anthony Alvarado to rise through the ranks of the Sigurimi until he could complete his revisionist seizing of power and undermine the Worker’s State. Following the slander and expulsion of the previous Great Leader, the revisionist infiltrators worked to overturn the socialist mode of production, continuously privatizing all aspects of the team until all of its former members were forced into wage slavery by re-joining the commodified pool of Free Agent players. Finally, in a catastrophic crescendo of capitalist counter-revolution, the entire team disintegrated and disbanded. A faction of the Sigurimi old guard who remains true to the cause of their fallen comrade and leader now has formed their own Communist Party, called Neo-Sigurimi. With a new and charismatic leader, along with the help of fresh faces joining the worker’s struggle, the Neo-Sigurimi seeks to reclaim power in the name of the workers, and in the name of Marxism-Leninism.
  9. [Goat] Neo Sigurimi

    Regular: 5-0 Exhibition: 1-1 6-1
  10. [Goat] Neo Sigurimi

    ☭ Markus ☭ Digbic ☭ Jazz ☭ MattK ☭ Shining Blue Eyes ☭ Brandis72 ☭ Kewl`Kat ☭ Melisandre ☭ Arvin ☭ BuildTheWalia
  11. Favorite card?

  12. holy shit they're so fucking good. i've been sleeping on them for soooooooooo long.
  13. [Current] B A Z O O B O Y S

  14. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    u voting me for bad categories wait until i get my brother on u
  15. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    i revived your mafia section and now i'm going to let it die. i hope it dies and never comes back. i can't believe all of you have wasted so many countless hours of my life. weeks upon weeks of wasted thinking when i could've been doing literally anything productive. the fateful day the antagonist convinced me to play with you all even though i really didn't want to was one of the biggest time wasters ive ever had in my whole life. everyone here has always treated me like shit. whenever i start to enjoy this game or do any good it just turns out really shitty for me. i'm done. i've accomplished enough in this game. literally nothing good ever comes out of this. everyone bitches about posi vibes or not being good enough or the rules in some fucking way or anything else. i can take that sure, but it is just garbage rolling town 100 times and scum 6 times. seriously this game has gotten so fucking boring and you all have seen me not try in well over half of my games and you know i don't enjoy this very much, but i put up with it anyway. the meta is stagnant. none of the good players play. all of the bad players do the same things. no one reads no one learns. no one new joins. it's just fucking boring. it takes so much for me to want to play this and actually when i do, i do incredible, but for the past couple times i've really tried to have a good time it's just been disappointing and sad. wwe mafia for example. i hate when i try and put a lot of effort into things and i do do good but the world just ends up fucking me anyways. i'm gone now. i can read scum and i can play scum. i don't need anything else from this stupid fucking game. please never mention the word mafia to me ever again or i'll have a literal heart attack. it's for my own safety. it is mental trauma for me. i'm honestly damaged from your stupid fucking game.
  16. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    epic post
  17. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    ok if anyone has nominations for things that actually happened in 2017 lmk lol.
  18. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    I'll take the L anyway ok whatever some of this can leak into 2018 who gives a shit. Best Staff Member MMF Best Duelist ACP Best New Member BuildTheWalia Best Post - Best Poster digbic Best Sig - Best Thread "Sage said he was gay then he disappeared" Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team PlayProGames Worst Staff Member Mark Worst Duelist Mark Worst Poster Mark Worst Sig - Worst Thread - Mafia God Jazz Best Meme Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka Hibernation, aka Dormant, is one of the best modern Goat Format players. The only players he has losing records to are MMF, Kris Perovic, and God. Morphing Jar aka Big P invented Chaos Recruiter in 2017 when he swept a DGz Top 4 team's squad. I heard that Hibernation aka Morphing Jar aka Brybry aka Mustang plays 4 spirits. Mustang aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats set the DGz Elo record in Goats at 155. This record has only ever been broken by MMF at 161. Big P aka Morphing Jar is not here right now, but his spirit exists in all of us. He is out doing sniping for the NHL and hitting the gym for sick gains. Dubai, otherwise known as Big P, who is the same person as Morphing Jar, was cheated by Chris Borovanch in the Summer 2017 DGz War League. Kristolph Beravinth cheated Big P and did Morphing Jar and Mustang dirty. Morphing Jar wins a lot of games with Mobius the Frost Monarch. Morphing Jar only uses Linux. The FuZe Gang was founded in the honor of Morphing Jar's legacy aka Big P aka Mustang aka Brybry. Thank You, Big P. Best Thing to Happen Based Loli sharking WGM. Angriest Poster - Biggest Shitposter Barron Stupidest Fucking Idiot Sophocles Where is Big P? MMF secert lab Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) Arvin And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned Some fucking FuZe Gang poster.
  19. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    pretty sure mark has been a worse mod than me throughout all of 2017 like what the fuck should i make a duel links thread for you guys or something
  20. 75 Things to Do in Chaos Control Mirrors

  21. the team formerly known as every villain is lemons vs the team that fucked ynus's dad and made him all jealous. two juggernauts swiftly make way into battle. the final matchup of the duelistgroundz war league and certainly the most anticipated. it's time to dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddduel. Neo Sigurimi A. Brandis B. Digbic C. Walia FuZe Gang A. Iori B. Thugalicious C. Castro :eyes: War Story
  22. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    Actually I think I can just move this one to announcements.
  23. Well, it's been fun, again, DG.

    cya buddy. thanks for killing world gone maad. you were the greatest.