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  1. wtf

    who the fuck removed my mafia god role
  2. yeah i vape, so what?

    today i was over at my moms house and she was getting mad at me for vaping and i was just really not having it. i wasn't having any of that oppressive bullshit that white fascist bitch was trying to feed me. she was trying to tell me that vaping is gay. can you fucking beleive it? out of all the things my mother has done to me, this has just been the worst. she has gone too far. i just want to vape in peace ok? i want to fill up my vape with nazi tears and inhale it, then, i want to annoy people by exhaling it, so they get to smell all the nazi smells that were just inside my dirty mouth. jesus fucking christ if some fascist wants me to not vape here again i might just move to canada and drink milk out of bags, and no im not fucking done there. im gonna go on my favorite yugioh board and express all my deepest sexual feelings with joseph stalin but also 16 year old girls on the intere-.... WAIT A SECOND, i WOULD if it weren't for that fuckinng tankie allen pennington removing politics from discord. how am i supposed to post homoerotic communism memes now? what else is a duelist/tumblr poster/mafia player supposed to do other than suck a bunch of dicks after getting mad and moving to canada? *inhales from vape* seriously? do i just post about how spirit of the game doesn't matter at fucking all in a game about bluffing? i'm done. time for me to leave my basement and get a tattoo that looks like a beyblade.
  3. Always Angry Mafia sign-ups

    i don't wanna be a sub anymore
  4. yeah i vape, so what?

    yall r way more cringe than me tf yall r all so old only old crusty ass bitches would date u old ass u probably go out with a witch
  5. if you're black

    BRUHHHHH this fuckin threaddddddd lmao
  6. duelistgroundz

  7. malcolmĀ 

  8. Pride

    i know who byte is. i just think the misogyny wasn't the right way to go about it. when you're being a misogynist you're not just attacking byte, you're attacking all women.
  9. Pride

    this wasnt a good one
  10. yeah i vape, so what?

    allen has ruined this entire website. him and probably a select few individuals have been making this site what it is for over a decade. these days we can't be glorifying harassment. its time you become self aware and realize why dgz does suck. its founding members are scum of the earth
  11. yeah i vape, so what?

    lmfao. yeah its been a huge dick sucking competition. when i joined i was told to be myself but really what those fiends wanted was for me to be like them. ive been rejected by this community so much because ive decided to be myself. thats why ive talked so much shit about yall these days
  12. Always Angry Mafia sign-ups

    can i sub in? i wanted to join but got confused by signups fffffffff if u need one i mean
  13. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    yeah claire doesn't count in this thread, we're talking about boys here. not female (males). so start waving your gay pride flags and sticking foreign objects into your assholes because this is about to get really spicy. so we all know mafia takes a lot out of somebody. there are good times, there are bad times, but what we all know is that we love mafia, and we love eachother, so this thread instead of being about meta is about our feelings in the mafia community. to better ourselves as a playing group, we must learn to love one another, so i've made this thread where we express our love for eachother. personally, i'm more for the strong, powerful, game changing type (although, there are some exceptions to the rule for my romantic interest). i'm also really into a touching personality and a silver tongue. if you have a way with words, trust me, you've already won your way into my heart. so i'm pretty sure you could all guess who two of my 4 picks for mafia husbands would be, they are malcolm and confuse rei god i love them so much. i can't believe i'm not a beautiful woman that is somehow not apart of their irl life. i would just make love to them vigorously for hours on end. jesus christ. stefanos is SO funny, intelligent, charming, friendly, i love him. i love him so much. and malcolm is all of those things too. he's so masculine and honest and when he says something he means it (unless he's playing mafia, it's okay to lie if you're doing it to fuck up stupid idiots that don't know how to play social deduction games). i've never seen him before but when he says he is handsome and has a large dick i believe him 100%. god they're just the epitome of what every man should hope to be. in game or out of game. i fucking LOVE them. for my 3rd choice, he will always have a special place in my heart. juan. i love him. he is so kind and understanding. what a beautiful person. i cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how terrible it must be to live in chile. it sounds like a bunch of roaches are always crawling over your food over there. no wonder he is so humble. he lives in the dirtiest nastiest most disgusting piece of shit country. i think the only way to get worse than some south american countries is if you go to saudi arabia and you're a woman. speaking of which, it hurts me that all of my picks have been outside of my country so far. maybe one day i will have a future with... paraliel. <3 <3 <3 mason has always been there for me. he is so timid and shy and he's a real sweetheart. very positive person! very intelligent! very successful! and most of all, he is very kind. he saw me for who i was when nobody else would. i am so happy to have him around again. he's definitely a mancrush for me. so those are my four picks when it comes to mafia players that i would marry. what about yours? does anybody want to make a tier list for who the best mafia lovers would be? i think this would really positively develop our play as a mafia community. btw if you want to know why i did not choose you, you can ask. i'll just tell you what exactly about you i find to be disgusting.
  14. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    yeah of course can't wait xoxo
  15. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    this thread is hilarious
  16. You Should Be Able To Pos Rep Your Own Post

    you should change blue heart red
  17. yeah i vape so what 2

    free thugalicious
  18. yeah i vape so what 2

    yeah i actually vape now you fucking idiots. you're all idiots. get fucked.
  19. yeah i vape so what 2

    anyone who crossed me is either my friend or looks like a fucking idiot rn.
  20. yeah i vape so what 2

    also im smarter and cooler than all yall that crossed me. maybe im not better than u at yugioh but that shits gay
  21. yeah i vape so what 2

    i swear 50 of you have all looked stupider in your adulthood than i had in my adolescence
  22. yeah i vape so what 2

    you guys from the last thread suck and always sucked. ive always been the greatest you just couldnt admit it.
  23. yeah i vape, so what?

    it looks like everyone else was trying to fit in harder than i ever was by making this shitpost. congratulations for aligning urselves with mentally ill psychopaths and pedophiles on this part of history u pathetic clowns.
  24. Always Angry Mafia sign-ups

    only 12?