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  1. Welcome DNF members to DGZ

    I could've used this when I was being a faggot a few months ago, but it still helps now.   Thanks.
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    A few things, I've noticed that there is a lack of traps in the meta, trapless Qli and BA are a thing and Nekroz never ran traps so Sekka is better as a side at the moment if you decide to run it. Secondly, you'll only see Fiendish Chain in Volcanic and virtually nothing with BTS, the only extra thing you get from Book of Eclipse is that the hand gods also get their effects when flip summoned and maybe you get to Trishula them if they didn't have a hand, and even then, they will more than likely have more than one monster and draw multiple rather than one, in addition they will have more plays to make.   About Felgrand, there isn't any quick way to spam Valkyrus to get out a rank 8, and even so, not everybody runs 3 Valk, people like 2.
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    I love spongebob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FgwKpemKmo
  4. #HypeTrain

    That kind of post formatting is awful
  5. My fake plants died because I forgot to pretend to water them

  6. Hype train: joined.

    Hiya Khuffers, I guess I'll be here too when DNF dies so might aswell come back
  7. Should I go out by myself tonight?

    Outside? Stay on the internet, we're your real friends.
  8. I thought that this needed to be made lel   So I was dueling today and I ended up going against Nekroz in unrated, unfortunately I was playing Jam Breeding Machine OTK, good thing I sacrificed 10,000 dragon people in order to pull the perfect hand to defeat them.   I haven't done a thing this awesome in like, forever.   Please, post your screenshots of your YGO glory.
  9. Oh please, this topic would have been abused for postcount, this is nowhere about yugioh discussion
  10. [spoiler]   Main   x2 Sekka x3 Plaguespreader x3 Manju x3 Shrit x3 Brionac x3 Clausolas x3 Trishula x3 Unicore x1 Valkyrus   x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x3 Exomirror x3 Kaleidomirror x3 Preparation of Rites x3 Reinforcement of the Army   x1 Royal Decree   Extra   x1 Beelze x1 Goyo x2 Herald x1 Leo x1 Quasar x1 Shooting x2 Star Eater x1 Stardust   x1 Castel x1 Emeral x1 Gaia x1 Exa-Beetle x1 Nyarla   [/spoiler]   Ignore the sidedeck please   So, this is my build for Nekroz, it looks like your basic build of the guys but there's some weird zombie tuner up in there, god knows why.   Well actually there is a reason, you see, people have been trying to smash in this god awful tech "Synchro Miracle Fusion", it's hella slow and it's a play that you get out this fella with.   [spoiler]1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster + 1 Warrior-Type monster   Must first be Fusion Summoned.   Once per turn: You can target 1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster in the Graveyard; banish that target, and if you do, until the End Phase, this card's name become that monster's, and replace this effect with that monster's original effects.   While this card is in Attack Position, your opponent takes any effect damage you would have taken from their card effects, instead. [/spoiler]   Not too good am I right? Now I thought about it and no really good techs came to mind, so I threw in something that I thought might work.   Now what can Plaguespreader do? Well lets see   Plaguespreader can bring itself back from the grave, so that's 2 synchros each time he's pulled   Trishula (9) + Plague(2) = Star Eater   Brionac(6) + Plague(2) = Beelze   Valkyrus(8) + Plague(2) = Leo       These are your go to plays, and really, your ritual monsters don't have the best effects to have on the field, and you can use their effects before you synch so does it matter? Not one bit.   Lemme give you a taste of how strong of a tech this can be sometimes.   See how much better this is than that Miracle Fusion thing? Like, allot.   Please, discuss ;)
  11. Nekroz w/Plaguespreader Zombie Tech

    EDIT: -1 Shrit -1 Clausolas    +2 Valkyrus   unfortunately gungnir is in the boosterpack after.
  12. Nekroz w/Plaguespreader Zombie Tech

      Ok then... I'm bad at building yada yada.   Yeah, it is hard to draw into plague, bricking is there, you're right. This is terrible. I didn't know how people were running Nekroz too much anyways and thanks for the support.     Please, add something to the topic if you are to get post-count.
  13. Posting a Deck thread - basic rules

    That is ok to an extent, like orange for monsters, green for spells, purp for traps, yada yada yada   now since this thing is brand new I have to go make a decklist for it   y urthor, that is just like, annoying to type out
  14. hello everyone!

    Alucard2Sweg Carmen SanDiego
  15. A chat on the site

    If you were able to estimate what amount of time would you throw out for a wating period?
  16. hello everyone!

    Welcome to DGz, we hope you enjoy your stay and contribute to the community.
  17. DNF Reject

    I think I made some friends
  18. new hoodie

    That jacket just screams praise Cthulhu lol, looks like something I'd wear.
  19. Hi. I'm Trinity

    Oh it's you xXTrinityXx   hi
  20. DNF Reject

      Colored font is bad, ban worthy       *thumbs up*
  21. DNF Reject

    >vague post   >expects me to do something   seems legit
  22. DNF Reject

          I think that edit helps