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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. too many cooks

    Ok I'm typing while watching [spoiler] I'm sure this is gonna go really bad   Stop talking about cooks, get over with the song   oh   wait, goddamit :/   Oh this is getting hilarious   Too many cooks~ :D   Oh what lel   Ok thats like, stupid, end it, or is this the entire joke?   I like the police officer part   american way yes! resist the forces of evil indeed! 'murica   ok so people are getting murdered   from that angle, the closet is the obvious choice to search   this would count as major spam on a forum   dammit now I have to put a spoiler on this D:   the fuck is wrong with this guy?   smarf for the win   BotH vs COOKS, k   THE FIRST DIALOG OMFG :O   oh here we go, the song   TOO MANY COOKS   oh god this is getting really fucked up   do it smarf   those references tho   finally it's over [/spoiler]
  2. I really would have expected you to run in this @urthor, surprised me there
  3. DNF Reject

      DNF reject in this sense basically means that I'm annoying in this case, not that I get into allot of trouble, so you shouldn't have to worry about me   Inb4 -1000000000000000 on reputation lel
  4. Advice on Jobs

    Well, you could be a slob that just mooches off of his/her friends but you need friends to do that so just to be sure I'm not spamming read that   | \/    The best plan to have here is to hang onto this job of yours until you can find a half-decent or better job, so toughen up or go live with your parents. (implying that you have parent etc.)