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  1. 1 hour ago, Sophocles said:

    I like my mafia games the way I like my coffee - without markus in it and with a very bitter note at the end.

    i just think you're really really really awful at this game. do you see how many people i pocketed on day 1? practically the entire game. i had a winnable game. you always float or never post anything regardless of your alignment. i don't think you've ever helped solve a game once as town. i'm pretty sure you just get away with scum sometimes because you're also floater town. 

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  2. he says he disagrees with you for the most part and you've spoken on brandis and malcolm so far for town. he's pressing malcolm a lot. i dont think it means he thinks malcolm is scum yet because he says policy lynch. he wants more info first. he elaborates on this when he says he doesn't believe in the 'content' that malcolm and brandis/jazz have put out. that being said, i agree that brandis/jazz hasn't made good content.


    my deal is that they both aren't too hot on brandis/jazz so that makes this whole dichotomy really weird. they're at eachothers necks. they should be working together for the most part right?


    rei is a lot more passive, like trying to get more work out of malcolm. malcolm is a lot more aggressive and blood thirsty. it feels a bit soon to say because 1. they haven't gotten sufficient responses out of eachother and 2. there haven't been any flips yet. i want to watch them more. especially tomorrow.

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  3. alright so from my first real analysis of this thread, i feel like i gave brandis the slip too early. that might've fucked with malcolm a bit. i'll post some reasoning and dig more in a minute.


    so the first thing i want to mention is that brandis is suspicious of nothing after i ask him. i thought it was initially natural from him being a new player but i dont think brandis is a stupid person. i mean he's one of the best players on my yugioh team and ive learned a lot from him. he didn't say anything how there was an early wagon on rei from silver or anything, he just said nothing was of value. going through his posts some more, they feel pretty empty. his first vote was on walia who had not posted yet who fills the vote quota of the day. brandis is floating hard and keeping distance from anything that really matters it looks like.


    i have some stuff written down. i have to go through solstice carefully. this is just stuff that i've come up with through a quick read.

  4. 21 hours ago, Solstice said:

    There are pros and cons to both approaches. As for how I see the pros: On the one hand if scum tries to NK the claimed earl they're leaving other more dangerous PRs like cop or doc alive, on the other hand if they ignore the earl to try and hunt the other PRs they leave a confirmed town alive.  So I could definitely see merit in having them claim right off the bat as it could leave scum with a rough start either way.  On the con side if we end up in the row with two earls it's super easy for scum to just pick them both off and we don't really gain anything by having them claim here.  Odds favor this not being the case, but if we decide claiming is best and it turns out that way we're kind of screwed.  So it's something to think about. 

    actually what we get out of it is that we don't have to worry about "town traps" and people automatically getting scum read for getting wrong on one read. i don't trust many people's ability to make correct reads without process of elimination this game. malcolm suggested we do the same thing when we had to deal with masons.