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  1. trans stuffs

    i guess i just won't respond to anybody unless they use my name now. fuck it.
  2. trans stuffs

    i came out july 9th 2019 to my family and i told them today that by this next july 9th i dont want to be called by my deadname anymore and nobody wants to do that and its upsetting me. people should honestly get two weeks to adjust to this shit but they seriously just dont want to acknowledge my identity in any way.
  3. Dead Site Mafia Signups

    malcolm is doing alright yes
  4. trans stuffs

    "here is your estrogen, sir"
  5. trans stuffs

    i get that "he is a transgender woman" bullshit way too much tbh
  6. if you click on this topic you must post

    @rei https://twitter.com/Lyno_DaHusky/status/1220490055975866368?s=09
  7. trans stuffs

    lol. you guys r dorks
  8. trans stuffs

    those r not my pronouns soph
  9. trans stuffs

    also to touch up on my transphobe friend from highschool. i dont think anyone really liked me out of that group of friends except the one. i think its because i wasnt masculine enough. all of them kind of ignored me except for the one friend and we all did boxing and shit like that trying to be tough guys. i was smaller than them and really feminine though.
  10. trans stuffs

    i guess ill update this with whatever experiences i have
  11. trans stuffs

    how my family is taking me being trans dad: completely supportive and not weird. exactly what i wanted. mom: weird but "supportive"????? she is very fucking weird about it and sometimes creepy. she kind of doesnt want me to be transgender and its obvious and she wants me to sit down with her and look at drag queens and tries to answer peoples questions about me and is completely wrong doing so. she is also always prying about my relationships and my sexuality. its weird. older brother: doesnt want to hear a thing about me being trans and gets angry whenever i mention it. one time he started a fight with me and i pointed out that ive only mentioned one thing about me being trans once every day and he kinda saw that he was being ridiculous but its really obvious he doesn't want me to be trans. i also asked him to call me by my name and he says he doesn't want to do that and i told him ive been out of the closet for over half a year now and its getting kinda silly and i dont know if hes ever going to be ready at all and he started getting really mad about that. younger brother: supports me. calls me by my name. completely awesome. doesn't invade on my privacy too much. kind of like my dad except he calls me by my name. youngest brother: transphobe. makes a lot of fun of me for being trans. sometimes lays his hands on me. probably the worst of them all. btw if you haven't noticed my mom has a lot of kids even older brother: he freaked out when he saw my facebook post and called my mom and my sister about it asking all sorts of questions. he asked stuff like if ive ever had a girlfriend before and my mom told him i did and that ive had sex a few times etc etc. he says he loves me but that i am his brother and he doesnt want to ever call me anything but my deadname. i had a talk with him about it. his wife is on my side and says she'll make sure he puts an effort into understanding and accepting me. shes amazing ❤️ sister: she is completely accepting of me. she didnt run her mouth to anyone about anything and was very private and respectful of me. i can probably depend on her a lot one of my "best friends" from highschool: hates me. apparently never liked me. calls me a tranny. i might go kick his ass. my actual best friend from highschool: supportive. treats me the same. doesn't think im a weirdo. other close friend from hs: supportive. even willing to use my name. makes fun of me for being trans sometimes but ik hes just fooling around.
  12. Dead Site Mafia Signups

    imagine playing mafia without malcolm
  13. running a game since im retired for now

    yeah this thread has been up for a month
  14. running a game since im retired for now

    i asked him this morning to start the game. i guess we'll see when he gets off work.
  15. if you click on this topic you must post E

    ok gretchen