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  1. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    DNF isn't 100% trashposters. A handful of members actually knew how to post. I knew bow to post but outside of the serious posting areas I was different. I could bring intelligent discussion to the table. I was a faggot when I joined DG.  
  2. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Yeah I totally get you, I guess we need new users. What do we do now? Tell DNF that we got rid of the neg button? Will that make them come over here and check it out? More users=Better warring,tournaments and so on. Too good.  
  3. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Yeah I know what you mean in mod cp you can make announcements like that, but I doubt you see the potency of different styles of advertisements. Users not having to dive into threads to read announcements is beneficial. And I don't mean fb statuses, I mean DGz statuses, that one part of the forum that is never used because its so difficult to access.
  4. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    I mean, there are other (positive) fixes to a lot of problems like advertising these threads that you brought up 6 hours ago or anything else on the mind of the staff team. DNF's status update thing I always thought was pretty cool, how you can see all of the status updates right in front of you where you can read and comment on them. The benefits it would bring would be easier advertisement of DGz tournaments and so on, announcements being clearer etc. Idk if it costs money or not.
  5. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Ty rei ty
  6. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Of course it starts discussion, it upset like 90% of the userbase and they don't like it, they will speak their mind. Speaking of which, isn't the problem that we aren't speaking our minds about bad things and good things? We are doing it right now, what do you mean we don't do it enough?
  7. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Okay let's list all the benefits of rep 1. Shows opinions quickly and easily. 2. Flags good and bad posts in intelligent discussion. 3. Shows which posters make good and bad posts 4. Clears up spam like "lol" and "your humor does not have my approval" at least a little, hell it keeps us from having to do a lot of things 5. Makes a collection of all of a user's good posts (preserving a lot of history along with it) Shit what am I doing, there are so many befefits reputation gives on a discussion board I won't waste my time listing them all. Apparently there's a problem in the user's conversing, so you're taking a negative action to deal with this when the users have done only one thing: be themselves...and you are punishing all of us. Excuse me if I sound a little salty.
  8. where all the green went

    Taking away rep because we act like nerds will make us surge to find other ways to show our approval and disapproval. LOOK AT WHAT WE ARE BECOMING
  9. where all the green went

    They're punishing us for being ourselves
  10. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    Honestly, what is the goal for removing rep at this point?
  11. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    What are we trying to do? Let DNF in here?
  12. Reforming Duelistgroundz

    itf rei hates us
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    I feel so shattered as a human being...
  14. if you click on this topic you must post

  15. if you click on this topic you must post

    And then he opened his journal and he wrote "I'm popular"
  16. Sykotic's narcissism thread

  17. if you click on this topic you must post

    I'm scared of the dark still kind of
  18. if you click on this topic you must post

    A lot of his movies are meh but he's really cool tbh
  19. if you click on this topic you must post

    Tenacious D was the best band that ever lived.
  20. if you click on this topic you must post

    Apparently girls can kiss other girls and still be straight idgi
  21. if you click on this topic you must post

    Is it gay or masturbation? You're not having sex with another guy, you're pleasuring yourself so I wouldn't think it'd be gay.
  22. Underwood Mafia Aftergame Thread

    My first mafia game ever I was scum and we did good up until when they shot 2 guns in 1 night killing everyone but me and then I kind of dropped the ball. :v
  23. Underwood Mafia Aftergame Thread

    Ladd proe scum
  24. Underwood Mafia Aftergame Thread

    I do think I played poorly, I'm not hiding it.