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  1. rip psk mafioso

  2. хелло гуј ит ис ме маркус јоур фриенд


  4. hoy toy toy toy toy

  5. we have no fucking good skins. i might as well use fucking enchanted.

    1. Jazz


      Default isn't bad if you don't mind a white background.

    2. SnowMegido


      Enchanted looks like a gay guy committed suicide after getting cucked in a mafia game 

    3. little bug

      little bug

      brave is the equivalent to me how vietnam war vets feel about the jungle. 

  6. i constantly forget what fucking day it is.

    1. Jujuuu.


      Then keep a calendar on you faggot.

    2. little bug

      little bug

      why the fuck would i do that when i have technology?????

  7. destroy all thots

  8. I haven't seen a fucking anime since 2015.

  9. @buckwheatloaf why don't u respond to my messages ? =(

  10. you can hide my sig, but you can't hide my profile picture. witness the gif of rainbows.

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    2. little bug

      little bug

      Enjoy posting on your phone.

    3. little bug

      little bug

      Lmao. I think even if I change my avatar it will still be blocked if that happens. I like to think everyone sees me express myself so I will literally change it to something else, or just make it a still image. 

    4. little bug

      little bug

      FTR you can just block my posts all together =) 

  11. wow outside of mafia this site is fucking dead. even the discord chat is dead.

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    2. ACP



    3. Jazz


      This community has always had a robust dueling simulator (first YVD, then DN) to hold it together but without that I am afraid the strongest bond we have is mafia.

    4. DarkBlaze557


      "Nobody wants to talk when I want to talk." - Angsty Teens 2017

      I'm sorry you don't have any friends.

  12. life is like rep. sometimes, you feel proud of yourself that you've done so good. sometimes, life pushes you around and asks you what the fuck you are doing, and sometimes, everything just comes your way so much that it just loses value, but overall, it really doesn't matter.

    1. Audioslayne


      So the less I care about it the better it will get?

    2. little bug

      little bug

      yeah man exactly

  13. Vote for Malcolm for King of the Forum

  14. hey look i made a thousand

    1. Jazz


      what % is from mafia?

    2. little bug

      little bug

      about 300 rep is me off of mafia.

  15. cool thing gore is legal on dgz.

  16. sorry for not logging into duelistgroundz jc, i will try to pos rep as many posts as i can for you today. i've been slacking on the whole pos repping every one of your posts since the mafia game.

  17. 3 games in a row fucked. :)

  18. fuck off with your raccoons. stay out of my house. stop sending raccoons to my house. why the raccoon avatar huh? you think you're funny? 

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    2. mmf
    3. buckwheatloaf


      u can push me around its ok


      aw :3



    4. little bug

      little bug

      u like it when i push u aroun dont u



  19. I used to not be a fan of buckwheat, but now I loaf him!

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    2. buckwheatloaf


      at yeast im loaved at all. 

    3. Berdversary


      Damn ACP beat me to the punch

    4. Me.


      You better mean you're cutting him up like a loaf of bread.

  20. look how cute and pink my weeb avi is

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    2. SSJ Grumpig

      SSJ Grumpig

      it makes me think about cleansing the land of infidels

    3. little bug

      little bug

      shut up u guys i like cute things! >:(

    4. SSJ Grumpig

      SSJ Grumpig

      we all do!


      but not as much as we love tearing them down to appease our mutilated innocence

  21. My friend needs help with cryptography. Can somebody help me?

    1. TheGoldenTyranno


      Hmm. Apparently, no one can help... Anyhow describe what you need and I'll see if I'm qualified.