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  1. yea ok u boys just talk it up. ima go read some cool threads ok?
  2. is it ok if i hammer day on myself? i dont care anymore.
  3. I get mad a lot and I get mad pretty easily. As you can probably tell I hate a lot of people too. Hopefully the both of us can move forward.
  4. dude either u me or malcolm are scum, and i know im town and im sure malcolm is town, so ur scum man. like what is the issue with that logic? im not scum. maybe malcolm is next leveling us. i know its not me, im inquisitor town.
  5. well ur fucking wrong and it makes me mad. >:(
  6. When I flip town, somebody please fucking vig iSlickz. Please. Holy fuck.
  7. All Faint has done is vote Sophocles and say winter is coming.
  8. Scum would not want a Jailor Malcolm to be going around jailing people. He is widely considered to be one of the best players, and even though rei floated and contributed nothing to the game the scum team was worried enough to want to night kill rei. However you can argue that the strong man can just always fuck up Malcolm, thus, it wouldn't matter if Malcolm was jailor or not, they could just leave him alive, although, the scum team was willing to NK rei night 1, so they might still want to kill Malcolm. I don't think the scum team is very brave so I think Malcolm is going to die. Malcolm as scum would never night kill rei, and especially not night 1.
  9. islickz is fucking scum you guys.
  10. what i said is that if a certain very unlikely series of events occur in a certain way then there is a chance that malcolm may be scum.
  11. i have made logical calculations taking the information i listed into consideration. my hypothesis is that "malcolm and mark are town, islickz is scum". i dont see how is that hard to understand. i gave a lot of reasoning about how malcolm isn't scum in the paragraph in the middle. i said that he may be scum if he survives, but he fucking wont. i don't see why the you are saying that's me going back and forth between islickz being scum and malcolm being scum. my hypothesis is that malcolm and yourself are town and that islickz is scum.
  12. mark u said u wanted more out of me, this is it. u want me to do reads on a couple question marks? i can do that too, as long as the day isn't hammered.
  13. i literally have done nothing worth being lynched for so far in my own opinion. malcolm is just the mafia god like u all think he is and want to suck the fuck out of his dick. not to mention there are dogs that are essentially double votes. look islickz is fucking scum. after i die, u need to recognize that malcolm isn't shit at this game, develop your own opinions instead of following malcolm around and kill islickz because mark and malcolm are probably town. also if malcolm doesn't receive the night kill, he might be scum, since he's the jailor and shit. maybe scum wants to play around like they are intelligent or something by keeping malcolm alive and risk one of the widely considered best players snipe their night kills with heals, which they probably won't really want to do since they were pussy enough to kill rei night 1 after he floated the entire day and even CLAIMED VANILLA. how weak. anyway, like i said, malcolm and mark are town, islickz is scum.
  14. the only scum i know is islickz. no one cares. its super early on so i really don't have much to say. i was right about soph and sage being town, i am inquisitor and i checked rei because i wanted to see if he was telling the truth about his vanilla claim, what else do u want out of me? mark is town malcolm is town islickz is scum. this is all i can say.