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  1. We should probably send like JC. or Francis. Francis Wunter doesn't even play anymore. I don't remember the last time he's made a post.
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    ive moved about a billion times in my life so far bc my family has always been incredibly broke ive done it so much but its just the actual worst. esp bc i dont even know where im gonna live lmao.
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    posts are way better lol
  4. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    Imagine requesting a ban then posting more.
  5. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    Apparently when you change the reason for the ban it removes all the restrictions you may have applied before you changed it lol. I wish I straight up had admin control panel that's way easier to use.
  6. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    ??? Did the ban not work? Lol. I thought I disabled his account. He's supposed to have been banned.
  7. DNF Reject

    like 8 of the people that negged me here were worse dnf shitposters than me.
  8. DNF Reject

    unfortunately for dirk and spadaro 3 malcolm banned me before they could do any epic trolling. those were some pretty good baits that i definitely would have taken.
  9. DNF Reject

    this is the best intro thread/anime backstory
  10. DNF Reject

    late reply but i am so fucking funny u have no idea.
  11. You're all fucking losers

    sup dorito man. its young markus.
  12. bobs burgers sucks

    maybe it wasn't so bad but it was forced down my throat so much growing up when i only thought the show was okay at best.
  13. FLCL 2 + 3

    saw alternative ep 1 leak. it's different. it still has that growing up vibe to it. it feels like i'm actually in highschool watching this. it feels like a "the good ol' days" type of thing. it has like some metaphors like the old one did and it's still philosophical. it feels less weird and more social. i think thats like an approach to appeal to more audiences maybe. it's not bad. i like it a lot. art style is not the same but i still think it's good aesthetic. it's a bit more tumblr girl esque now.
  14. big p back

  15. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    turn off your computer and see a doctor.