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  1. teach me how to play better
  3. i mean, yeah more information could have been out there but i couldn't be certain as of how it would have been received. i actually wanted to die jazz. just preferably not day 1 lol.
  4. i dont know about that. maybe i could've. i feel like i made a good play. i dont really feel like i needed to claim.
  5. yeah but then i would have basically never been able to use my power. i am a role that is supposed to die. the life and info was more important than me being alive.
  6. tbh if jazz didn't agree with me i would have just dropped it on jazz. lmao @ i almost dropped on mascis. i was like, hm, i like mascis...but i dont rly have any reasons to like him. behavior is not a good reason...jazz tho, that's my best friend right there. i dont know how nobody knew i was BOD.
  7. The safe play was Jazz, but you gotta capitalize, man. You gotta give the powerful role the life. You gotta save him. Hate my play all you want I was right.
  8. I did my best guys! In the end my reads on digbick AND jazz were correct! I just wanted to have fun but unfortunately I was fucked over and now I'm being disrespected by a fucking piece of shit, so this game has overall been pretty awful for me!
  9. You know what me? You're honestly the worst person I have ever met on this site. You are so self righteous and disgusting. You have done nothing but bully me ever since I hit this site and you continue to be a fucking cunt for no reason. Whatever bullshit you're trying to say that I was a worthless sub for you, as to give town a sort of /edge/ by subbing out is fucking retarded just like you, because on day 1, if you're going to die as a BOD, your reads aren't going to be that fucking good in the first place. I tried my very best at seeing if digbic was town or scum, and I read him as town myself, and I asked Jazz because I 100% trusted him as town at that point for reassurance. If it weren't for you fucking around on the day 1 and literally destroying what makes mafia fun for everybody by quite honestly playing against your own faction by lying about your role and fucking the game up so much, maybe there would have been a better option. I wanted to capitalize my choice in who got the extra life and all you gave a fuck about was making a huge damn mess and now you're trying to pin the blame on me. I hope you get banned from this fucking section because you have absolutely no integrity, respect, honor or anything of the sort for anybody, and especially not for this game. People like you are why this site is so hated because you just fuck up everything and are an asshole for no fucking reason. You are so fucking sickening. Fucking die. Please. Die.
  10. I tried.