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  1. dropping if mark joins btw.
  2. have we ever done "ties result in a random lynch between the tied persons"
  3. sure.
  4. i researched that and it says that there's one stat that wasn't mentioned: gambling. relative level at computer/cold/fire/execution/ideas/gambling, the most important 6 smash skills - laudandus honestly the only guy that really gambles on this site is nelrick.
  5. fool. you dare underestimate the dark lord's power? very well, it shall be your grave.
  6. she will strike you down
  7. mark and claire arguing about dumb shit? i thought i read this thread already.
  8. you cannot possibly take a picture of a katana of such stature. it is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too big to take a picture of you wouldn't know if it were a katana or not even if we showed you a picture.
  9. ^undeniable proof that mmf makes up bullshit on the spot.
  10. just caught this comment. yes it is.
  11. see this is what i dont understand. somehow, you make these graphs with the most absurd stats. how is sayaka, the girl known for chopping people down with her large katana have only 1 stat of fire and at least 2 stats of everything else. you are making everyone look like they don't have the flame when they have a lot of the flame. i refuse to accept that sayaka has low fire. sayaka's fire may perhaps burn brighter than anyone else's fire on here. if you would just look at her large katana (opposed to her smaller one of course) you would see that within her spirit lies a fiery dragon, ready to ignite any thread with her shitposts. i cannot even begin to understand how you missed this.
  12. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  13. sophocles more like dumb person.