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  1. Fuck you Tyranno.
  2. Juan have we played a game together before?
  3. Well it's just that you mentioning that Slickz sucks while driving and then voting for him to be hero seems contradictory.
  4. strongest scum read atm director boy?
  5. Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying Juan. I'm not reading anything scummy off of Mascis. He's just saying things and if he's getting heat he's just taking it. He's just being weird.
  6. When Mascis is weird, there's a reason.
  7. Looks like a car seat behind him Jazz.
  8. iSlickz, your favorite game is not Skyrim.
  9. The last hero was strong, but his job was to keep the wolves at bay. Notice how we are electing someone with the title of Hero, not giving anyone any sword or any mystical hero items, we're merely just calling someone a Hero. Basically, we're making someone fight wolves. This is what I get from the flavor text. Who here is strong enough to fight off a pack of wolves?
  10. Welcome to MafiaGroundz, duelist.
  11. Vote count???
  12. JC I know you want to be the hero, and I think you would be a really good hero, but I think it is best if I am the hero.
  13. Why can't I be the hero
  14. You have not met Abe Thalos at locals before Tyranno.