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  1. rei barely floated and made quota, he didn't say anything that stands out. malcolm wouldn't kill rei n1 i dont think.
  2. scum is full of weak insecure players thats why they killed rei
  3. yeah so vote islickz since hes scum.
  4. claim im inquisitor and i get to see people's role types. seems like a pretty shitty power to me. i scanned rei because i wanted to know if he was a truth teller about his role. oops looks like he got killeded shrug emoji.
  5. what exactly is off about my playstyle rn
  6. yea i don't rly think im acting that differently. i've been back and forth and being unsure before. that's like super common for me. think what u will but this is completely within character for my playstyle for town.
  7. Usually you post videos having something somewhat related to what you had to say but Bohemian Rhapsody doesn't seem to fit with much. Did you post that because of SageRhapsody?
  8. i kind of lay low on day 1. i have a tendency to have no balls and not want to really say someone is scum so fast. im watching and waiting. tbh i thought sophocles is more likely to be scum than sage but logically speaking, knowing the name of the towns before they flip kind of makes me feel like he's town. theoretically the scum flavor could be written like "you win when you have eliminated all the starks". i didn't see much of a reason as of why malcolm wanted me dead so i just let it go on as i watched. guess my indecision between sophocles and sagerhapsody is a bit scummy to him. don't think that's that much. if you really want my analysis right now between them, i feel like it's more likely that they are both town, however i am not confident in this read and i wouldn't treat it as gospel, i haven't seen enough yet.
  9. wifom is generally not a good response but i get that he doesn't think he's scummy for what he did. (sage rhapsody)
  10. yea as much as id like to be able to see it i dont think the @logic sophocles has is good enough. i dont know if that makes any of then town or scum but i hate that people play without @logic.
  11. wow this IS poop city. malcy voted on me. thats not very fun.
  12. i really don't see how that means town or scum