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  1. vote mark yeah i was really mad about JC's death.
  2. rei, trust list?
  3. Mark, I understand that you may have been /afraid/, and chose not to trust JC., however, did it matter if you trusted him or not if you had a life? That kind of bothers me. I don't think anyone would have given you a life since you were mostly scummy looking. This should be your power. I don't see a reason why you should have thought not to trust, since you already had a layer of defense, you didn't have to be on edge.
  4. No, that is not my only reason either.
  5. So my initial action is to go vs Gemstone because of Silverdude, obviously. We should really look at what Silverdude had to say.
  6. You were never a quality hero if you believe in revenge, JC. For shame. JC., I considered you a friend. Neither you or I were heroes, but to me, it was okay, we had each other. You were a hero to me. Now you are nothing more than scum. Don't worry JC., I understand. I will be the true false hero and save the game for town, regardless of any powers. PRO TIP TO USERS: THE CITADEL PROTECTS US FROM EVIL. PERHAPS WE CAN USE THEM IN THE CITADEL. JC is an evil god after all. He said he was being evil himself.
  7. wow outside of mafia this site is fucking dead. even the discord chat is dead.

    1. RZR_DigbickThePickleMan


      Didn't you hear that dgz is a success and not dead at all 


    3. Markus


      nobody wants to talk lol

  8. my post count is finally above my year of birth.
  9. in 56 more pages we'll have 5555 pages ;-o
  10. do u guys like what i did to faint's face?