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  1. see you later kool kidz xd stranger things scum 4ever now........i shall use this crossbow to pierce my BROKEN heART x(( add me to the mafia spectaros so i can talk shit behind yalls back!
  2. this thread used to be way more active.
  4. what have i even gotten a pass for? i don't know what i've done wrong. a green check from a scum doesn't = scum if that's what you're thinking tyranno. can you elaborate? like quote me or something.
  6. you want to kill me too and i haven't even fucking done anything. im LHF. say it with me. LOW. HANGING. FRUIT. and that's at most. i've contributed a fucking lot. i feel like yesterday i was kind of lazy but i still tried to get some in. i had to make my daddy proud it was father's day so i had to do some things with my daddy. as for malcolm, i try to pick up his scum game by seeing how much he actually gives to town. he has pushed tyranno and zappdos, which aren't exactly the best pushes. kahu too. i think he's an okay lynch but there's better things to be pushing. like fucking faint crei wunter or
  7. lighter green=strong town green=town blue=null dark red=scum lighter red=strong scum Markus Francis Sophocles Slick Tyranno Nelrick Silver Malcolm Wunter Confuse rei Winter Multi 2k17 2k17 just pushed rei and francis d1 for no good reason, hopped on some bandwagons, did some omgus posts and got away with it. i have no idea why people have been saying he is more valuable than i am. he is blatant retarded scum. open your fucking EYES nigga. i remember confuse rei saying that the bandwagon on kahu didn't matter because there was no majority but i don't see why it never mattered. it's still the intent to kill, the time it takes doesn't matter. hammers are just scummier unless everyone agrees. i also remember that kahu wanted slick and silver dead which are some of confuse rei's pushes. if he said that those were his reads wouldn't he want to consider NOT killing someone with similar reads? he just kind of dismissed everything kahu said and went for the kill. faint had some inconsistencies with what he had to say. it's not that he almost killed me, it's that when he said that he wanted 2k dead and he had the opportunity to kill him, he failed to. he also had some sick fucking reads lol. FRANCIS ZAPPDOS SCUMTEAM. wunter, for some reason he thinks im more likely to be scum than winter, doesn't make much sense since i've had infinitely more consistency than faint has. faint had the opportunity to kill 2k, one of his scum reads, but instead tried to let me go down instead. if you take a look, wunter has winter, and 2k up on his town list, which are both people who wanted to take me out even though they have inconsistency. he pushed winter before for not joining his own bandwagon but he fucking town reads him? i don't get it. i even thought that kahu was a terrible lynch and so did he. i really think wunter is a contender for scum, but it could also be silver or malcolm.
  8. whats up guys im on 2 hrs of sleep. haven't read the thread since the last time i posted. it's tiiiiiiiiime to ddddd ddd d d d d d dduel
  10. hi nelrick.
  11. he helped me try and kill 2k for one. prob some other reasons too, i can look back and get those in a minute.
  12. i gave thoughts about faint and confuse rei. im getting weird vibes but it depends on 2k. i think slick and tyranno are town. pretty sure the upside down thing is a scummer role so sophocles is probably safe. i literally dont see why islickz is scum in any world whatsoever. the more people push him the ANGRIER i get. should probably go back and read some more.
  13. cause like idk what a suicide push is
  14. your thoughts on these? i dont know if i saw you say your opinions on me and 2k before. did you think we were both towns or something bc it looks like you're implying that.