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  1. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    sophocles sucks as mafia so much that he chooses not to kill scum.
  2. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    yeah dont use a knife btw if you're not trained. and dont buy a cheap knife with a weak guard. the most common self injury from a knife comes from stabbing and a guard breaking and slicing your hand.
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    we use discord now. forums dead. we still use the forum though. its important.

    you sick petty mother fucker. how can you be so disgusting. okay so this piece of shit gets fucking UPSET, so UPSET that allen doesn't value him as a player and would only play with him if it was a money match with a minimum of $20. that is fucking WEAK. just absolutely weak. then, he agrees, but refuses to pay. allen throws a ban on him saying he could be unbanned whenever he pays up. this is questionable, but you know, i think its right that silver gets reprimanded for what he's done. anyway. mmf tries to help silver out of his shit since silver is clearly out of his mind and doesn't want to give allen any money at all because he's a little kid, mmf pays part of silver's debt and silver is paying some. the day before the money goes through to allen, silver voids it, he cancels the transaction, allen finds out and permabans him (this is all undone later, because people don't like the ban. this is all sorted out.) and then everyone complains about gambling being bad and that we shouldn't do it, bla bla bla, silver is back. what kind of pussy do you have to be to not respect your word? you have no fucking word silver do you hear me? you're fucking WEAK. you're not a man. you're a boy. i'm more of a man than you are. you were so god damn offended that allen doesn't think you're worth the time of day unless you're giving him a dollar, well motherfucker, i could honestly say the same thing. you are definitely not worth the time of day. you constantly say stupid shit. you are fucking dumb. you can't even play mafia, that game is so fucking easy. literally it's okay to lynch you whenever in mafia because you're so fucking bad at it. its easy for scum to lynch bad players so you dying literally helps me find them cuz they're always gonna be on your trail. you can't find it in you to be good at anything that takes actual mental capability. i guess you've won at yugioh before? all you do is memorize patterns and repeat them. its math dude. it's not brain work. not only do you suck at mafia, melee and rapping, but you suck as a fucking person. how fucking dare you walk on mmf like that. he found it in himself to help a fellow melee player out of their slump by taking money out of his own pocket so that he may enjoy his time on the site, but nooooooo, you had to fuck it all up. he's such a good fucking guy. he is so nice. what are you doing? how can you just step on his back like that and void that money in paypal to allen? it's not even your word man, it's the people who have gone out of their way to help you and have tried to be your friend that you've fucked over. you have no value for other fucking people. you only care about yourself. your shitty point was more important than mmf. more important than allen. more important than your account. literally your account. your ability to interact with any of your friends from duelistgroundz.com. have you ever lost like 20 friends all at once? that's what you risked when you tried to play games with the money you owed (and still owe honestly) allen. 20 dollars isn't even shit. i could have paid that money for you. you're just a little bitch that gets fucking upset about the most minuscule of shit. baby shit. not real shit. he's a fucking cheat. he's a fucking liar. he doesn't give a fuck about anyone but himself. he doesn't give a fuck about the people who try and help him. literally, silver does not give a fuck about any single one of us. he's just a petty piece of shit. fuck him. he's a bad person. a fucking child. fuck the money man, it wasn't important, but you fucked over mmf like that when he tried to help you even when you were in the wrong. fuck you pussy. you can't even take the slightest of repercussions for your friends if it meant it could at all argue against your shitty valueless opinions. fuck you.
  5. what

  6. Good Luck to The Seraphim except for Kris Perovic!
  7. what fdid u do to him. where is @Guerilla Warfare aka mustang aka pimp on dn aka exiled force aka dubai aka the sheriff aka motphing jar aka dewloren, tiger king of goats aka hibernation akak domant aka sniper at the nhl aka allen's worst nightmare. where he at.????????????????????????????????????????/ WHAT U DO TO BIG P!?
  8. *E*V*I*L* EVERY VILLAIN IS LEMONS CAPTAINS DIGBICK / digbic#4601 MARKUS / MARKU$#3279 MEMBERS SHINING BLUE-EYES / Shining Blue-eyes#9196 MUSTANG / Hibernation#8986 C0NFINED / confined9991#1801 KEWL`KAT / Kewl`Kat#9137 BRANDIS72 / Brandis72#3360 NB96 / Nick#5771 BUILDTHEWALIA / BuildTheWalia#3572 How's it like on Kris's team Arvin? Huh, you fucking traitor? Fuck you. WAR RECORD Regular Goat: 2-0 Exhibition Goat: 0-1
  9. close war! congrats to seraphim except for kris perovic!

  11. holy shit they're so fucking good. i've been sleeping on them for soooooooooo long.
  12. i started to really like the cure and joy division

    now i'm an iggy pop fan.
  13. its doable i think u guys can pull it off ds. gl to yall. kris team suck.
  14. DGZ is still here?

    there's a ton of super old oldies here. but i'm not one of them. rei still owns the site for example.
  15. Double Elimination, Six Hearts Workshop for Metalworker ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Paraliel ❤❤ inky ❤❤ Audioslayne ❤❤ Gojira ❤❤ TheGoldenTyranno ❤❤ 14Henderson7 ❤❤ rei ❤❤ Every Villain is Lemons ❤❤❤❤❤❤ MARKU$ ❤❤ Digbic ❤❤ Shining Blue-eyes ❤❤ Hibernation ❤❤ confined9991 ❤❤ Kewl`Kat ❤❤ Brandis72 ❤❤ rei ❤❤ NB96 ❤❤ BuildTheWalia ❤❤ War Story Paraliel > Markus Markus > Paraliel Kewl`Kat > Haruki Haruki > Markus Paraliel > rei rei > Paraliel BuildTheWalia > TheGoldenTyranno TheGoldenTyranno > BuildTheWalia BuildTheWalia > TheGoldenTyranno
  16. [Goat] Every Villain is Lemons

    ya its cool i was thinkin about cutting anyway
  17. [Goat] Every Villain is Lemons

    rei sucks he lost the last heart i was saving for sbe vs damage step and then he ditched us for mason wow.
  18. dude fuck the beatles

    they are fucking garbage. a lot of people have ridden my ass for not liking the beatles. holy shit. never have i seen a more cock sucked mediocre band in my god damn life. no one will ever stop dick riding the beatles. the shit has gotten so annoying. not only that but they are terrible terrible people. they are not worth remembering. they're garbage. there were better bands back then. sick of this.
  19. dude fuck the beatles

    yes lol
  20. dude fuck the beatles

    sounds bad though
  21. dude fuck the beatles

    cuz a lot of people like them and i dont think it is deserved and i wanted to express my reasons why and wanted to know what other people thought about it (which was very likely a bunch of people saying "YOU'RE STUPID" and making rude posts towards me but oh well) fuck you exiled. i will eliminate you.