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  1. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  2. sophocles more like dumb person.
  3. jk lol i dont wanna play this
  4. shut up nerd.
  5. sign me up fam. both. preferred goat atm.
  6. DuelistGroundz username: Markus Discord username: Markus#3279 Formats: preferred goat atm, sign me up for both. i have no idea what im doing in either. Expected level of activity: whenever i'm not practicing melee or something i will play yugioh Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): comrade monahan said that he would bid a shekel on me bc he was pretty sure i would listen to him. if u are comrade monahan u probably would want me on your team. if not maybe you won't. i know nothing of the formats tbh and i might get harvested for wins but once i learn it im pretty sure i can handle myself. (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: i was decent at ygo once. im really good at talking shit.
  7. yes, it's good that you think that. yes. stay unwoke.
  8. yeah we wouldn't want malcolm to figure out we actually let him be a mafia god and that this entire mafia section is just a ruse.
  9. you should have optional anonymity in games so we avoid that issue.
  10. even if we were, you wouldn't be able to prove shit unless we said something. in fact anybody could be pming and keeping it on the low. have fun thinking that everyone else could be possibly in a group chat that you are not in talking about mafia where we make fun of you for actually thinking that we play mafia.
  11. seems like a fun game u guys go ahead and enjoy it without sayaka and me.
  12. btw i just copied a bunch of people nelrick listed in a post and rearranged them. there's people missing like acp and jace beleren. also this list is probably imperfect, but it's the first thing i immediately came up with. malcolm said this is basically correct except winter multi should be in good tier.
  13. behold the original, unedited markus tier list v1.0.0 [GOD TIER] Malcolm rei Zappdos confuse rei JAPANESE GOBLIN Francis J Underwood [Good Tier] Nelrick PSK The Antagonist JC. Markus [Average Tier] MMF Jazz Mascis Gemstone Mine Winter Multi iSlickz The_Be(a)sT ZeroPassion Top_Ladd [Noob Tier] Wunterslaus Broken Brilliance SageRhapsody TheGoldenTyranno Solstice Cunning Mastermind Silverdude [Suck Tier] Mark
  14. scumwood has no cucumber.
  15. you've played like 3 games in total. i haven't even read them all. i remember you questioning why nelrick was above you too, however nelrick has had more great games than you have even played games. i think you might have said something about whooping him in mafia too but i mean i beat malcolm once but that doesn't make me that good. if you'd notice i actually put u at the top of the tier because i wasnt sure to put you in good tier or not. the list itself was imperfect in several ways and i thought that would be understood. i mean i could make a way better list that actually had all the players on it and actually discuss with other people, but maybe we should just bring ELO back and see how people do by the end of the year.
  16. do i have to explain why you guys ended up in the same tier again? i found a nelrick post and listed everyone he posted. also yes i think he's better than mark. who wouldn't? why would anyone want to consider anything mark says about anything a relevant opinion that you should take into consideration? he is your average personality that actually literally claimed that he has never lost an argument over the internet.
  17. if sayaka wants to play ill play.
  18. Rock, paper, scissors. Cool like a cucumber, you beat fire. Hot like fire, you beat computer. Computer, you outsmart the cool kidz. It's more super smash bros melee shit, not sure if it applies much here as a triangle type of thing, but it's still playstyle. I think some of these are off, and he doesn't size them all the same. Like I don't know how malcolm is as fire as JC. Malcolm definitely has more fire.
  19. my dick is a pretty alright size.
  20. idk if i wanna do god level reads i will. i think i learned this game like, that i should actually consider roles affecting playstyle. i tried to punish malcolm. i feel like the punish was correct but it went too far. although malcolm didn't really give us shit after i began to punish.
  21. oh i didnt care when i shot 2k i basically just shot 2k. like i could have tried really hard and thought really hard about that vig but i had fun doing what i did and thats all that mattered to me.
  22. i was just havin a good time man. when im enjoying mafia, everyone enjoys mafia :^)
  23. we should use that role that lets us talk to the dead.
  24. use treestump more.