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  1. i like the song ozzy made about him.
  2. i challenge you to a shitpost duel, may the worst poster win.
  3. okay, so i like hats. i own about 50ish hats right now. most of them come from my friend hunter, who enlisted in the military who collected hats. i have a pretty good range of odd hats, stylish hats, regular hats, even hats we drew on ourselves. some hats have stories behind them, like there's one hat that was rescued from a burnt down apartment. some hats include a couple snapbacks, sports team hats, a godzilla hat, a christmas hat that has mistletoe on it, an old school WWE hat with some wrestlers on it. i can show you guys some pictures of hats that i have but ill need to get my hands on a camera. i also like masks but i don't have too many of those, i have 3 or 4 rn. i had a couple others but those were given away to friends. what do you guys like? they don't have to particularly be something you collect like i wrote.
  4. destroy all thots

  5. bro cool tat is that a beyblade???? RAD
  6. how do i confuse rei?
  7. oh i just wanted to stop playing but its not like scum does me any favors.
  9. shit i didnt catch that. um n1 it was either rei or malcolm getting killed. sad day that i healed rei. /sigh/. maybe one day i will have a successful heal. im a god awful healer and i hate playing the role.
  10. i think confuse rei was the best scum
  11. confuse rei target was good.
  12. yeah also i already know i am a very shitty healer
  13. Right now I am angrier than everybody in that entire thread combined.
  14. i can post if i want you mother fucker
  15. fuck you sophocles
  16. fuck it jazz lets just do it
  17. ok jazz how much time do u wanna wait before we just majority mark? im down to wait a little bit for ladd but i am seriously gonna die
  18. wtf is the difference between mylo and lylo
  19. TOP LADD YOU MOTHERFUCKER @Top_LADD you better fucking post bitch or I'm going to fucking [threats] do you fucking hear me?
  20. Fuck Jazz, if Mark was scum wouldn't he want to fucking kill Top with me for the win? What the fuck do you think?
  21. Okay Jazz, I got you. Let's just let Ladd talk though. I wanna hear from him. At this rate I'm feeling more and more confident in killing Mark. And then if he is town I could just say he buried himself yet again.
  22. I fucking hate you all.