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  1. i challenge you to a shitpost duel, may the worst poster win.
  2. what exactly is off about my playstyle rn
  3. yea i don't rly think im acting that differently. i've been back and forth and being unsure before. that's like super common for me. think what u will but this is completely within character for my playstyle for town.
  4. Usually you post videos having something somewhat related to what you had to say but Bohemian Rhapsody doesn't seem to fit with much. Did you post that because of SageRhapsody?
  5. i kind of lay low on day 1. i have a tendency to have no balls and not want to really say someone is scum so fast. im watching and waiting. tbh i thought sophocles is more likely to be scum than sage but logically speaking, knowing the name of the towns before they flip kind of makes me feel like he's town. theoretically the scum flavor could be written like "you win when you have eliminated all the starks". i didn't see much of a reason as of why malcolm wanted me dead so i just let it go on as i watched. guess my indecision between sophocles and sagerhapsody is a bit scummy to him. don't think that's that much. if you really want my analysis right now between them, i feel like it's more likely that they are both town, however i am not confident in this read and i wouldn't treat it as gospel, i haven't seen enough yet.
  6. wifom is generally not a good response but i get that he doesn't think he's scummy for what he did. (sage rhapsody)
  7. yea as much as id like to be able to see it i dont think the @logic sophocles has is good enough. i dont know if that makes any of then town or scum but i hate that people play without @logic.
  8. wow this IS poop city. malcy voted on me. thats not very fun.
  9. i really don't see how that means town or scum
  10. malcy why is it poop city? =(
  11. sorry that we won because of me.
  12. I guess getting killed by rei isn't so bad but I'm still salty about how I died. Guess I would've lived longer doing nothing instead of pushing arguably scummy actions.
  13. If it wasn't for my lightning hands Indigo would have died for being a floating piece of shit.
  14. ok maybe they arent destroying dgz but they make this site suck fucking balls to where only very tolerant people could enjoy themselves here and i really dont like them for doing that. basically i hate them existing here and trying to force their opinions onto the site. do u ever see a terrible person and think they should just not be terrible? i think that's a very normal thought. i just hate them so much. it disturbs me that these people are not told to fuck off as much as i would want them to be. it bothers me even more that some of these people are welcomed. i really just think things would be better without their shit everywhere.
  15. like if u recall back during the last time you were complaining about not having gf i was one of the only people in the if u click on this topic u must post thread that wasn't being aggressive as shit and hateful towards u.
  16. pretty sure i talked to u about TFW NO GF reasonably and logically. i get that im a living nightmare but i actually know how to form arguments. if ur own points of views match those that i hate, then i probably hate you. guess u make sense of some bullshit quite often nate. not even trying to insult u there.
  17. Allen I meant that I thought you were siding with the same people who I believe are destroying your site. You're probably right about me being basically crazy though.
  18. I think this is actually good. Yeah I think I'm just remembering your behaviors from the past that I just didn't like. You're right about this. I remember thinking I do what other people want me to do a lot, maybe so that they appreciate me more? idk. You're definitely right that I joined in on harassing you. Usually I like to respond to you with a lot of logic. I clearly remember being a cunt to you. I think at one point I eventually came to the conclusion that you bandwagon with people's opinions that I hate and strongly disagree with, so I just paired you up with those types of people, who seem to be saying what I consider to be elitist opinions. I feel like I hate things very passionately to the point of disregarding my own morals and values.
  19. Yeah Satch you're right I'm just going to block soul and pretend he never existed.
  20. Sorry I literally cannot ever agree with the following people Mark Soul Nate Sorry just can't. Don't think I ever will be able to. Don't think I ever have. You all seem to be missing my point anyway. My words are falling on deaf ears. You keep recycling arguments that I've debunked. I literally just said earlier that I am not trying to direct my rage to drug addicts, that I was just trying to say some shit to Soul. Mark consistently has been doing this for pages and now other notoriously disgusting users are buddying up in a good old circle jerk. What else could you expect from duelistgroundz.com? I don't think I could ever give anything Soul says value. I don't think anybody should anymore. He's just the guy that goes around saying people aren't mean enough and twisting around arguments until he fallacies his way into looking like the champion of the thread. Things just fly over Mark's head. That's usual. Not sure if I can really blame him there. Nate of all people is in no place to ever have an argument because he cannot win arguments vs himself. Answers have been laid out to him before but he avoids them. I don't know how you could ever make answers if you can't receive them. And they're all elitist trash. The most toxic and disgusting thing about this site. If you think duelistgroundz has gotten "too soft" or if you think people are expendable to have around on this site then just get away from me. Kind of weird how Allen was the one who advocated bringing members over (which is kind of what I wanted to do with this thread) and he started agreeing with you all. Pretty backwards to me. Nice how Mark got triggered by me jokingly negging him 3 times and turning this thread into an attack on me for it. LOL my friends literally do not want to log on this site now because Mark is sensitive to minus reputation or something. But I could never win an argument against these guys in the eyes of DGz cause I'm an irrelevant user. xd I just want you all to know that truthfully, deep inside of me, I am disgusted by you all. And you guys all pos rep eachothers posts its really cute.
  21. by destructive i mean people that create a sort of chaos or dismay wherever they go. i wasn't referring to addicts when i said this, i was referring to how soul is just a piece of shit.