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  1. We should probably send like JC. or Francis. Francis Wunter doesn't even play anymore. I don't remember the last time he's made a post.
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    ive moved about a billion times in my life so far bc my family has always been incredibly broke ive done it so much but its just the actual worst. esp bc i dont even know where im gonna live lmao.
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    posts are way better lol
  4. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    Imagine requesting a ban then posting more.
  5. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    Apparently when you change the reason for the ban it removes all the restrictions you may have applied before you changed it lol. I wish I straight up had admin control panel that's way easier to use.
  6. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    ??? Did the ban not work? Lol. I thought I disabled his account. He's supposed to have been banned.
  7. bobs burgers sucks

    it just fucking sucks like if you like bobs burgers we probably could never relate on humor ever ever ever. a lot of fucking shows suck but this one is especially terrible. ive never laughed. ever. not once. how does this show have like 923983e42983439849 million seasons? is it because its a cute cartoon drawing? seriously. and family guy is way better than american dad. american dad sucks but not nearly as bad as bobs burgers. cleveland show is watchable. futurama is fucking garbage. that shit makes me laugh like once every 2 or 3 seasons. so glad its canceled. tired of seeing that shit on television. cant wait till they take it off of netflix but it never will because its an animated series. people like flashy colors and cartoons. holy shit. the only good animated sitcoms that i can think of (besides cartoon network masterpieces and shit) are like rick and morty, king of the hill and bojack horseman. i can rant more but here im posting thread.
  8. DNF Reject

    Top of the evening, I happen to have been a reject of DNF, people refer to me as "a dumb little troll" except they aren't so nice. I had been on there for little over a year and had acquired around 500 posts, I wish I had more, but the topics there have dwindled in quality, I'm hoping that this place is pretty good.   Btw, I wasn't banned, I'm just "that guy", I'm sure some of you have heard of genexwrecker, well, even he had a sig made for him, I had to make alts to get people to make sigs for those accounts, still lacking one for my main, so we're going to have allot of fun :D   GL HF
  9. DNF Reject

    like 8 of the people that negged me here were worse dnf shitposters than me.
  10. DNF Reject

    unfortunately for dirk and spadaro 3 malcolm banned me before they could do any epic trolling. those were some pretty good baits that i definitely would have taken.
  11. DNF Reject

    this is the best intro thread/anime backstory
  12. DNF Reject

    late reply but i am so fucking funny u have no idea.
  13. We didn't do these either. I'm going to make a list of awards and everyone write an answer for which member you think deserved it for the year of 2017. Best Staff Member Best Duelist Best New Member Best Post Best Poster Best Sig Best Thread Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team Worst Staff Member Worst Duelist Worst Poster Worst Sig Worst Thread Mafia God Best Meme Best Thing to Happen Angriest Poster Biggest Shitposter Stupidest Fucking Idiot Where is Big P? Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned These categories apply to forum and Discord.
  14. You're all fucking losers

    sup dorito man. its young markus.
  15. bobs burgers sucks

    maybe it wasn't so bad but it was forced down my throat so much growing up when i only thought the show was okay at best.
  16. FLCL 2 + 3

    saw alternative ep 1 leak. it's different. it still has that growing up vibe to it. it feels like i'm actually in highschool watching this. it feels like a "the good ol' days" type of thing. it has like some metaphors like the old one did and it's still philosophical. it feels less weird and more social. i think thats like an approach to appeal to more audiences maybe. it's not bad. i like it a lot. art style is not the same but i still think it's good aesthetic. it's a bit more tumblr girl esque now.
  17. yeah i vape, so what?

    today i was over at my moms house and she was getting mad at me for vaping and i was just really not having it. i wasn't having any of that oppressive bullshit that white fascist bitch was trying to feed me. she was trying to tell me that vaping is gay. can you fucking beleive it? out of all the things my mother has done to me, this has just been the worst. she has gone too far. i just want to vape in peace ok? i want to fill up my vape with nazi tears and inhale it, then, i want to annoy people by exhaling it, so they get to smell all the nazi smells that were just inside my dirty mouth. jesus fucking christ if some fascist wants me to not vape here again i might just move to canada and drink milk out of bags, and no im not fucking done there. im gonna go on my favorite yugioh board and express all my deepest sexual feelings with joseph stalin but also 16 year old girls on the intere-.... WAIT A SECOND, i WOULD if it weren't for that fuckinng tankie allen pennington removing politics from discord. how am i supposed to post homoerotic communism memes now? what else is a duelist/tumblr poster/mafia player supposed to do other than suck a bunch of dicks after getting mad and moving to canada? *inhales from vape* seriously? do i just post about how spirit of the game doesn't matter at fucking all in a game about bluffing? i'm done. time for me to leave my basement and get a tattoo that looks like a beyblade.
  18. big p back

  19. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    turn off your computer and see a doctor.
  20. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    i'm not wrong lol. it's not my job to make sure you post. its yours.
  21. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    shut the fuck up lol. it's not our job to baby sit you. be responsible for yourself.
  22. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    idk i'm not inconsistent i'm way more correct than i'm incorrect. probably better than most mafia players that are still around. i think the only other real players in this game are like jazz mascis jc psk.
  23. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    ok thats actually something that should never be said ever faint like never talk about molestation like that.
  24. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    anyway im infinitely better than mark and my thought process is also infinitely better. i'm better than him at everything.
  25. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

    ok can u not compare me to sex offenders ever?