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  1. like passing it off as if they read someone as scum.
  2. in theory, they can quote someone and say "scum" and get away with it. technically their first word would be their alignment.
  3. sorry! me mum has to use the family pc for her taxes! i will try and play on my phone C:
  4. oh fuck look at that rep
  5. i know japnick had like -700 or some shit, but i dont know if chumley will set records. there might have been banned people with more neg rep.
  6. what does wamu apokaripusu even mean?
  7. what is the most neg rep anyone has ever had?
  8. bitch look good for a 4 year old
  9. jazz we might be able to become friends if u stop bullyonmg me so miuch.
  10. psk yu gotta be so nasty
  11. Question: Should we go back and pos rep every post in the thread?
  12. my friend gave me a confederate flag as a gift because i always make jokes about niggers and i felt bad about it but tbh its pretty funny.
  13. here we are playing a game about lynching shit skins.
  14. you guys we can be apart of the cult of the swinub and all win by spamming the thread up and getting so muhc fucking pos rep.
  15. i tried to add jc on fb but he never accepted my friend request.