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  1. me > BuildTheWalia BuildTheWalia > me
  2. Rip Kid No Cry > me Me > Rip Kid No Cry
  3. Won 2-1 vs MMF (Goat recruiter vs chaos thunder d.)
  4. Won 2-1 vs 2k17 pt.2 (goat-recruiter vs monarchs)
  5. Won 2-1 vs 2k17 (recruiter vs last turn ftk)
  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DGZ name: N3sh Discord name: N3sh.#4062 Formats: Both Activity: 4h per day, GTM+2 (active 22.00 - 2.00 am) DB name: N3sh. (if u want to test me, i will be more active there, less on discord)
  7. [Current] ESPN vs Sexually Oppressed Slaves

    Won 2-1 vs Turceal/ turceal
  8. Me > ShiningBlue-eyes (aggro vs goat control)
  9. ''Sorry honey, we can't go out tomorrow evening''.