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  1. ''Sorry honey, we can't go out tomorrow evening''.
  2. Team Beer was constantly active in the whole war vs detox and always avaible to get match and give his time schedules, which the most part of other teams didnt, about Silver dq was a total bullshit, but u guys discussed enough and i don't really want to open a debating about it. Just assume that Detox lost on purpose means nobody watched the games we did, or u couldnt assume this, which looks really offensive. we did the impossible and were winning vs detox and u guys magically ended the season. How should this convince players to join s2 when u did manage the 1st in a totally inadequate manner without handle the problem of dodging by just saying ''Hey, they will play, just ask and stalk them'', like if this was a real solution, ye and if my grampa had 3 balls he was a flipper. just left all the sharks in the sea and now cancelling all cause the problems are to hard to solve. This is how acts a real leader, im really proud, and ye, my english is bad but i know how to apply irony, hope u all can read it. Enjoy, i won't offer further replies.
  3. N3sh. (pure zoo) > Oh_The_Irony (pure zoo) 2-0
  4. N3sh. (pure zoo) > Squiddy / noobman93 (pure zoo) 2-1 And again N3sh. (pure zoo) > Squiddy / noobman93 (pure zoo) 2-0
  5. Me > Silver (goat mirror) 2-0 then Me > Silver (goat mirror) 2-1
  6. Round 9: Detox vs Team Beer

    N3sh (Pure Zoo) > Tristan (Kaiju Zoo) 2-1
  7. Round 9: Detox vs Team Beer

    Looking for a match. Will stay online 2 h, if u care pm me in pvt on db.
  8. Round 9: Detox vs Team Beer

    Pure zoo vs True Draco Zoo
  9. Round 9: Detox vs Team Beer

    Won 2-1 vs Pryda
  10. im really sorry, got confused
  11. Won 2-1 vs fluxoff (goat vs ftk fusion) run it back Lost 2-1 (aggro warriors vs ftk fusion)
  12. Me > Silver 2-1 (Goat control mirror match)
  13. N3sh (Pure Draco) > The_Be(a)sT / beast (Draco Zoo) It was intense, good games.
  14. Me > BuildTheWalia 2-1 (goat control mirror)