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  1. Third time around???

    Hey y'all so I just remembered this place existed today glad to see it's still alive. Not sure if anyone knows or remembers me but I'll reintroduce myself anyway. Yo I'm Zayne and I'm 18. I do image editing, photography, writing, reading, yugioh(sometimes), mafia, watch anime, and play video games. I'm generally pretty talkative although don't know if I'll post a lot it's been a long time since I've been on a legit forum. So yeah I think that's it idfk I'm here again yes.
  2. Is it possible to get my name changed to Zayne Liam? (My facebook/rl name)
  3. I did not think this place would still be around. Well I guess now that I'm back after close to 2 or 3 years I'll have to update my profile info. 

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    2. Cheesesteak


      one million years later

    3. Broken Brilliance

      Broken Brilliance

      Are you a she again?

    4. fuckfiend


      wtf i dont want to follow this status.

  4. DGZ Chatbox

    It's in the top right hand corner where you see members and calendar. 
  5. Hype train: joined.

    DNF is shit and everyone is leaving I just left also. I meant to say is I didn't see my error. xD 
  6. Lowe~

    Aren't we all joining that train? I myself am. Welcome Sheepy! Hope you like DGZ.
  7. Hype train: joined.

    It's a Khufu! **catches Khufu** Welcome to DGz! 
  8. DGZ Chatbox

    I would donate but I'm broke. But I'm really excited to see the chat implemented!
  9. I'd like to join in. If we have to pick number I'll take anything available if there are still spots open.
  10. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    I didn't know day was still going on. Anddd I got majority vote great. Couldn't that post of dango's at tje beginning of the day be a scum post? Say you're a power role in town in order to lure out the actual role and get trust?
  11. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    xD let's lynch the narrator! vote canasian   How about let's not promote general idiocy this game? Come on it was just a joke you ruined my fun. : P
  12. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    xD let's lynch the narrator! vote canasian
  13. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    yeah the way it is written is annoying.
  14. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    When i read the intro post I got confused on why it was written like that.