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  1. Third time around???

    Hey y'all so I just remembered this place existed today glad to see it's still alive. Not sure if anyone knows or remembers me but I'll reintroduce myself anyway. Yo I'm Zayne and I'm 18. I do image editing, photography, writing, reading, yugioh(sometimes), mafia, watch anime, and play video games. I'm generally pretty talkative although don't know if I'll post a lot it's been a long time since I've been on a legit forum. So yeah I think that's it idfk I'm here again yes.
  2. Is it possible to get my name changed to Zayne Liam? (My facebook/rl name)
  3. I did not think this place would still be around. Well I guess now that I'm back after close to 2 or 3 years I'll have to update my profile info. 

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      one million years later

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      Broken Brilliance

      Are you a she again?

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      wtf i dont want to follow this status.

  4. DGZ Chatbox

    It's in the top right hand corner where you see members and calendar. 
  5. Hype train: joined.

    DNF is shit and everyone is leaving I just left also. I meant to say is I didn't see my error. xD 
  6. Lowe~

    Aren't we all joining that train? I myself am. Welcome Sheepy! Hope you like DGZ.
  7. Hype train: joined.

    It's a Khufu! **catches Khufu** Welcome to DGz! 
  8. DGZ Chatbox

    I would donate but I'm broke. But I'm really excited to see the chat implemented!
  9. I'd like to join in. If we have to pick number I'll take anything available if there are still spots open.
  10. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    I didn't know day was still going on. Anddd I got majority vote great. Couldn't that post of dango's at tje beginning of the day be a scum post? Say you're a power role in town in order to lure out the actual role and get trust?
  11. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    xD let's lynch the narrator! vote canasian   How about let's not promote general idiocy this game? Come on it was just a joke you ruined my fun. : P
  12. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    xD let's lynch the narrator! vote canasian
  13. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    yeah the way it is written is annoying.
  14. HickTown Mafia - Day 6

    When i read the intro post I got confused on why it was written like that.
  15. Farm animal thing? mafia Sign Ups

    9 is good i like that number
  16. Anyone know a lot about rpg maker 2003?

  17. Code Geass Mafia Postgame Thread - Britannia Wins

    I started the beginning off kinda bad but I think I was able to get used to it by day 4. Of course I get nervous whenever I have some sort of role with abilities.
  18. vote chrono It's definitely either gemstone or chrono but I think i'll go with chrono tonight gemstone tomorrow.
  19. Those two would probably be my first choices also but whoever had voted for someone else when it was obvious theamateur was scum is a possible target.
  20. I'm not exactly sure honestly. I need to do a reread when I get on my laptop. Although there aren't many players left. It could be possible that one of the last mafia lead a lynch that was correct to draw attention away and make everyone suspect town. Although that doesn't usually work does it? Anyway I might be able to get a better read on some players after I reread the previous day.
  21. If its majority of 4 that means there are 7 players left? Or is it 8? So there should only be 1 or 2 mafia left and a neutral right?
  22. No promises. XD just kidding
  23. My quote got screwed up sorry. I don't know how that happened.
  24. [quote name="confuse rei" post="3866598" timestamp="1417005644"]chrono day 1[spoiler][quote name="wrw.chrono" post="3862064" timestamp="1416173211"]I still haven't started watching this...[/quote]fluff  fluff  I'm pretty sure lloyd doesn't quote okabe.He was being facetious. fluff (it was about ozy's joke)  the ultimate mafia plan     pick a site as your username   everytime someone votes for you mods will edit it out for advertisingA plan so genius, even its mastermind was unaware. fluff  At least he didn't vote himself first this time. fluff  How is ozy trying to keep himself from being modkilled for something ridiculous any indication of alignment in this case? And Dango didn't even analyze ozy. He just said that it was ridiculous to pursue a modkilled over that. Not to say that either don't seem somewhat suspect, but your logic here doesn't really fit. okay with this post, rei pushes shortly after on tfj  fluff, the vote was on him by ammit  You don't necessarily think he's scum... But you think he's scum? Which is it, Mr. Druglord? fluff  Why such a random question? : P So basically it's two groups against one group?No, all three groups oppose each other. fluff[/spoiler]day 1, 8 posts, 7 fluff, 1 post about questioning tfj's logic, while not putting logic himselfAmmit has a vote on him the whole time, i do not believe they would connect to each other so easily. day 2[spoiler] So Malcolm is definitely scum and not cult... Because he's Malcolm? defends malcolm on the day rei and malcolm showed themselves  So Malcolm is definitely scum and not cult... Because he's Malcolm?Because hes malcolm I refuse to trust him. not saying definitely scum or even likely scum.But this is Mafia. You can't inherently trust anyone unless you know their role/alignment. What's the point of bringing him up without legitimate suspicion? I'll admit he's suspicious due to his lack of content, but we've established that's kind of his thing. And there's so many roles and abilities at play here that pretty much everyone has a reason to want to fly under the radar. So that suspicion alone isn't much to go on, for anyone really. defends malcolm[/spoiler] 2 posts, both defending malcolm. day 3[spoiler] fluff about redact after eod  whats your deal? every post after post 245 was redactedI thought I missed something. rei's post immediately after the flavor looked to be in response to another, then you made a comment about your post being deleted. fluff  fluff  'rei, and other more experienced players', defense on rei, kinda malcolm too even though he doesnt menton him.  Clearly I'm in no position to criticize you for being new, but even I know that was stated on the ability table. fluff  Well you better give some impressive reasoning if you hope to accomplish that. Not that I disagree though; I don't see the townieness of Malcolm's posts. Maybe I'm just not used to how he plays but whatever. C-rei pretty much convinced me that my logic doesn't prove rei is town, but he didn't convince me that I'm completely wrong either. I guess that's the real problem with WIFOM. At this point, I'm pretty sure rei's dead anyway so we'll see soon enough. he keeps defending malcolm througout, but doesnt see towniness in malcolm  How has he leaned scum and how has Malcom leaned town? I'd like to know. I haven't seen malcom specifically lean town.Who said Malcolm is town??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ammit and ozy were leaning to this. I think Yoshi got the impression that I was too. pointing something out  fluff  fluff[/spoiler] 9 posts, 6 of them are fluff, 1 is pointing something others are saying, 1 defending rei/malcolm, 1 that says he doesnt see town in malcolm. Day 3 and still no vote from him. Day 4[spoiler] That's fair. I admit I haven't played this game quite as actively as I would have liked to. Partially because it's been a lot more active and with more players than my first game. I'll actually get on and go back through to try and be more useful tonight. The negging thing was me getting a bit frustrated with Yoshino, because I was trying to be helpful to him and that was his (admittedly accidental) response. It wasn't so much about the neg as the attitude I thought he was exhibiting. The whole thing was unrelated to the game, it was mostly about not caring when Malcolm (and anyone else) decides to be aggressive like he was towards Yoshi. As for Ammit, well, I don't know what to tell you. I can see where you're coming from, and I don't feel like I've seen any more out of him than me, though I feel like your particular argument is WIFOM, assuming I understand that concept correctly (which I'm not necessarily sure of after my argument for rei being town). 3 paragraphs of fluff, 1 paragraph of saying im not as active as i want, 1 paragraph about hey i was trying to be helpful!, 1 paragraph about not knowing.  fluff      Honestly, the bandwagon on NRT is rather strange to me, and the way Ammit and Dark Depths followed Malcolm on this without any real justification seems incredibly scummy to me. Like me, they've floated through the game so far without much in the way of memorable interactions. I can somewhat see where Malcolm is coming from, but the two following votes seem like scum jumping on board the wagon. As for Malcolm himself, he still leans scum in my eyes. Perhaps it's just simply that Malcolm's sporadic posting style is difficult for me to read, but I can't see where others, like Ammit, see him as town, especially after also being in on the vote of hd. I understand we've kind of beaten that topic into the ground, but after rei ended up being scum, I really don't want to ignore this vote.  Gemstone seems suspect to me as well, considering he has also been floating through the game but his specific preferred lynch targets, Dango and Dark Depths, have done the same thing, and aren't really giving off any outstanding reads either way.  Confuse rei, amateur, and JC are mostly leaning town to me, though one or two of JC's posts are a bit off, specifically the ones where he wants to try and implicate himself as cult? I didn't quite get that. I mean, it could be nothing and just be him trying to give town as much information as possible, but it almost seems like hes going out of his way, almost to an unnecessary point, to give of town vibes. But I guess that's WIFOM too, so I'm not going to dwell on it too much. Just a thought.  Ammit, Dark Depths, and Gemstone are at the top of my suspicion list. Also, this probably won't influence much at this point, considering most people are dead set on Malcolm on NRT, but... vote ammit    Thanks, dude. <3 bolded part no1, accuses people of floating when he does the samebolded part No2, he sees where malcolm is coming from,  yet he accuses people that agree with himbolded part No3, he says he still leans scum in his eyes, and this is the first time he has ever said this. He has defended him throughout the game. He also said that thing about the experienced players not going for the mislynch, and now he is using it against him. malcolm leans scum, votes ammit  saying other are fluff while fluff[/spoiler]day 4, quota, 3 fluffs and a scummy post, went for ammit over malcolm when it didnt even matter since it was malcolm vs todd, basically didnt vote since it didnt matter whatsoever. day 5[spoiler]     I'm not seeing how Ammit is so adamantly reading town on Malcolm. I can see him being town, but he's still leaning scum to me. Reiterating my point from earlier, I still find Ammit's and Dark Depths' votes of NRT suspect, considering they came soon after Malcolm started the wagon and both provided little to no justification. The fact that NRT came up as town only makes this seem even more scummy. I think Malcolm is still leaning scum a bit as well, considering he started this bandwagon, but he does make a good point about NRT:    Amateur and Gemstone weren't much better as far as the NRT bandwagon is concerned, but Amateur made several posts later that are feeling quite towny to me. Gemstone... I'm a bit on the fence here, because he's still somewhat floaty, but he's ahead of Depths and Dango at least. His argument with C-rei and subsequent vote of NRT are making him lean scum to me though.  C-rei is still leaning town to me, along with JC.  vote Ammit todd dies, malcolm is buried even deeper than he was already in, he still thinks the wagoners are more scummy than malcolm, still goes for Ammit. Malcolm doesnt make a good point. Defends amatuer, suspects gemstone. So from the 5 people who voted todd, he suspects the 3 and defends the other 2, and gemstone/amature kinda did the same thing as ammit/depths. votes ammit to shift attention from malcolm  im not saying he is scum, but im not saying he is town either, so its all good! still shifts attention from malcolm by having a vote on ammit when we have confirmed scum.  its unreasonable you ignoring malcolm. Yesterday you suspected ammit for following malcolm when you thought Malcolm made sense. So malcolm makes sense, but people who agree with him and follow that path are scum. And today after Malcolm is yet again transparent scum, you are unwilling to say that malcom is scum yet present a different route for town to go with. You dont have to vote for malcolm to say that he is scum.    1st defense on dango was on day 1, before tfj got modkilled (the one i agree with), the 2nd one was in your first meaningful post yesterday. You conviniently ignore dango for doing the same things as your main suspects. I thought Malcolm made sense, I didn't necessarily think he was right. Quote where I defended Dango, my only real mention of him yesterday was where I said I understood Gemstone's wanting to lynch Dango. Also, isn't Gemstone's defense of Malcolm something you've been going after him for as well? this is possibly the only town post chrono has given us, given that dango is dead and town, as scum i dont see him making that post.  You accused him of one of the same things I've accused Ammit of. I accused him of being in the thread with a 4-4 and not doing anything about it, you accuse ammit of bandwagoning. very different things.  Dude, it's my second game. Of course I'm bad. But I admit, yes, things have changed, and I've come off rather scummy today, considering you thought I was town earlier. As C-rei has pointed out, my logic hasn't exactly been spot on. I'll re-read and reevaluate. unvote Ammit townie post[/spoiler] 5 posts, a post shifting attention from malcolm a post that doesnt really make sense and a couple of townie ones. today: [spoiler] That'd be a bit too much to hope for, I think... fluff  As am I. Even I admitted I've been looking scummy as all hell the last two days, especially with how I was trying to read too far into the Malcolm wagon for the wrong reasons. Plus, I defended rei. fluff  As am I. Even I admitted I've been looking scummy as all hell the last two days, especially with how I was trying to read too far into the Malcolm wagon for the wrong reasons. Plus, I defended rei.I defended rei also because rei was acting town to me.But he wasn't acting town. My whole point was that him being scum looked TOO convincing. fluff  I wouldn't write him off so quickly at this point in the game. Yes, him following the Malcolm wagon was correct, but let's be honest, that was the only truly correct thing out of him we've seen so far. That could have been a bus of Malcolm, considering how he provided little to no reasoning other than "he's suspicious." scummy, at this point a bunch of people have fucked up big time so lets hunt the person who went to the correct direction!  C-rei has been the most vocal and most effective scum hunter so far. I've been reading him as town for most of the game, but the fact that he's been so effective and is still alive is noteworthy, though it could simply be that scum thought he was an obvious heal target. I'm leaning towards the latter. I thought Dark Depths was scum, so I'm inclined to think iSalty is scum, but I'll need to read through his posts again to be sure. It's noteworthy also that he was the first to call out C-rei as potential scum, though I'm not certain how serious he was. Theamateur was leaning town for me in previous days, but we're running out of possible scum suspects so clearly I need to reread his posts as well. (Posting from mobile for an entire game sucks so I apologize if I say I need to reread a lot.) Gemstone, my opinion hasn't changed. Has been really floaty still. After the way Ammit reacted to my posts yesterday, I think he could be town, but he seems rather apathetic at this point. Actually, I guess Gemstone or Ammit could be the neutral at this point, all things considered. not willing to commit to anything   Please? <3 fluff  okay  Mat? okay  Mat?[/quote Oh, amateur. Like I said, I'm new, I'm bad, I WAS thinking he was town. I'm rereading him now.okay  Yea, this is a bit of a problem if I want to think he's town... okay [/spoiler] bunch of fluffs and unwilling to commit posts up to this day he has voted twice, on ammit, on a day it didnt even matter, and on another day when he unvoted before eod. both days were the days malcolm was in danger. will do ama and gemstone next because i have too much free time on my hands! You have some great points I haven't been analyzing well this game I admit. I think I'll go for theamateur this day because he seems the scummiest and most dangerous.