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  1. Nine Layers of Hell

      Monsters   1x Black Luster Soilder - Envoy of the beginning (Mid - Late game back up) 1x Genex Ally Birdman  (Use TGU eff to summon a BA monster then return it to the hand and SS birdman, Synchro into Virgil + a BA in hand ready for eff) 3x Cir, Malebranche of the burning abyss 3x Graff, Malebranche of the burning abyss 3x Scarm, Malebranche of the burning abyss 2x Rubic Malebranche of the burning abyss 3x Tour guide of the underworld   Spells 1x Allure of darkness 1x Soul Charge 1x Rank-up-magic Astral 3x Upstart Goblin (Prefer this than Supply squad) 3x Mystic space typhoon   Traps   3x Mind Crush (abit cheeky really becuase it lets you have a sneek peak at your oppents hand + Can purposly ditch a BA monster to trigger its effect) 3x Phoenix wing wind blast 2x Karma cut 1x Traveler of the burning abyss (Works well with Fire Lake or if they decide to dark hole, raigeki etc) 2x Fire Lake (simply to blow s**t up! 3 is to many from personal exp) 3x Vanity 1x Wire Tap 1x Trap Stun   Extra   3x Dante 3x Downerd 2x Pleides 1x Number C69 (Big beater) 1x Chronmaly Crystal Chrononaut (Can be tricky to get rid of + Rank-up into C69) 1x Grenosauras 1x Number 61 (For the burn and to remove monsters) 1x Number 47 (for dirrect damage to finish game) 2x Virgil   Side   Ingnore the side deck.     Hi all! New here so sorry in advance if ive done anything wrong. Well I think its safe to say everyone knows how BA decks works and mine isnt any differant minus a few cards (I explanned next to those cards), I though I would post it up to get some feedback and to see if anyone has any suggestions. This deck has been playing well on DN over the past few weeks and ive put alot of time into testing differant cards but its always good to get a fresh set of eyes.   Thanks in advance and I look forward to being active around the forum.