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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I've listened, but none of your arguments make any sense. Much as I love most of Hoban's articles and points, I do think he has made some errors with burning abyss, and too many have gone through those same errors with the new BAs, which will give you a weaker qliphort, shaddoll, and BA match-up, and only seem to sack games you should already be able to win. 
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Well, that's a relief... Was wondering why on earth people would use astral force with qliphorts around... Because if there is one fast way to lose to qliphoirts, it is to use maindecked outs to killer. That is just bad vs that deck, really bad. You use spell/trap outs to scout and floodgates, and drag out the game until they run out of resources or are open to die. 
  3. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I describe it as cute because the new BAs aren't advancing me any better than I can with math, and if anything are wrose because aggro is the wrong plan in nearly every game, since BAs are the masters of the late game.    I don't maindeck vanity because if I truly establish a board I have no need for any additional backrow to protect it, plus it is sub-par vs qliphorts and iffy vs shaddolls. Phoenix I use at 2 for the same reason, to reduce the number of cards reliant no the BAs since I already run 5 BAs traps etc. Note most of my backrow is meant for outing my opponent's backrow so I don't get wrecked by a floodgate I can't play through, or pushes my plays through. I keep three regular negation, warning and BTs, as they are stable vs all three decks, if not the greatest vs qliphorts, which I already run very stable spell/trap removal for, and in the case of BTS can out certain floodgate monsters, plus being an extra weapon for dante mills.    I don't have a problem using these powerful BA plays, if anything, I have more stable access than the new BA builds, if a potential one turn loss in speed (if that,) but they don't answer the real issues for the deck, and that is cards that makes the BA plays bad, or stun you so much you are too far behind in the game and lose. Trap decks never fall behind in a game, as msot of their cards are almsot always live, their opponents are just pulling far ahead, as BAs can match such efforts with broken swarms of their own, my goal is to prevent cars that would stop me from doing so. 
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Rather than quoting, I shall reply.    Tour guide set 4 is enough to trigger a discard trap last I checked. Dante downerd backed my multiples backrow was generally game over, and using the boss cards only slowed your deck down and made it weaker to negation.    However the key point to make is that the new BAs aren't advancing enough for their commitment. For two new BAs I might get a dante, but that isn't enough, it must be first turn fire lake or math will be far better because it guarantees me a tour guide, which is a fire lake. As a floater that doesn't interfere with my tour guide due to being xyzable with it, this makes math a more consistent option for less card commitment.    Anti-meta only fails when the deck using the anti-meta is significantly weaker than an opposing deck, so a window of opportunity arrises. Right now, that anti-meta is qliphorts, who, although weaker than BAs, do have enough power to smash them if a vanity or skill drain resolves and you don't have an out.    The thing is, although the new BAs have cute methods of possibly being a turn faster, that's all they do. They aren't improving my consistency by much, especially not for the space they take up in proportion to math. This means you will ahve fewer outs to winda, to scout, to vanity, cards that can cause severe issues if not outright steal the game.   I do not see how control would have trouble vs qliphorts or shaddolls. Qliphorts goes something like this.   Game 1: I open standard, try to lock them out of the game, drag it out if possible, win. I pray I don't draw bad cards like soul charge, BTS, or to a certain extent solemn warning.    Game 2: I open about 2-4 outs to their scout and floodgates, crush their every move. gg.    BA filled hands are some of the worst, I jsut have to pray they didn't open skill drain or vanity and that I can sack them in time.    I just faced a shaddoll, and after that match, I am now convinced that not only is math a staple, but so are spell/trap removal, and that the new BAs are truly awful to have, will be running a minimum whenever possible after this match.    Game 1: Fire lake was nice, and it would seal me the game, but math ended up saving it by dumping alich to out winda,, which is a decentish tech for shaddolls. Dust tornado was the best card in the deck, as I hit key backrow after backrow, as usual, without backrow, shaddolls struggle vs BAs, and I took it from there.    Game 2: I am seriously ready to cut rubic at this point...and virgil with it of course. I literally drew my only copy along with alich... And I pray I never draw either of them again. Tour guide ended up giving me 2 1k beaters. He sets some stuff. I discover one of his sets was super poly, which sucks vs us, lol, if super poly came to 3, we would benefit the most. I again use my spell/trap removal, which is once more useful for his backrow. He has a cute field of two constructs and a metaion seals the deal.    As of right now, the weakest cards in my deck are the BA core reliant cards, alich, rubic, but I keep them for searchable tech purposes. Fire lake is without a doubt the strongest card in my deck, but the best one has generally been typhoon, or my spell/trap removal in general, which is not reliant on my BAs and thus increases my stability vs feared floodgates and backrow, the only serious problem I am having with BAs, and one my techs are confidently solving. 
  5. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Oh, Mother sun, I agree that new BA builds are better than old. I consider fire lake a staple due to tour guide. But why did you name the one advantage the old BAs have? They didn't have as many cards relying on their core, and thus fewer deaddraws, which would actually give them a potential advantage if the two were to duel off. It is the only reason I cut supply squads, which I considered the best card of the deck last format.    One other note. Technically high trap decks have what could be argued the highest ceiling. They can access their entire hand to negate your plays. Back when I read Hoban's most recent article, and saw his comment on the best deck, I asked myself what he meant by "big." Size is relative. Combo decks are smaller than control decks when their combos are broken. Therefore combo decks couldn't necessarily be "big." Yet due to their general power, if they did work, they became larger than their opponent.    The other note I also made as that his best build might not even exist, if the biggest deck was discovered, and yet couldn't run the best floodgates, you could not run it as that style. 
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      I want to nitpick here: is pre-NECH BA even a control Deck? What actually IS a control Deck? Does playing Karma Cut instantly make BA a control Deck? There are a lot of preconceptions as to "what is and what isn't" in this game. Karma Cut is an amazing card in the mirror, no doubt, but the presence of Karma Cut does not just change the Deck from combo to control. Not saying you don't know what control is, just that a lot of people automatically think that playing Traps = playing control, and that is not really correct.   On another note, I remember a couple years back, when the OCG v TCG was being discussed (around the time of Worlds, I think?), where someone mentioned that the OCG plays the game in a different manner than that of the TCG: in the OCG, they play to win. They build higher power ceilings, even if it costs some consistency. In the TCG, too often we look for "most consistent", and often also dismiss cards that have a higher power ceiling as "winmoar" if they don't serve the purpose of being an answer only. The latest card that this is a victim of is Fire Lake. It's insanely powerful, but so many have dismissed it as being a 1-of, or even unplayable, on the grounds that it has a slightly higher activation cost (specific cards being necessary to obtain optimal resource management) and that if you have that combination of cards, it just "pile on" without actually advancing you. Too often players look at the Deck as "this is the general gist of how you play the monsters, all other cards should be consistency cards, free/easy disruption, etc." Given that this Deck has a relatively low power ceiling (2500 is usually the best you cap out at in terms of battle power), other "power cards" are necessary to raise that ceiling. In pre-NECH builds, the abundance of Traps being played meant that playing Shaddoll Dragon raised the power ceiling, quickly creating a way to remove Traps in a manner that would force an awkward trade from the opponent in the event they wanted to get SOMETHING for their Trap. Then came the hybrid builds that pushed the power ceiling higher by adding Shaddoll Fusion. In this game, consistency doesn't always win. Usually, it's the most consistent Deck that also has the highest power level.   Let's also talk about Trap Cards. Playing 9 interactive Traps (Wind Blast, Karma Cut/RaiBreak, Fire Lake) in pre-NECH builds gives you a %30 chance of opening one or more of them in your opening hand (assuming you don't play Upstart). In a post-NECH build, playing 6 interactive Traps and 3 Upstart, that drops to %17. If you only need to open 1, the numbers are %43 pre-NECH and post-NECH. So post-NECH builds are usually just as consistent at opening some form of disruption as the pre-NECH builds. Here's where power ceiling makes a difference though: in a post-NECH build, you have Soul Charge, Beginning of the End is live quicker (and you see it more often courtesy Upstart), and more BA monsters to make more plays with. I'm not so good at math, but it seems like as the game goes on, the long haul favors post-NECH builds as well, as you're more likely to play more powerful cards, and also draw your Trap Cards. Allisdair Bowman has it right: pre-NECH builds are just "fair YGO" builds. I woul say pre-NECh was control, granted, my build looked something like the core 12, 3 math, 3 supply squad, 1 veiler, 1 BLS, and the rest of my deck was made up of traps/negation and spell/trap removal. It didn't take me long to cut cards like RUM, monarchs, fiends, and chaos sorcerers, with BLS as a card I many times considered cutting. It worked well for me, and even better for Masik333. 
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      I do not follow your qliphort point. Our late game is better than theirs. I have beaten them in every way I can think of, from negating every scout and floodgate with my standard 2-4 spell/trap removal in my opening hand, or by decking them uot because they dropped towers first turn. I did see someone post about leo and yazi, but leo is easy to kill in the M2, as they have to enter their battle phase against us or we will kill them. Yazi from shaddolls can be acid golemed, which you can do after you clear any backrow etc.    Virgil I have found meh for the most part, made it a couple of times, and it is nice to have for now, but not great. Fire lake on the other hand, I have used in the majority of my games and it is an excellent card. 
  8. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Our shaddoll match-up was fine. We had no need to sue extradeck summoned monsters during their turn. Just poke with math/ cir, and if they went bigger than that you summoned dante and then rammed and revive it. They didn't have many outs to a 2500 wall so your traps could pick off their costructs etc. The goal was to drag the game out long vs shaddolls, because where their deck already used its resources, as the game progressed, we cold use or traps as actual attrition, where they could not.  
  9. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      I'm afaraid your post is partially contradicting and through its own statements also incorrect.    The first was that I'd be stuck without backrow. Well, for one thing, you are running new Bas in the place of some of that backrow, because you my math only took 3 of those slots, traps were the rest, so if I don't have backrow, I tend to be opening the same nutty hands you are.    Second, traps are actually more important than monsters for the exact reason you just described, people now run he best traps they can to make up for this presumed difference, and the traps, although sometimes run in fewer numbers, are now only run for being game-breaking.    By thw ay, note that the majority of my backrow is meant to prevent my opponent from blocking me. Sure, advancing your game is cute, but that only works when your opponent doesn't have a vanity,a skill drain, etc facedown. It just so happens that two of the big three (qliphorts and BAs)run a solid number of good targets, and the third (shaddolls) will probably run only a few really good targets. 
  10. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      Editing now.   I have a question regarding the way I have seen people using BAs from other sites, most notably those looking at Hoban's build. Why are they using all of the new BAs in a high combo orientated form, when the deck has been a master control deck for a long time? I have sene people use the new BAs to at best speed up set-up by a single turn, and at worst doing nothing the deck couldn't always do, while ignoring cards that fully set them up by themselves such as math. This has led them to have a weak match-up to qliphorts with their swarms and floodgates, then they mention cards that do little to the match-up, such as RUM, or even outs to killer. I find a far more effective approach is to use a high number of spell/trap removal, which is both excellent vs qliphorts and most decks we struggle with, as our plays are the strongest in the game.    To summarize, people take much more of their space setting up weaker set-up cards for combo attempts that don't always work (two new BAs do not guarantee a good first turn lake, math guarantees a tour guide next turn.) I also see people using boss cards that only add to the risk potential the deck has by using the BA traps, fire lake, traveler etc, while also possessing discard traps, further relying on their fuel. This also increases the risk of drawing too many cards needing the BAs and making them very vulnerable to any outs to the engine itself.    Even in my own build, soul charge and traveler have been iffy, and my two new BAs I keep an eye on in case I need to them them to further avoid reliance on successfully resolving BAs, and more on actually succeeding in doing it.   Why is this so popular? I am taking a gamble and presuming many of your members follow these trends as well. 
  11. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Thank you Suwwo. I'm just going to post the list. http://i.imgur.com/WNQ4ldb.png I think it is standard, if it is, merely say so. If it isn't, say what you find strange about the deck. I personally think it is standard, but "standard" is a subjective view, especially in a now unresolved format. I will need to learn what the general view is of the forum before I know what that standard is. I've seen BA builds spamming these other names, but this seems win-more, inconsistent, and too space devoted compared to math at setting up your key card, fire lake.    Basically, I have one goal, get out of the early game, then enter the late game, once that happens I win. No deck had the late game of BA last format, and with fire lake it still remains the same, our late game is the best.  
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    All right, this is my first post on this website, and my knowledge of such items are limited. So I will begin by confirming that this is indeed a BA thread, where decklists, ideas, and such are discussed on this website. I would presume that lists can be posted, etc. I do not wish to cause any significant disruption due to a technical error on my part when searching for the portion of this website's thread dedicated towards the deck I had come here for.