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  1. Theft prevention

    One thing you can do to avoid getting your shit took at tournaments is to put your feet through the bookbag straps when you're in the middle of a game.
  2. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    Fuck you guys this list made me hyped, mainly cuz mermail shit got boosted
  3. No, it's a condition that is not considered to be an effect, therefore it cannot be negated.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh just isn't the same

    Masturbating came back to me after 2011 just recently around Thanksgiving. I had thought about it just before Thanksgiving but brushed it off, then I sprained my wrist, and with nothing to do at home, I remembered that brazilian porno video and went to redtube. At first I was so horny and eventually caught up to the good part (back when I jerked off, it was with lotion and tissues), and I made a lot of cum. Anyway, now I jerk off to gay porno which I have posted here and you can see in my posted topics. But what I am here to say is that scat, gay sex, and little kids give me raging boners. They turn me on so much. Gay sex especially just ruined my dick, the Adam Corn video is too easy to beat off too. Scat is also pretty insane, shit every time, farting every time, but I watch while my dick is beaten with my right hand.   Beyond all this though, my main point is that jerking off just isn't the same. If I don't beat it to child porn, I can't beat it. Simple as that. There is no more fun in jerking off to regular porn or interracial because it's too normal. Maybe black on asian but that's about it. I want to quit now, but I'm addicted to fapping and that's what masturbating gives me; a chance to fap hard and create awesome jizz. Anyway, I hope I can successfully quit and pick up a productive hobby like popping xanax. Thanks for reading!
  5. Nekroz - Discussion

      Then Skill Drain would become a real threat.   That's true, you could just side MST of course. I didn't mean to cut MST completely. I'm basing this off the theory that since the Nekroz deck is so powerful it can afford to take the g1 loss to floodgates and win the next 2 games with immense s/t hate, while using Psi-Blocker to mitigate the g1 floodgate problem minus Skill Drain.
  6. Nekroz - Discussion

    What are your guys thoughts on maining triple Psi-Blocker in replacement of MST? My advocate for this is that it has the double-sided purpose of shutting off traps that could potentionally stunt you or are already preventing you from making your plays, while having uses in the Nekroz matchup as well (calling Valkyrus and going for game most notably, but it depends based on the gamestate.)
  7. Looking for a team to improve myself with warring.   DN: shellac skype: shellac.of.na