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  1. Gift beat Paraliel 2-0 Logannj111 beat Noxjja 2-0 Gift beat Logannj111 2-0
  2. Team (7): Gift Near N MMF Jayy/Noxjja JJ Ultra Plant Rip Kid No Cry War Record: Recruiting:
  3. A very resilient deck thats managed to continue to dominate the meta and adapt to many meta changes since its release. The current standard Sylvan build (as popularized by Billy Brake) looks like this: Skill: Grit3 x Sylvan Komushroomo3 x Rose Lover2 x Sylvan Hermitree2 x World Carrotweight Champion3 x Sylvan Marshleaf3 x Sylvan Guardioak1 x Tribute to the Doomed 2 x Enemy Controller 1 x Treacherous Trap Hole Works very well and using 1 Tribute To The Doomed and 2 Enemy controller gives versatility when you draw multiples compared to 3 Enemy Controllers, however, if you dont have Tribute to the Doomed I would suggest using 3 Enemy Controllers since Tribute to the Doomed is from a very old set and you could use your gems on something else. You could also mess around and try 2 Treacherous Trap Hole and 2 Enemy Controllers (which I think has potential to be good). Popular side deck options at the moment include: DNA Surgery (Level 40 Weevil Reward), Zombie World (Level 23 Bonz Reward), Last Day of Witch, Warrior Elimination, Fragnance Storm (Card Trader), Divine Wrath, Ultimate Providence, and Magic Deflector (Card Trader). As of today: With limited space in a 5 card side deck, I would recommend DNA Surgery and Zombie World to combat the Spellbook matchup. That is your most difficult matchup, and those cards can auto win you those games post siding (as you will likely lose g1). You would want to side out 2 enemy controllers, however you may also side out 1 Guardioak and 1 Enemy Controller instead. It is also wise to side in 1-2 Warrior Eliminations for Amazon and Heros, it can be very awkward drawing both, but the card is blow out in these matchups and is too good not to run. It can easily lead to comebacks and win you games that you shouldnt be winning. I recommend siding out tribute to the doomed and either an econ or a guardioak for these cards (if your facing amazon, side out econ for sure and keep 3 Guardioak since econ isnt as strong vs Amazon compared to how strong it is vs Heros) The last 1-2 cards is up to debate. I am currently trying out Needle Ceiling as it can blow out Amazon, but its extremely situational. You may also tech a Fragrance Storm for the mirror, however, your main is honestly already really good for the mirror. I would mess around with these last 1-2 cards based on what you believe the most represented deck for your event will be. There is no perfect side deck in Duel Links, the meta is constantly changing, so you will need to make adjustments based on the event your playing. Warrior Elimination may be great one event but bad in another event where you are mostly facing Spellbooks, which may make 1-2 Last Day of Witch very good in your side.
  4. Seto Kaiba

    The best deck for this is definitely Tethys farm using Slifer and Mokubas Monstermorph: Evolution Skill. Very efficient and fast farms. You let Kaiba inflict 1500+ damage to you, normal any of your level 4 fairys, morph into tethys, and combo off with your draw power. At the end you would want a field of Tethys + 2 Watapons and many cards in hand including Arrivalrivals and Slifer. At this point, if your opponent has any backrow, you will simply use your tethys to attack, if he has econ he will use it right away, if not your attack will go through. This step is important, dont forget to bait the econs he runs. Then you will drop Slifer with Arrivalrivals and get a 10k hit in for a 8k farm. For your level 4 fairys, I recommend anything that has high attack or high defense, so you have the chance to stall incase your farm goes wrong. Also, if you have other draw power cards like Into The Void, I recommend running them for consistency, but I didnt include them in this decklist since Into The Void is an UR from a box set. Note: Tethys is an event reward from pick-a-gift events. Decklist in text: Decklist Picture:
  5. Jesse Anderson

    At the moment, I feel like Sylvan-Ra farm using the Power of the Tributed skill is the best and most effective way to farm Jesse, with a very high success % and very quick farm (you can finish within 4 turns most of the time). You want to essentially set your deck up through Guardioaks and Lotuswains to be able to mill a bunch of Marshleafs in your last turn to clear your opponents board and normal a Ra. In your opponents last turn he may special summon a crystal beast through Crystal Promise and then set a crystal beast too, so if you dont manage resources and simply tribute a Ra and summon a Carrotweight Champion from graveyard, you wont be able to get a 10k hit in. He also runs 1 Crystal Conclave which lets him bounce your monsters to hand so make sure to play around this card. You can also tech in Arrivalrivals in place of a Lotuswain, it just sometimes makes your farms a turn slower. This will allow you to use your big Sylvans to attack and clear your opponents board first, and then summon Ra in your Battle Phase. Decklist in text: Decklist picture:
  6. Jesse Anderson

    Made this thread to discuss ways to farm Jesse Anderson.
  7. Team name: Lemo Pear Gang <3 <3 <3 <3 Formats: Current Lineup (DB Username / Discord Username / DGZ Username) - Gift1 / gift1#1968 / Gift <3 <3 - Lee Hwak / NearX#6470 / Near N <3 - Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant#9411 <3 <3 - Rip Kid No Cry / rip kid no cry#6328 / Abnormal Dog <3 - SamooPusteno / samoopusteno#4580 <3 <3 - Lazerman33 / Lazerman33#4952 <3 <3 - Yang Xiao Long / Arc V Shun#5076 <3 <3 Sexually Oppressed Slaves - Zepharos / Death Sentence#4646 <3 <3 - Mudaman / Muda#2869 <3 - !Lighty / ! lighty#9929 <3 - Gracco / Gracco#9578 <3 <3 - N3sh / N3sh.#4062 <3 - Homeab / Homeab#6343 - Johnnyphoenix/ JohnnyPhoenix#9123 <3 <3 - Kralj Univerzuma / "Cursed Guy"#8312 <3 - DeathAET / Death.#8041 <3 <3 - Cloudstrife189 / cloudstrife189#6202 <3 <3 Conditions: - Win cap of 2 - 6 hearts - 2 lives per player Matches: Samoopusteno 2-0 lighty Samoopusteno 2-1 Homeab Rip Kid No Cry 2-0 Homeab DeathAET 2-1 Lee Hwak Lee Hwak 2-0 Kralj Univerzuma Lee Hwak 2-1 Mudaman DeathAET 2-1 Rip Kid No Cry Yang Xiao Long 2-0 N3sh
  8. Team name: Lemo Pear Gang <3 <3 <3 Formats: Current Lineup (DB Username / Discord Username / DGZ Username) - Gift1 / gift1#1968 / Gift <3 - Lee Hwak / NearX#6470 / Near N <3 - Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant#9411 <3 <3 - Rip Kid No Cry / rip kid no cry#6328 / Abnormal Dog <3 - SamooPusteno / samoopusteno#4580 <3 <3 - Yang Xiao Long / Arc V Shun #5076 <3 <3 - GarryGamer-7 <3 <3 Kolkata Street Pajeets Satchmo <3 <3Digbick <3 <3wrinklywinkie Kyou berdversary <3 <3themadgician Matches rip kid no cry (zoo) 2 - 1 wrinklywinkie (zoo) theMadgician 2-1 Gift1 Samoopusteno 2-1 theMadgician zoo vs draco zoo Kyou 2-0 Rip Kid No Cry Rip Kid No Cry 2-0 Kyou true draco mirror Rip Kid No Cry 2-1 Kyou true draco mirror rip kid no cry (zoo) 2 - 0 themadgician (draco zoo) wrinklywinkie 2-1 nearx demise true draco mirror Nearx won wrinklywinkie 2-0 , pure zoo vs demise true draco
  9. Team name: Lemo Pear Gang Formats: Current Lineup (DB Username / Discord Username / DGZ Username) - Gift1 / gift1#1968 / Gift - Lee Hwak / NearX#6470 / Near N - Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant#9411 - Rip Kid No Cry / rip kid no cry#6328 - SamooPusteno / samoopusteno#4580 - Yang Xiao Long / Arc V Shun #5076 - Maitham X / MaithamX#4236 - Smiddy / Smiddy#4904 - Lazerman33 / Lazerman33#4952 - GarryGamer-7 / GarryGamer7#3830 - JR-AndreaZanotti / CiccioBrie777#4048 Accepting all current format challenges. Previous history: ● #1 team on Clashing Rivals (January-March 2017), 31-1 war record ● Won first season of Masquerade forums (March-June 2017), 17-0 war record Current history: ●#1 team on Masquerade forums (June - ? 2017), 8-0 war record
  10. Would you like to war LPG in current format?
  11. How to Start a Team

    Team name: Lemo Pear Gang Formats: Current Lineup: - Gift1 / bobby/gift1#1968 - Lee Hwak (NearX) / NearX#6470 - Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant#9411 - Rip Kid No Cry / rip kid no cry#6328 - SamooPusteno / samoopusteno#4580 - Yang Xiao Long (Arc V Shun) / Arc V Shun#5076 - Necromancy Sorcerer / ØØ#0579 - Momiji Daiki / Momiji Daiki モミジ#0397 - Giacomo Sandri / Giacomo Sandri#0264 - Fabio Pieraccioli / fabio pieraccioli#7015 - JR-AndreaZanotti / CiccioBrie777#4048 Not all our members are in the discord channel yet but I'll try to get them to join soon
  12. Counting Cards in Opp. Deck

    &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; If they lie you can get them banned for 10 days (5 for cheating and 5 for lying). I know because I was banned for this. The senior admin that banned me did tell me that he asked BLS to implement a feature which shows the amount of cards in each deck prior to the start of the duel though. Anyways, like the others have said, it's public knowledge at any point in time.
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Yea I think I'm oversiding, thanks a bunch. Will drop puppet, a econ, and possibly the fiends too.
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Hello guys, I've been doing well against the mirror but it never hurts to improve. Curious on how the rest of y'all are siding for the mirror. For the mirror, I usually add in 3 enemy controller, 3 majesty fiends, 2 Ojama trio, and 1 puppet plant (at the cost of 3 upstarts, 3 fire lake, 2/5 discard traps, and a calcab). Its obviously not always like this and can vary a lot. Am I over siding? Or is this about right?