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  1. Math Q

    You just add up the propabilities for each BA. Like this: propability of seeing multiple X + propability of seeing multiple Y and so on. To do this we have to know your BA line-up. Edit: This just came out from the top of my head and thinking again about this I recognize that this is incorrect. Sorry I should not post before I have not made sure that what I post is actually correct. What I described contains 2 times the propability of seeing multiple X and Y at the same time and so on which is a mistake.
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I won a Regional last week with BA. (I know this is not a big deal, especially since it was in EU) I found that a higher monster count is the way to go (played 26) since traps won't win you any games against Majespecter and Kozmo. Your win condition isn't summon Dante, set 3/4. Against Kozmo and Infernoid is F0 your win condition for which you need multiple BAs not traps. Against Majespecter and the other decks I could win smoothly because BA is simply a better deck (or maybe my opponents were just really really awful). Horn of Heaven was a great card and is one of my favorite traps right now. It just slows down your opponent so much. Traveller and Lake are still good since you cannot die with Traveller which is really important against Kozmo and Lake is just a blowout card against everything that is not Kozmo. I OTK'd a lot. I played really aggressive since you can almost always get in 2900 damage to finish the game (Barbar+Shark). This deck also cannot lose in time (even though I won every game I was in time within the 5 turns, without LP comparison). Milling Draghig with the first Dante is insane. Also Cagna was great since Good&Evil is even better in a monster heavy deck since your discarded cards will give you value too. The only BAs I didn't really like were Alich and the monster effect negating one. The others are simply better since they let you plus which they both don't. Farfa lets you at least banish your opponents monster so you have a clear board to be aggressive and Barbar is a win condition.
  3. Cyber Artifact Galaxy

    I really like this deck. But I found some problems (maybe due to my lack of correct technical play). I had problems with Kozmo eventhough this should be the best matchup. I got OTK'ed way too often and I found them Artifacts to not be good enough in this matchup since they all float, they rarely use their extra and Lancea is only good when you can OTK your opponent. Otherwise it is just one turn more you cannot punish your opponent for playing. To combat these problems, I came to the conclusion, that Waboku fixes the OTK problem without keeping your opponent from establishing a board, since clearing boards was the easiest for me while I was testing. I am really unsure if I should side Iron Wall, since it conflicts with Eltanin and you want to fuse with your opponent's board and this does not happen when your Iron Wall is up. Furthermore it is redundant since Lancea does the almost same thing against Infernoid. But your opponent won't OTK you as long it is up. So that you have a solution for an established field and a card that prevents your opponent from playing. But you don't want to dedicate to many side deck spots for this matchup since it should be in your favour. A general problem that I had was that as I already mentioned you want to clean your opponent's monster. Because of this I found trap decks to be problematic sometimes since the most traps are good against this deck. Ignition was not enough. I hate playing these type of cards, so that I don't really want to run extra backrow hate. How have you dealt with backrow decks? Do you have a special side deck plan or a strategy that helps you deal with traps using technical play? I also had some issues with Infernoid since their banish effects will make that my repair plant is rarely live. And Ignition was not good obviously since they barely play any defense. The other part of the Artifact engine was really good due to Lancea making them basically skip a turn. In this matchup I put in a 2nd Lancea for Scythe (and the other way round against BA etc.) which helped a lot. Dealing with Omega was also a problem I could not deal with on a consistant basis. Majespecter is a good matchup. The only problem I have is that you are forced to go 1st against them because you don't want them to set up on their first turn. This way I am not really playing "my game" but I am trying to disrupt my opponent's plays to not lose them. I considered Galaxy Cyclone (thanks for mentioning that card Matt) for this matchup and after testing I had the problem of drawing to many non-combo cards. I will take this to a regional this week and I hope you can help me with my problems :)
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I think Kozmo isn't that big of a deal since you can stall really good with this deck. You let your monsters float until you can blow them out with something like System Down. I found myself needing a 2nd Acid Golem to crash with Destroyer. "Big BA" seems to me the correct way to go, when you'er mostly worried about the Kozmo match-up. I tried to play als few traps as possible. I really liked Traveler to stall out or to comeback. Time-Space was really good since it is one of the very few traps, that are good across the board. Through correct technical play the Kozmo match-up isn't too hard, since they are easy to blow out and essentially fair (both already mentioned in this thread). My biggest problem was the new pendulum deck. Time-Space is good against them too, like Maxx C but besides from these cards, I have big problems to out them. Did one of you find a way to have consistent wins against them?
  5. Kozmo - Discussion

    Honest is a card you only want with Farmgirl most of the time. Dark Destroyer deals with the things Honest was used to. The only case you want Honest was in the mirror match to better deal with opposing Dark Destroyers or Forerunners because they cannot be targeted. In other match-ups Honest simply isn't needed because you always have different ways of dealing with problems. With playing Honest you are more dependant on Farmgirl than the deck needs to. I don't know if my opponents are bad but I could successfully grind with my opponents and I didn't had to try to OTK all the time. Farmgirl seems to not be the focal point any longer. I rarely ever resolved her effect ever and when I did I was already winning. The game plan is posing big threats the opponents have big problems dealing with which they often cannot do without going minus. Then you climb the ledder again and gain more and more control. The game plan is no longer 4-backrow-resolve-Farmgirl.dek. As already mentioned, I think Reasoning is the way to go. This way you don't only have to rely on your normal summon and Teleport. You have one more way to get your engine going. What are your ratios on the Kozmos? 3 Dark Destroyer 3 Forerunner 1 DOG Fighter 1 Sliprider 3 Strawman 2 Farmgirl 2 Goodwith 1 Wickedwitch 3 Town I think all should at least be played as 1ofs because they are just 1 card more the opponent has to deal with while going down the ledder. None of these is actually bad. Wickedwitch is the worst of these in my opinion but you always want it in your deck so you can re-climb the ledder on the next turn. Due to Strawman the deck can support Gold-Sarcophagus even more and it should at least be considered. Strawman plusses the best imo. With a banished ship and one in hand which is happening really often it plusses without relying on attacking. Sarco helps you with getting Dark Destroyer online, which works really well with both Town and Strawman. On Sliprider and DOG Fighter: Sliprider takes away from your opponent without being as hard to deal with als the others. DOG Fighter is decent but worse than the others since it's not that big but it spawns tokens which can put up at least a bit pressure. Goodwitches effect to set isn't that important because Dark Destroyer can deal now with Construct etc. and you don't have to Goodwith+Forerunner anymore. These ratios were working really well for me. I am really curious to hear your opinions.
  6. Norden Mermail

    I still recommend testing it since I never had any problems with that card because it is just very versatile and even after the first IF (7000 LP) you're in a position where you can get OTK'd. This card won't conflict with Warning because it isn't played in this variant. Soul Charge does conflict heavily though so I cut it for the 3rd Maxx C. Scolding solves almost all Problems we had so we should at least consider/test it. I agree on Angineer.
  7. Norden Mermail

    @Justin: According to yugioh wikia this ruling applies to the whole TCG so it's the same in EU. On Weens post: 2. Maxx C and Upstart are the solution. The only problem is the space. In my build right now which is thread's consensus (except that I run 3 Upstarts and Soul Charge) I have only 5 slots for defensive cards and this is not enough considering that at least 2 of them should be Maxx C to get faster access to IF which don't prevent your opponent from doing anything. That means that you'll still get Trish'ed or Dweller'ed. To solve this you have to play around Dweller/Trish (which is impossible), stop these with traps or find a consistent way to recover like BA does with Traveller. Squall lets you recover from Dweller but doesn't solve the Trish problem so I find it to not be worth the spot. So we have to play traps that stop those. The problem is that there is nothing that deals with Trish/Dweller and floodgates in trap form. So we have to decide what to focus on with our traps because we simply don't have enough space (even without Upstarts). I think the Nekroz match-up is the bigger problem so we should focus on this. Regarding floodgates: What's your opinion on siding Aqua Spirit for easier BRD/Exciton access? Back to the topic. Because of the aforementioned reasons we have a problem implementing Upstart because playing 2 Maxx C, 2 BTS and Emptiness is not enough. Because only 3 of those stop your opponent's plays. What I also thought of was playing 3 Scolding 3 Upstart 2 Maxx C because Scolding is really powerful and with playing it you don't have the need of playing many defensive cards. Furthermore this deck has the same problem Dolls have too which is massdestruction in the form of Raigeki or Dark Hole and Scolding also covers this problem. This card is also in many cases a Mistake out because they won't activate it preemptive since this deck cannot play Denko so you can negate it with Scolding. The only flaws this card has are the obviously the LP cost and the fact that it conflicts with Sphere. But that isn't a big problem because the odds are that you won't draw these together most of the times. And if you draw both together you can a) set both, resolve Sphere and have Scolding to protect your push the next turn or b) you set only one of those depending on the situation. I think I solved this problem but maybe there are flaws I didn't found out yet. No matter what, I strongly suggest using this ratio. 3. As I already mentioned Scolding can out floodgates in some scenarios. You don't have to have main deck outs for floodgates. 3 MSTs post side were always enough for me. 4. Scolding lets you negate Maxx C, Juggler and Valk which helps you making the correct play since I found playing around Maxx C to be like gamling especially when used on IF. When they open good you have to go into Dweller or you'll get blown out but when they draw a slow hand you can give them the cards to make their hand good, so both is not to great. The best is to simply stop them from drawing or just negate the Juggler/Valk so that the drawn cards don't matter.
  8. Norden Mermail

    @knives1990: If you put MST on chain link 3 you'll get to search (or short: yes :P). The thing is that Diva only helps if you hard-draw it. Also Diva + Marksman/Infantry is BRD. Maybe I am wrong but the most non-Nekroz-decks that topped the last regionals didn't really main Mistakes so I think that we only have to worry about it game 2&3. But since we don't play many traps we can side Decree to counter Mistake and try to rely more on hand traps post side against those decks.
  9. Norden Mermail

    @knives1990: Teus can be activated in your hand because the effect that special summons isn't the effect that let's you search. So that activation is legal. As soon as Teus hits the field its effect activates no matter what. This is because its activation requirement is met and mandatory effects activate no matter if they can properes resolve or not. The same applies to the Atlanteans: Discarding them to activate a water monster's eff is legal, so the activation requirement is met. And since the Atlanteans are mandatory too they activate no matter if they can properly resolve or not. I hope I could clear this up for you :)
  10. Norden Mermail

    @knives1990: Teus is mandatory and HAS to activate. You're right on Megalo on because Megalo is optional. Also Marksman and Infantry activate even when there is no target to destroy which was relevant back in 2013 when we had the same ruling regarding the building of chains as the OCG. On Eccentrick: This card is never optimal due to the reasons I already listed even though it is very versatile. When you wanna destroy a s/t MST is better because it is spell speed 2. When you wanna destroy a monster it is more depending on which type of monster you wanna deal with. Against Nekroz is Puppet Plant better, against Dolls De Fusion and so on. Eccentrick will never be the ideal card since it is a normal summon. For those who want to use it against Dolls: Lets compare this card to De Fusion. Eccentrick will give your opponent 1 live card (a fusion or core) while De Synchro gives your opponent 2 cards which will be very likely dead because you can just attack over them. The question is: Do you want a card which is ok against much decks but never the ideal card to solve a problem (Eccentrick) or do you want a card which is really good against a certain deck? Since we're talking about the side I would rather play a more powerful card because we can chose against which deck we want the sided card.
  11. Norden Mermail

    On Teus+Infantry vs. Mistake: First: Teus is mandatory so it has to activate. Sadly we cannot chose the chain order since we are not in the OCG. The card which meets their activation requirement first also activates first. This means that Infantry is chain link 1 because it is sent to the grave before Teus hits the field where its effect activates. So Infantry is chain link 1 and Teus chain link 2. That means that you cannot search sadly. You also cannot play around TTHN by making Teus chain link 1 and your Atlantean chain link 2. The only way to play around TTHN is by pitching Gunde with Teus since Gunde is optional and because of this chain link 1 since mandatory effects like Teus always activate first. On Eccentrick: I think this card is very versatile but it isn't the card you want to have in most scenarios because it is spell speed 1. Also the normal summon is just to important to use its monster destruction effect. If you think you cannot win the Qli match-up without him just swap the Fairy Wind if you play them with Wavering Eyes.
  12. Norden Mermail

    Regarding Mistake: The only way to out this card with your main deck is hard-drawing a combination of Megalo/Teus/Turge and Infantry which is a problem. Undine cannot out it since it can't even activate because Mistake will stop it from resolving. The other outs are extra deck cards which cannot be summoned efficient when Mistake is up because Pike doesn't float anymore. MST is the best way outing it but since Mistake is the only problematic s/t against Dolls and MST isn't a combo card I'd side in max. 2 copies.
  13. Norden Mermail

    Regarding Diva: I already mentioned in this thread that Diva isn't a staple and Jvizzle87 and I listed Divas disadvantages. But it lets you make combos this deck couldn't do without it. It gives you easy access to Trish and BRD and does crazy combos with Double Summon. I would only cut it to replace it with another combo card or a defensive card on the level of Emptiness. And if I was to cut Diva I would cut Double Summon too since Double Summon's best interactions are with Diva or Undine. I could see myself replacing them with Glacia and Soul Charge. Soul Charge makes Glacia's summon ridiculous easy. And as Drewsifer mentioned it sets ob Gaios Dweller/Diamond board and while you're doing this you can steal your opponent 2 hand cards and they won't trigger because of Dweller. The problem with Soul Charge is that it won't clear your opponent's board but it will create a lock while Diva and Double Summon deal with your opponent's board but and make your plays faster. Right now I am more on Glacia/ Soul Charge than on Diva/Double Summon.
  14. Norden Mermail

    For the trish play: summon Undine, add Controller+Infanty/Diva (the missing one of these), double summon Infantry, Infantry lets you normal summon one See Serpent more, so you summon Diva and get the 2nd Infantry from your deck. Your hand is now Controller and your field is 2Infantry+Undine+Diva which is a total of 9 levels. For the side against Dolls: I side massdestruction, SIM and Maxx Cs and depending on which build I'm also siding the 2nd Marksman. I'd also like to side Debunk since their effects activate in the grave and to push through Juggler/Maxx C but space is the issue and I don't want to side out combo cards. Before we are discussing what we want to side in, we have to make sure we know which cards should be sided out in which match up so that we know how many cards we need in our side for a certain match up.
  15. Norden Mermail

    @Jvizzle87: Double Summon is win more against slow grind decks which aren't really part of the meta. Against the meta it is really good since you wil get outpaced if you draw to many normal summons and Double Summon deals with that problem. Also Undine+Double Summon+Infantry or Diva is Trish which worth mentioning. Edit: I would be really happy if this gets moved to deck discussion :P