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  1. Suggestion on the site?

    We should heva a forbidden/limited sub forum, swear filters, and rogue deck discussions.
  2.   BA literally just leap-frogged over Shaddolls.    How I see the format shaping up BA > Satella > Shaddolls.   Instead of how it was pre-october list which was Shaddolls>BA>Satella.   Don't forget Qlis   I see the format being BA > Qlis > Shaddolls > Satellarknights > Rogue
  3. Deck Discussion Rules - Read these

    How can we find the discussion of decks we like?
  4. Welcome to DG, read this first

    This is rather scary... But duelist grounds, good reputations, challenge accepted!
  5. Advice to Newbies

    Can we have a forbidden/limited list section?
  6. (904) Crossover Souls

    Really wished they would come up with support for miscellaneous archetypes.
  7. Black Horn of Heaven for Pendulum

    Black horn of heaven works on pendulum monsters, but it isn't confirmed yet (I hope it works because time-space trap hole is situational)