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    Well since this is bumped, Wayne/Kanye/Drake if its in terms through popularity and good music put out
  2. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    Probably unlikely, but it shouldn't be ruled out seeing as he is always frustrated with the media and fans in Spain. Ronaldo back to United? If he was to leave Madrid, it is almost certain that United would be the only club he would want to go to. I know it gets said every year but this time around I can see it holding some truth
  3. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    Its the endless Arsenal cycle but now with Europa league
  4. Wintergate

    Didnt know Winter was catmaster This mofo would argue with himself on early days of the BA thread on pojo with his 2 other alts
  5. Who is your favorite Migo

    All are great but Offset's verse in Slide was too fresh
  6. Iron Fist

    I actually think Luke Cage is tied for second with JJ, it was really well done. As for IF, its probably the weakest out of the 4 shows but not as bad as the reviews made it seem to be. Most characters lacked in this series (Ward's had potential only if they couldve made him interesting) and the fighting was subpar. The ending was very unsatisfying and it seemed they were trying to do too much with too little. Lacked focus and theme conpared to the other series.
  7. Pokemon GO

    I'm really disappointed I missed out on all the Chancey/Porygon opportunities during the Valentines event. I have yet to even see a Porygon. Did manage to catch a bunch of Lickitungs though for gen 4. My school has been spawning a lot of gen 2 starters and I'm halfway to a Typholsion and Meganium
  8. Spotify Top Songs

    For all of you who use spotify, I think it would be fun to post up your most listened songs in 2016. You go to genre's and mood < 2016 wrapped 1) Black Lipstick - Chicano Batman 2) High - MadGibbs 3) Ray Gun - Ghostface Killah/BBNG/DOOM 4) A Puro Dolor (Balada) - Son By Four 5) Rapp Snitch Knishes - MF DOOM 6) Wish It Could Last - Pelefics and Electric Youth 7) Fancy Clown - Madvillian 8) Poppa Large - Ultramagnetic MC's 9) Lovefool - The Cardigans 10) Burgundy Whip - Bad Neighbor
  9. I feel like YGO forums in general have just been on the decline. If anything, I've seen a surge in activity in FB groups (like Zodiac) and the Yugi-Tube community has always been consistent. People are probably just preferring those platforms a lot more if they want to discuss the game since FB and YouTube are a lot more accessible if anything.
  10. Wumbo

    So Winter is a potential online pedo? JC this whole thread was a trip to read
  11. hiii

    Or maybe they dont want this forum to become DNF 2.0
  12. Pokemon GO

    Finally hit 130 in the pokedex. I came back to SoCal for the week break I have and surprisingly there were Seels here which I needed. But it looks like its going to be harder to progress with this new tracker since I live in small towns
  13. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  14. United States Presidential Election

    Winter you are literally posting from /the_donald
  15. United States Presidential Election

    Goddam Winter every time I read a post from you I swear I get an aneurysm. Like how do you not see the double standards, hypocrisies, and ironies you post? As for the polls, they are statistics and probabilities, not fortune telling. They tell the likelihood of events to happen, not accurately tell you what is going to happen. Not to mention, Nate Silver out of all the pollsters gave Trump the highest chance of winning. Donald Trump is simply an anomaly. He managed to bring out people who normally wouldnt to vote among other factors that usually wouldnt happen on election day.
  16. United States Presidential Election

    Well I think I'll make my last post on this thread expressing my final thoughts on the topic. Last night was completely shocking and unexpected, Donald Trump is the definition of an anomaly. To make it clear, I neither support Trump nor Clinton - I voted differently and felt ok with it since Cali was going to be a Clinton state regardless. Had I lived in a battleground or really close state I'd feel obligated to vote for Clinton since, at the end, she is a much more suitable candidate than Donald Trump. I'd rather take a piece of poo than a bigger piece of poo. I wasn't completely surprised since, at the end, he still had a fair chance of winning and obviously his followers are seemingly unstoppable. That is my biggest issue with Trump however - his supporters are what is the scariest thing to me, not necessarily Trump himself. I have always been critical of Trump's supporters instead of Trump himself. He has brought out the most backward people from the woodworks and has brought out the most negative and regressive thinking of people by appealing to it. He has basically normalized irrational fear within his supporters and made it acceptable. You can obviously blame Trump for this, but the fact is he isn't forcing people to think this way - they have obviously always thought this way and are just finally expressing it. His supporters have always been cancerous and many are bigots. Majority are extremely irrational and lack empathy (look at Winter for example), and are aware of issues that are going but lack critical thinking and facts to support their irrational solutions to fix situations or issues. Before anyone says, yes I'm also equally as critical towards "liberals" and "sjws" but that is on a whole other topic and in reality, they are not the ones in power. In many ways, this new alt-right movement seems to be a childish response towards "pc culture" as they say, and it is purely based on irrationality and fear-mongering. It's backwards as fuck. With a Trump presidency, I feared most how he would change the political climate - will we know see more openly irrational people and bigots go into powerful positions? Will we know view it as ok to allow people in power to say some pretty racist or xenophobic shit, or propose openly stupid solutions to real problems we are facing? I hope not. As for Trump himself, there is nothing left to do but accept him as our next president. I really hope I am wrong about him and I really hope he does a good job in office, and I extremely hope he isn't as backwards as his fucking supporters are for most part. If he is anything like Winter is, God help us. I really hope for most part this was just a marketing scheme to win votes. I really hope he can mend how divisive the country is. The best we can do now is hold him accountable for all his actions. Nothing is really gonna change him not being president, but as citizens who are scared or worried we have too look over each other.
  17. United States Presidential Election

    LAPD is getting ready for riots and my campus email just emailed us to always have a buddy on us and don't be alone Shit just got real
  18. United States Presidential Election

    Something along the lines of "liberal" bias in the media when there is an equal amount of right bias everywhere else as well. I can't wait for this shitshow to be over though
  19. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    England always get a batch of good promising players but they always tend to fizzle out (unlike in other countries where they tend to develop or be more consistent). It might be because the premier league isn't really catering when it comes to developing young players, the only player I can think of that truly developed to be a world class player and stay there is just CR7. Then you also get anomalies like Scholes who refuse to play internationally and players like Carrick who get really underappreciated. While I do love the premier league since its always unexpecting, I do have to agree with the sentiment that it hasn't been the "best" league for the past couple of years, and Arsenal once again being moody in their performance, werent creative and making the most of their chances upfront. Koscielny was pretty off today as well. I guess I Tottenham played ok but its a game that shouldve been won
  20. Evolutions - PTCG

    I'm mainly getting this set for the nostalgia and Dragonite-EX. I'm pretty stoked about the Charizard, Blastoise, and Venousaur Spirit Links too
  21. Pokemon GO

    Hatched a 10k egg today. Was hoping for a Dratini (I only had 18 candy for it) and immediately went to 89. God bless this event I might actually get a Dragonite now
  22. Barclays Premier League 2016/17

    To be fair to them, they got really unlucky against Burnley and you got to give credit Burnley's keep. But yeah over Manchester has been shitty.